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Thread: X & Y Recent Happenings Thread (New Rules)

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    Post X & Y Recent Happenings Thread (New Rules)

    So if you have been playing Pokémon X or Y recently, you can write about what you've been doing in these games.

    While there used to be a rule about how people could only post once every 20 posts to avoid artificial bumping-up of post counts, this rule has since been relaxed. Don't spam, however, or they'll have to reinstate it again, and we don't want that, do we?

    I'll start off with what I've been doing in my X version:


    I went through the cave near Ambrette Town, uncovering a few fossils using my Jolteon (Marystown)'s Rock Smash. Since I already have revived those fossils, I sold them off at the Pokémon Center to make some cash. I battled some people at the Battle Chateau, collecting lots of money each time, after which I stocked up on some Moomoo Milks and Lumiose Galettes. As I came while they were having one of their specials, I got a free Moomoo Milk with one of my Lumiose Galettes.


    I fought more people at the Battle Chateau, including Grant, now a Marquis as opposed to a Gym Leader. I also fought Serena in Kiloude City, using my Mega Lucario, Lumsden, for her Mega Absol. I went through Glittering Cave to dig out more Fossils, then I went to Coumarine City to pick out the daily Berry from the stall, and to Couriway Town to buy the daily Fresh Water and Oran Berry. I also got a couple more Lumiose Galettes with a Moomoo Milk in Lumiose City.
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