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Thread: [FREE]Hope and Tyranith's Dream Shop!

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    Default Slyveon

    Pokemon: Sylveon (or Female Eevee)
    Nickname (Optional): Amerie
    Nature: Modest
    Ability: Any
    Gender: FEMALE
    Hidden Power: Any
    EV trained or UT: UT
    EV's (optional): No
    IVs: Any
    Egg Moves/Moves: Doesn't Matter
    Shiny (Yes/No): No
    Held Item: None
    Level (1/50/100): Doesn't Matter
    Extras: pineapple
    Friend Code : 0559-7840-7339

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    Nickname: Wrath
    Ability: Blaze
    Gender: Male
    Hidden Power: Does not matter
    EV trained or UT: UT
    EV's (optional):
    IVs: Hopefully 31 in health atk and speed
    Egg Moves/Moves: dragon dance, outrage
    Shiny (Yes/No):Yes
    Held Item: none
    Level (1/50/100):1
    Extras: Pineapple
    If you can do this on 6th gen that would be awesome! though I can trade 5th gen as well haha and Wifi of course
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