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    Before anyone says anything, yes, I'm reposting my story. But trust me, I've made sure that it's my best, and I plan to finish this reboot!

    If you're interested in being on the PM list, just ask, and I'll be glad o put you on it.

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    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to the Rift


    “The expedition went well other than the blizzard. If not for that, we’d have been out of there ages ago! Even Blair was about to freeze to death! A word of advice: don’t explore that mountain in the winter!”
    -- Kennari Flygon, leader of Team Surveyor, after their month-long expedition on Mt. Freeze.

    Snow blew through the night’s frigid air, the wind speed seemingly faster than a Pidgeot. The moon was invisible, masked by the overcast that the snowstorm had brought. Mt. Freeze earned its name, but this storm had the power beyond that of the average blizzard.

    A Vulpix trudged through the wicked storm, her every step harder to make than the last. All she had to keep her warm was a cyan scarf and her fur, but neither did much. Though she was a fire-type, she could easily freeze to death if she did not find shelter soon.

    Keep it together, Naomi! she thought, though her encouragement was not doing her much good. I’m going to make it! I have to! I can... right? Naomi’s heart sank; her hope had already dug its own grave the day before. All it needed now was something to push it in.

    But then, she caught a glimpse of a small cave in the nearby cliff. Thank Entei! she thought as she ran to the dark cavern. She did not worry about what may await her inside; to her, it did not matter. She needed shelter, and she would fight to the death for it.

    Naomi spat out a small flare to illuminate the area for a brief moment. She saw nothing but a few sticks and twigs on the ground. Blindly groping around, she found a couple and lit them with a few embers, being careful not to burn it all at once. Then assembled a small campfire made of two sticks, not adding any more unless the fire needed them to survive.

    Naomi put flipped her hair back over her left eye and curled up next to the small flame. She took off her satchel and put it down next to her on the icy stone floor of the cave. Taking a deep breath, she untied her scarf and stared it down before putting it up against her forehead. I miss you already, Mom...

    Tears came to her eyes, freezing as they rolled down her face. Each tear melted the frozen ones they came in contact with and froze where one had previously settled. You gave me your scarf to remember you by. After you saved me from that avalanche...

    She yawned, all of her energy wasted trying to maneuver in the blizzard. I knew I should’ve gone during the day... she thought. My excitement to get to the frontier got the better of me. I won’t let it happen again. Naomi closed her eyes and eventually fell asleep.

    Naomi opened her eyes to a new world. Some wind blew into the cave, but it was no longer the bitter cold wind she had felt the night before. In fact, it was a warm, hospitable breeze that delivered a rather euphoric sensation.

    She looked outside to see not snow, but grass. Trees that bared leaves as opposed to needles and beautiful meadows full of flowers of all sorts of colors. Vibrant blues, reds, purples, yellows, and oranges everywhere. The field looked like a rainbow in its entirety.

    She had never seen flowers in her entire life, but she had heard stories about them. How beautiful they were, how Combee would harvest pollen from them to make a substance known as honey. They were something that she could only dream of seeing on Mt. Freeze. But now they were right in front of her.

    Naomi immediately rose and stared at field in awe in awe. I-is this real? she asked herself. She decided not to ask questions. Just the sight of the meadow was priceless after a life atop the mountain.

    She charged outside and into the meadow. She frolicked through the patches of flowers, feeling their soft petals tickle her legs. It has to be real! No dream could go into this much depth to where I could feel all of this! She ran far from the cave, having no desire to return. The warm air and the feeling of the soft flowers below her elated her.

    She lay down, rolling around in the flowerbeds with joy. She laughed as she rolled, never feeling so happy in her life.

    She awoke, finding herself rolling in the snow freezing herself to death in the blizzard she had worked so hard to escape.

    “No!” she screamed, looking in every direction for the cavern. “Where is it? What happened? How did I end up here?” She ran in every direction, trying to find it, but came to no avail.

    In her haste to find the cave, she tripped over something. Naomi looked to see what it was, and to her surprise, it was a Riolu lying unconscious in the snow. What the? she thought. What’s a Riolu doing here? Is he still alive?

    She put her paw to his neck to see if he still had a pulse. Sure enough, he did. I can’t just leave him here. He’ll freeze to death! She grabbed the puppy’s arm with her mouth, being careful not to harm him as she brought him with her in search of the cave.

    No... she thought as tears froze in her eyes. This can’t be... I can’t die here! I can’t! And neither can this Riolu! We can’t die out here in the cold! This mountain has already claimed one too many lives!

    Just when she had given up all hope, she was able to see the gaping maw of the cave again. Never had she been so happy to see a dark cave in her life.

    Naomi dragged the Riolu into the cave as fast as she could. She set him down next to her bundle of supplies. Naomi took a deep breath and restarted her miniature campfire. She nudged the Riolu up to the fire to warm him up. She stared at the small blaze, her frozen tears shimmering in its light.

    The Vulpix looked through her supplies to make sure that all of her stuff was there. Lucky for her, it was. There’s no way that was a dream! she thought. It was far too real! I’ve never had a dream that felt that real! What could have caused it? She thought about it, though every thought came to yesterday. The day that her mother saved her life. It made her cry, and more tears froze on her face. No! I don’t want to think about that right now! she thought trying to shove her thoughts aside.

    But... this Riolu... she thought glancing at him. Who is he? How did he get here? And why would he come all the way to Mt. Freeze? I’ll ask him tomorrow, but for now, I need some more shuteye.

    A dark silhouette loomed over the two Pokemon as they slept by the dying fire. It hovered above them, taking in both the Vulpix and the Riolu. My, my! it thought. Being able to wake up from that nightmare and even find her way back? And even so selfless as to bring that Riolu to safety? This fox is certainly someone worthy of joining me later on!

    The Shuppet continued to stare at the Vulpix, still amazed that she had passed her test. She could find her way back to the cave while rescuing some Pokemon she knows nothing about. She was undoubtedly who the ghost had been looking for for so long to go travel to the Frontier with. But this Riolu, he was not part of her plan. How he ended up in the middle of the blizzard was beyond her, but she hoped that he would come in handy if he stayed with the Vulpix.

    Alright, I confront them at the team registration building located by the ferry. It’s the only place to buy a ticket to get to the frontier. And there, I’ll ask her to form a team with me! Hopefully everything goes according to plan. She looked at the vixen one last time before disappearing into the depths of the cave. Sweet dreams, my future helper! Hope to see you again soon!

    End of Prologue

    There we go! Hopefully you found it better than my first prologue. In case you found something wrong with it, I'm open to constructive criticism.

    Thanks to all my friends who bared through my decision to restart my story, and helped me make it better. You guys know who you are.

    Chapter One will come out when it comes out. I have school and a horrible case of procrastination standing in my way.

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