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Thread: I think my computer died

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    Default I think my computer died

    So I have an ASUS laptop that I got for Christmas two years ago. I was drawing with my tablet the other day when suddenly my computer just glitches out then goes to the blue screen of death. I call my dad over to look at it, and as soon as he gets there my laptop restarts. I'm like, okay, maybe the problem is fixing itself. Well, it loads, but no farther than the black startup screen with the white words. Only there were no white words. It just had the little thing that made it look like it wanted me to type something. Well, my dad told me to shut it down with the power button and leave it for a while. Well, now it won't even turn on. Like, it's connected to the charger, and the little blue power light comes on, but the computer itself won't turn on. Should I just kiss my laptop goodbye, or is there any hope for it?

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    Probably the hard drive went kaput. You should try boot into the BIOS and then safe mode to see if that works. If not, it is time to make another investment.

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