This is the start of a fanfic I've been planning for a long time now. It will make its first appearance here on Serebii, and if well-received here I'll start to spread it to other hosts over time.

"The Prodigy Project" is the overriding title for several overlapping stories which tie into each other. Each segment focuses on a different participant in The Prodigy Project, a corporate event in which two or three rookie trainers are sponsored for a gym campaign and followed by the media. The Project begins in Kanto, but over time it will spread to the other regions.

The plot is a loose adaptation of the original games, featuring all the characters we know and love as well as some of my own, and the Prodigies take the place of the game protagonists.

The first "true" chapter will be posted here shortly after the release of XY, and will reflect the most recent new features introduced in those games. However, I have written a prologue to the series which I will release here. I'll also post supplementary backstory and biographies in preparation for the beginning of the Kanto story arc.

    Spoiler:- Prologue:

Feedback is very welcome, as is any constructive criticism. I hope The Prodigy Project is well-received and that you enjoy the stories to come.