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Thread: Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

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    I am largely undecided! I will go with probably Fennekin as my starter, unless third forms leak before which could change my opinion, as it is the starter line I like the most so far. Joining it would be Tyrunt as well given I like fossil Pokemon and especially like this guy and his evolution. The others depend on what I see in my run! But bar the kanto starters maybe, I would be sticking with just sixth gen Pokemon. After all, those are the guys I have not used yet, after all.

    Pancham rates up as well, I suppose. I liked its design in particular too.
    I still need to get a flying team member, and sadly none of the released flying types are really sufficing for me yet
    Same. I just like abusing the Fly HM.

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    Totally rotating on my X file.


    Fennekin, and Tyrunt might be the only solid teamates since I could NEVER pass up fossils, and I loved lil Fenne ever since I saw it. //plusI'maFireAbuser.

    So far; Noivern, Spritzee, Bulbasaur, Inkay are the only ones that I know I will catch. Going hog-wild getting the others. dB Until I find a Kalos Grass Type other than GoGoat; Bulbasaur's gonna linger on my team. Alllll Kalos Pokes.

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    I appreciate your test


    I'm buying Pokémon Y and my starting partner is Fennekin. As always I'm sticking with only Pokémon from this generation. I have considered Fletchling, Skrelp and Honedge on my team as well but I'll end up with something entirely different when I play the game.

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    I'm still very undecided! I remember during the BW pre-release I wanted every second Pokemon revealed to be on my team, and that's not too far from the case for XY at the moment!

    Like many others, I think I'll stick to using Kalos Pokemon on my team. I'm leaning towards Froakie as a starter, and I'd like to use Malamar as well, but apart from that I'm not too sure. Pancham is another that I'd like to use, but we'll see!

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    The only ones guaranteed in my team are Chespin and Fletchling. Just two, that's a first with Pokemon games, where I usually have a whole team decides beforehand. I think I'm going to play the games quite casually and catch any random Pokemon in my team, and if I find something I like more than the ones currently in team, I replace them or just rotate. Can't wait to be surprised with the new Pokemon!

    I'd like to have a Fairy-type and a Mega evolution of something in my team, so we'll see what else the games will offer. If I'd have to choose out of the ones we know, I'm thinking Sylveon... not sure on the mega though.
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    I like to challenge myself and create a team that is based off of one primary type. This time around I am going with a Fire Team. So far confirmed are Fennekin, Talonflame, and Pyroar. Looking at picking charmader, houndour, Torchic or magmar line to fill in gaps. I hopes that there will be more than just three new fire pokemon this generation I am hoping to use all new fire types.
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    I have no idea what I'm going to do when I'm playing half blind to the Dex
    I'll be catching every pokemon

    My definite team members are Froakie, Helioptile and Amaura (+evolutions)
    Here's a pic I made of all my favorites so far

    And of course xerneas is in there
    It's my favorite legendary design so far!


    As always I will only use pokemon from this generation
    I won't use any MEGAS unless they are kalos pokemon
    And no legendary pokemon either
    All until after the game is finished
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    My team is never going to be set in stone. x) Too many choices, too little space.

    I know for a fact that for X, I'll be starting with Fennekin. My Kanto starter is going to be boxed. I'd like to use only Kalos 'mons for that run, except for Absol. He's going to be my Mega for the team. And, depending on when/where you can get Eevee, I'll nab Sylveon. And possibly Swirlix/Spritzee (whichever is the X exclusive). As for the rest of my team... it's up in the air. I love all of the 'mons so far, so I'll just wait and see what I run into in-game.

    And as for my Y team, I'm starting with Chespin for sure. I also want whichever one of Swirlix/Spritzee is the Y exclusive. I might use Mawile as my Mega on this team.


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    I'm gonna be doing a Nuzlocke first so that I can learn not to restrict myself to Pokemon.
    But, the Pokemon I currently have interest in using are:
    Chespin or Skiddo (would trade for Chespin if need be)
    Fairy Type (totally open)
    Helioptile pending Evolution
    Bunnelby pending Evolution
    Again, the reason for nuzlocking for me is to open myself up to other Pokemon before I limit myself

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    Froakie and Aurorus are 100% sure team members. I'm not so sure if i will pick vivillon or tallonflame as my flying pokemon, if another cool loking fire type is available i'll pick vivillon if not i'll pick talonflame.
    I'll use a fairy type for sure, got to see how many fairies we will have access. I'm not sure if i'll pick helioptile (i want to see his evo) and doublade ... it depends if it is available early or not.
    I want to see some new ground type pokemons (we haven't seen a single one :/) if there is a cool one i'll pick it.

    What i'm 100% sure is that my team will be full kalos, so that means no mega evolutions in my first playthrough :/.

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    My only guarantees so far are Fennekin as my starter, Sylveon, Panchum, and Amaura.

    I'm also sticking entirely with the new Kalos Pokemon for this run, and I plan on rotating if I find Pokemon that I really like beyond a team of 6.
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    Yay I'v been waiting for this thread I will only use kalos pokemon.
    Pokemon team so far: fennekin as my starter, sylveon, amaura, spritzee ( I don't mind two fairies lol)
    Pokemon that might be in my team: helipotile, vivillon, mewstick
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamfitz View Post
    I won't use any MEGAS unless they are kalos pokemon
    Didn't GF already confirm that no Kalos region Pokémon would get a Mega evolution?

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    I plan on getting Pokemon X and I will choose Froakie as my starter. However, I plan to mess around with my team through the game cause I want to try out all the new Pokemon. I do want Amaura as my fossil.
    I don't know if I want to use the Kanto start or not. I already have a really cool Blastoise in my White 2 game.

    I want to try a Nuzlocke run too.

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    Very, very undecided. For the first time.

    Fennekin is sure going to be my starter but it would be much better, if we have a chance to see their final stages. I wasn't planning on using any other generation pokemon, but since there are a lack of water types introduced in Gen 6 except of Clauncher and Skrelp and if Aurorus can't learn Surf, I'm probably going with Blastoise or depending on Skrelp's final evolution.

    Everyone needs a flying type pokemon for Fly for sure. At first, I liked Fletchling but somehow never liked Talonflame. Now looking at its design, I'm somehow getting used to it and liked it very much. Something attracts it to me and probably it will be in my team as can be catchable earlier in game. I definitely wanted my flying type pokemon to be Noivern for sure. But, something really bugs me out. Is Noivern a special attacker, a psuedo-legendary, or can be catchable earlier in game? I have seen Noiver taking out a Gogoat with using 3 Dragon Pulse and additionally Gogoat was using Double Edge too. Is it because Noivern's end up like Altaria or Gogoat's Sp.Def is huge? So, till I decide, I'll have both in my team. But, Talonflame is going to be my flyer.

    Now, of course, there is Sylveon. Introduction of Fairy type, lots of advantages in the type list compared to disadvantages. Huge Sp.Def and great HP, Sp.Atk from what I have seen on Super Training facility. I'm going to have a Sylveon for sure. But, I do hope we see the method of Sylveon's evolution before the games release. And I also hope, there is a chance they reduced the gender ratio of Eevee from 75-25% to 50-50%.

    And there is only one spot available. It will be filled either by Aurorus, Flabebé, Gogoat or Furfrou. Aurorus has an amazing design and some kind of a great ability and moves, this might be the first time I'm using the fossil pokemon. Flabebé, something attracts me about this pokemon. It definitely reminds me it will have a line like Ralts' or Togepi's. I wonder what she will turn out to be. After its battle with Noivern, Gogoat impressed me a lot, can be in my team. And finally, Furfrou. Furfrou's ability making the physical contacting attacks reducing %50. It could be a very nice touch in competitive play with using its Baby Doll Eye's attack. Can have it in my team as well.

    Everything can be changed though, but I'm planning on using these pokemon during my journey in Y.
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    Future X Team:

    Chespin - Grass starters are notoriously ineffective early game bar Gen 1, which makes for a challenging game. Plus the fact i love his evolution too.
    Pangoro - Good type coverage and looks like a real physical powerhouse.
    Amaura - A very majestic looking pokemon and love the uniqueness of its typing.
    Litleo - A LION. SNM.

    Last two spots reserved for Pokemon yet to be revealed. Most definitely doing my first run through with all new Pokemon.

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    My team is going to depend on how soon I can trade and breed.

    Option 1: (If trading and/or breeding are early enough)

    It hasn't been since 4th gen that all three regional starters have appealed to me, so I would want to get all of them on my team. Electric type has always been my favorite since the beginning, so I have to have one on my team. Helioptile definitely looks interesting, but I also like how much Dedenne reminds me of Raichu (one of my favorite electrics of all time). Going with Noivern instead of Talonflame since I already have a fire type in Fennekin. I've always been a sucker for Eeveelutions so Slyveon automatically gets her spot.

    Option 2 (if trading and breeding aren't till much later)

    I always pick the fire starter, plus I've always been team Fennekin since day one. Honedge/Doublade has fascinated me since the reveal so I gotta have it. If I can't get Slyveon I'll go with Pyroar (male!) since I've always wanted a fire lion (Arcanine doesn't count). Malamar fascinates me because of typing and ability. Not crazy for any water types besides Froakie so far, and none of the grasses besides Chespin interest me yet.

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    For My X team I'm planning on having-

    Quilladin- Loved chespin and always will!
    Swirlix- I loved Swirlix's design the Very first time I saw him(If he has one) I hope his Evolution looks just as great!
    Clauncher- Very first Crustacean pokemon I have liked! Krabby was to...Odd, and Crawdaunt was a little to strange looking but he was still cool-looking.
    Noivern- I always have a Dragon type pokemon on my Team. (gen1-Dragonite gen2-Kingdra gen3-Flygon gen4-Garchomp gen5-Hydreigon)
    Pangoro- I have been waiting for a Friggin Panda pokemon FOREVER!!! Spinda to me was more "Teddy Bear"
    ???- I don't know yet maybe Absol or Mawile...(Not sure if I will have Just Gen 6 or not...)

    Braixen- Frogadier is great but I love Braixen and Quilladin more, Braixen has that Elegant feel to her. Kind of like Serperior.
    Skrelp- I usually have Counterparts on my team, I love both Clauncher and Skrelp, I just hope their Evolutions are Awesome!
    Spritzee- Same reason as Skrelp, but right now I'm not so sure about Spritzee, I would like it to evolve into a Water/Fairy or Fairy/Flying Flamingo.
    Malamar- Malamar and Inkay's Typing is Great! I think it is only 4x weak to Bug, and their Evolution method seems funny! Ever since I saw them I knew they were gonna be on my team.

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    At the moment, I am still majorly undecided as to what my in-game team is actually going to be - I still don't really know what starter I'm going to be using (at least until we see the final evolutions). Of course, I'm only really ever going to decide until I see the whole dex and start playing through the game, because I'm more than likely to possibly change my mind (I'm very indecisive lolol). Although, at the moment from the pokemon we know of currently, this is my team:

    Froakie - Always quite liked its design, but fell in love with it even more after seeing the second evolution stage. Plus, I've never really had a water starter as my first choice. So if Froakie's final evolution turns out to be great, then it'll be my choice.
    Gogoat - I think Gogoat is pretty cool and to me, would seem like a pretty good pokemon to use. I've always been rather interested in Gogoat ever since it was officially released.
    Tyrunt - At first I was unsure about this pokemon until I saw its evolution. It seems pretty epic to me and to me, seems like it'd be a rather powerful pokemon to have on my team. Although, this is one of the lesser choices for my team.
    Fletchling - Ever since seeing Fletchling, I have highly considered using it for my team. I always have some sort of flying type pokemon on my team, obviously and Fletchling just seems like a great choice. Its even more appealing since its part fire type.
    Helioptile - I quite like electric type pokemon and when I saw this one, I thought it looked really cute xD Again, this is probably one of my lesser choices at the moment.
    Spritzee - At first I wasn't so sure about Spritzee but after looking at it a lot more, I've grown quite fond of this pokemon. I don't know, it just seems like it'd bring a bit more of an intriguing edge to my team.

    I want to try and not use pokemon from past generations as I really want to try out these new pokemon. Although, I am heavily considering using Charmander since I'm also curious to see how these mega-evolutions work.

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    Both my x and y will be of kalos pokemon only. Since it is the 1st time i don't know all pokemon, i will be using experimenting all pokemon to see their evolutions and choose the ones i like the best. From oct 1st i'll go caveman and i will only return once i finish exploring. But from all the pokemon revealed so far here's my picks:
    meowsitck male
    meowstick female
    Keep in mind my playstile is not towards team balance (it never was since gen 1) but to use the pokemon i like the most.

    I'm specially interested in clauncher, skrelp and spitzee's evolutions since all these look interesting and skrelp is just going to become a water/poison sea dragon with access to dragon type moves, i know it.
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    In Pokemon Y, I'm planning to use:
    - Froakie
    - Charmander
    - Tyrantrum
    - Meowstic (Male)
    If Zigzagoon and Castform is available in-game, I'm definitely going to add them in my team.
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    Pokemon X

    -T-rex Pokemon so far..

    I might have a big team more then 6 and rotating them out every few levels.

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    My team's all planned out. Here's how it'll be, obviously barring any currently unrevealed evolutions;

    1: Chespin → Quilladin

    One of the first Pokémon of Generation VI to be revealed, and also the first one I decided on for my team. Some of you may recall my reaction to first seeing the Unova starters- I immediately decided on Tepig, and never turned back. It's the same thing this time. On the morning of January 8th, I woke up, saw the starters on the front page on Serebii, looked at them for a few seconds, and then said, "Chespin. Definitely picking Chespin."

    Unlike many others, the revelation of Quilladin did not, at any point, make me reconsider my choice of starter. If anything, in fact, it only served to reinforce my decision. I found Quilladin to be both cute and cool, and I can hardly wait to find out just what its evolved form will look like.

    2: Helioptile

    Though I originally figured this had to be a Mawile pre-evolution (and then I learned about its type combination), learning to the contrary did not lessen my opinion of Helioptile any. I find it to be cuter than any other Electric or Normal-type out there. Yes, ANY. That's counting the Pikachu line and all Pikaclones. If it has an evolution (which it will if the latest Pokebeach leak has any truth to it), I can't wait to see what it looks like.

    3: Skrelp

    Be honest- you all saw this one coming, am I right? I don't exactly keep it a secret that I adore the Poison type, and Skrelp is no exception. In fact, it's the main reason my main game will be Y (the only other reason being that Yveltal is more badass than Xerneas). I loved its looks even before we learned it was Poison/Water, and once I discovered its type combination, I knew I had my Water-type.

    4: Noivern

    Now, Noivern's position is a tad... shaky. Historically, Dragon-types tend to be somewhat late in the game, and I'd prefer to have my Fly user once I get the HM for Fly. Now, nobody's denying that Noivern is badass, but the fact remains that if there's gonna be something available much earlier on that I end up loving, and/or Noivern turns out to not be available until way after you get the Fly HM, it's likely to be replaced. I'm kinda hoping this is an unnecessary measure, though.

    5: Litleo♂ → Pyroar♂

    Ah, yes, my Fire-type. I was torn on this for some time. At first, I was considering Houndour. Then, Charmeleon. But in the end, Litleo's cuteness won me over. Now, Pyroar, of course, kinda dashed my hopes for a Fire/Poison manticore evolution, but it might still be an alternate evolution for Litleo. For now, though, the male Pyroar will be my Fire-type. I just wish it got better Abilities than Rivalry and Unnerve...

    6: (Espurr♀ →) Meowstic♀

    As soon as we got clearer images of the Pokémon from the latest CoroCoro, my mind was made up. Something about the female Meowstic drew me in almost immediately. Maybe it was the fact that her color scheme worked much better than the one on the male Meowstic. Maybe it's the fact that her face clearly says that she doesn't give a Raticate's *** about anything. Maybe it's the fact that female Meowstic are better at outright attacking, as opposed to the more supportive role of the male Meowstic, as this mirrors my own preferred battle style. Could be all of that, to be honest. So, yeah, a female Meowstic's going on my team. I added the Espurr stuff in parentheses, because we haven't had it officially revealed yet, so we have no art of it, and thus I could not make a sprite of it.

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    My team right now is

    Froakie - I was really unsure about this guy in the beginning but gradually it grew on me and it's first stage evolution completely sold me.

    Flabebe/Swirlix - I know I want a fairy type on my team and these two are just the cutest so haven't quite decided on who I want yet.

    Dedenne - As a rule I usually hate the pikaclones but this guy reminds me of Raichu who I love so definitely putting it on my team

    Charmander - I tried to resist but the possibility of having a mega charizard on my team is just too good to pass up.

    Meowstic(F) - Adorable psychic cat, of course it's going to be on my team

    That's all I'm really set on right now.

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    I tend to spoil every game by reading the discoveries when games are released in Japan. But this time i want it to be a mistery. But when it comes to plan my team i will follow some simple rules.

    1.- Keep my starter
    2.- Have a variety of types that i like
    3.- Use gen 6 pokemon if not one retyped from past gens.
    4.- Try to keep my team awesome with some good looking pokemon.

    So, elaborating....

    1.- Starter: CHESPIN. I won't be choosing any other because i liked it form the very start and i won't betray it by liking Frogadier now. I just have faith it will become the greatest Grass type starter ever. Also, it's the first generation in which i want to choose the grass starter for my first run, so... i'm keeping it.
    2.- Types that i like and are usually in my party: Dark, Bug, Psychic, Electric, Water, Dragon, Fire and Flying. Optional types i've used before: Ghost, Rock, Ice, Poison, Steel, Ground.
    3.- I'm planning to use a Fairy type, but i still don't know which one. Could be a new one or a past gen retyped.
    4.- This gen has one of the best designs overall so i won't have much trouble with this fourth rule.

    OK, now to business. 6 slots and so many choices.

    CHESPIN (starter that i won't drop)
    GARDEVOIR (one of my favs and now it comes with a Fairy boost? Awesome)
    TALONFLAME (It stole my love since sky battles were announced )
    SKRELP (It looks just so amazing... and now poison has an advantage over Fairy? Sold)

    I will stop right there. I know we will have awesome choices. So i'm hoping i can put these on my team:

    Incredible looking Bug. Maybe Electric/Bug, Ghost/Bug or Water/Bug
    New Dragon-Type Beast with a never-seen-before type combo (Not the T-Rex). I was thinking Grass/Dragon or Electric/Dragon since i already have Chespin.
    Maybe a steel type if it's appealing enough. To give you an idea of how i want it to look... I like Aggron, a lot.

    So, i basically choose my team for types i like and looks.
    This was my last HG team:
    Typhlosion, Electivire, Tyranitar, Gengar, Salamance, Gyarados.... They were all just too incredible and i loved them. i hope i can have good options in this gen.

    That's all. I don't know if there people who agee with me, but i tend to use pokemon that appeal to me rather than their uses in the competitive arena... I mean, good type and awesome looks
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