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Thread: Speed Boost Torchic

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    Wink Speed Boost Torchic

    Well, as the title says i'm looking for a Speed Boost Torchic. I was unaware you could only have it with that 2014 event, really had no idea..
    So yeah, hit me up! I can offer pretty much anything. Dont care about nature or ivs, i'll take care of that myself.
    Now Playing POKÉMON GO
    DEX: 92/93

    Also play POKÉMON X & POKÉMON OMEGA RUBY [on pause..]
    2 Pokémons to finish the dex
    FRIEND CODE: 2277-6827-7127 (Fairy - Togepi, Spritzee, and Red Floette)

    Missing this ones to finish the dex:
    648 - Meloetta
    (721 - Volcanion)

    To trade:
    150 - Mewtwo x2
    151 - Mew
    251 - Celebi
    377 - Regirock
    378 - Regice
    379 - Registeel
    485 - Heatran x2
    638 - Cobalion
    639 - Terrakion
    640 - Virizion
    643 - Reshiram
    646 - Kyurem


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    I see that you found the appropriate thread in the trade forum. As a result, you didn't need to make a separate thread here.

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