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Thread: Best Wishes Until We Meet Again! (802)

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    Default "Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!"

    So we've almost reached to the end of the BW saga. I was hoping this to be a good departure episode, but most of the episode was pretty much just a stupid Team Rocket plan.

    Ash and co. were way too dense in this episode, how in the world they didn't notice Jessie pretending to be James or 'James' suddenly having a long ponytail or Porter having a totally different voice?! I know the anime writers dosen't let Ash and co. recognize disguised Team Rocket for the plot, but this is just ridiculous!
    Even though Team Rocket already got some Pokémon, they just had to go after more Pokémon instead of escaping. Geez, talk about being stupid. On top of that, Alexa missed everything AGAIN! -_-

    The departure was rushed, Iris and Cilan just came to Kanto and decided to leave all of sudden. Cilan's idea of going to Hoenn for fishing just came out of the nowhere and Iris just randomly decided to challenge Clair. Heck, there wasn't even much build-up for Iris to challenge Clair, she met Clair only once on Cave Island and that's pretty much Iris' reason for challeging her. Iris said that she Loved traveling with Ash......oh really? Not too long ago, she acted like it was the the last thing she wanted, and now.....meh.
    I didn't like how Iris and Cilan showed no emotion during the seperation, Ash was only one who showed a little emotion by remembering his very few good times with them. The writers tried to make the departure meaningful with those particular flashbacks, when it wasn't meaningful at all. They just made this episode centered around Team Rocket and just send Iris and Cilan off at the last moment, making it a rushed departure episode. It was just some nice words, flashback and saying goodbye nothing more than that. Geez, even May and Max's departure was better than this.

    I have to admit, I'll miss Cilan a little bit. His connoissure antics were entertaining and he brought some good humor in the BW saga. As for Iris, I won't miss her at all. I didn't like how she called Ash a 'kid' throughout the BW saga, it was really annoying. I'm glad there will be no more "What a Kid" after this episode.

    It's interesting to see them leave Kanto by catching the Magnet train. If I remember correctly, the Magnet train was supposed to take one year to make. and now it is finally working. That means one years has passed and maybe Ash Ketchum turned 11 at some point.

    Now there's just one BW episode left, after then ..... A New Beginning!
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    Anybody catch this line in the dub: "I wanted the room with the perfect view but this is ridiculous."

    You got that right! The Legend of Korra is returning on October 3rd! Mark your calendars!

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    Well, I guess it's now truly the end (anime-wise) of the BW era.
    I know there' still one more episode, but I have a feeling it will be a more (I kind of hope) 'set-up' episode for the XY saga.

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