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Thread: Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

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    I'll be getting both X and Y.

    It's hard picking a team when you don't know everything about the Pokemon yet.
    For Pokemon Y I'll be using:
    Fennekin - I've always started with the fire starter been my thing ever since Red/Blue. Was very disappointed with Gen V's fire starter.
    Noivern - So cool looking and being a Dragon-type made it even better. Will probably be my flying-type.
    Doublade - It's a spirit possessing a sword how cool is that. But No guard ability is interesting, and not being effected at all by Normal/Fighting/Poison moves is just awesome.
    Malamar - Right when I saw this thing I knew I just had to be on my team. It's typing/abilities are interesting and it's biggest threat is being x4 weak to bug.
    Spritzee - Simply because it's exclusive to Y and to test out the new Fairy-type.
    Tyrantrum - This guy is great looking finally a T-rex Pokemon. Let's just hope he doesn't turn out like Rampardos High Atk but pretty crappy everything else. With Tyrantrum's large range of weaknesses it wouldn't be good.

    Pokemon X I'll be using:
    Chespin - I believe it'll turn out just like Torchic's line, first evolution is a little derpy but it's final evolution becomes Epic.
    Talonflame - Will most likely be my flying-type. A fire/flying pokemon is rare being Charizard the only non-legendary to get this type. Only big down fall is x4 weakness to rock.
    Cluncher - My water Pokemon no word on it's ability yet but it looks pretty sweet, having a feeling if it get's an evolution it'll be pretty awesome.
    Swirlix - It makes me laugh, and it being a Fairy-type it makes me laugh even more imagining Garchomp being killed by cotton candy XD
    Furfrou - I love this thing in it's original shaggy style. But it's ability is pretty good only receiving half damage from physical moves.
    Aurorus - Very interesting because of it's ability. Changing normal-type moves to Ice can become very threatening to Dragon-types and others weak to it. An it's move Freeze Dry actually being x2 weak to water is pretty cool.

    Of course my teams will most likely change since we haven't seen all the new Kalos Pokemon.
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    Fennekin- Loved the design since day 1 and love the witch design.
    Dedenne- It's sooooo cute!
    Aurorus- I like the design and the typing.
    Bunnelby- Just because it's cute!
    Furfrou- I like the hair cutting/styling ability.
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    I'm going with Pokemon X,
    my Team is this atm::

    1--- Starter: I love Froakie, I love Quilladin, ... I'm undecided here, I could even pick Fennekin... depends all on the last Evo.
    2 and 3--- Pyroar (male), Oorotto, Skrelp << 2 of those, it depends on my starter choice
    4--- Mawile, it will be my only non-Gen6-Pokemon... But it has a Mega form!
    5--- possibly Flabébé if it has one or two nice evolutions (and isn't similiar to Sunkern, stat-wise ) / or maybe Furfrou / or Spritzee ... so many possibilities <,<
    6--- Aurorus.

    Surest thing ever: I will have a Kalos starter+Mawile

    But it can all change when I see new Pokemon... xD
    Mostly I like those because of their design (concept, typing, execution, etc).
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    For my First Playthrough I'm going for all fire types so:
    Fenekin, Chamander, TalonFLame (So I dont need to teach Charizard FLy), Pyroar, Flareon (if available early) the last slot is for a HM slave, so stuff like surf and strength if available.

    For My second play through:
    Chespin, Squirtle, Talonflame, Pancham, Sylveon, Version exclusive water type (Skelp or Clauncher)

    Third Play Through (So I can have all starters before Christmas when Bank is Released)
    Sylveon, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Talonflame.
    This team is pretty much just an eevee run but I will use talonflame as and when, main use is so that I can fly to places.

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    Honestly, I'm not sure. The only Pokémon I'm certain will be on my team is Froakie and maybe Noivern and Litleo. The rest I have no clue I'm going to pick since I like quite a bit of them (at this point, Honedge, Spiritzee, Tyrunt, Amaura, Helioptile, and Meowstic) and I'm sure the number will grow as soon as I get into the game.

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    Right now my teams look like this

    Y Team
    Chespin- I've liked Chespin since it was revealed on day 1 and I'm sticking with it because I know it's final form will be amazing
    Talonflame- Talonflame is a major improvement over that lol bird we had in 5th gen. I just hope it's movepool is as good as Staraptor's was.
    Blastoise- Squirtle was my first ever Pokemon in Blue and I was astounded at how amazing Mega Blastoise looked.
    Tyrantrum- Rock/Dragon T-Rex? Yes please. It just screams awesomeness.

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    For me, I've already preordered X, and I've been planning a party since we got the first few pokémon after the starters and Mega Mewtwo, but nothing's been set in stone, so there's still a little bit of addition I can add to these.

    FROAKIE/FROGADIER: I was originally planning on using Chespin as my starter, and maybe I was a little disappointed by his evolution, but I do like Froakie for his kinda analytical appearance, so to speak. And now with an evolution, he just looks like he'd troll everything.

    HONEDGE/DOUBLADE: I always use ghosts, there's never been a game where I haven't, and I don't change a winning formula. Besides, he's a living sword, hard for me to pass that up.

    LITLEO/PYROAR: If anything, so I can have the opportunity to name him Mufasa. But, I always like to have a water/fire/electric party going on so I have basic coverage over most types. still haven't settled on an Electric type, and the two we do have aren't as dynamic as I would've hoped for, but I still have hope for Helioptile.

    NOIVERN: Even if they have been nerfed by Fairy types, Dragons are still one of the number one types in my book, and Noivern is just such an awesome concept; one of the pokémon I really wanted to get in Ruby was an Exploud, be cause I like sound based pokémon. Noivern is both sound based, and a dragon, I can't lose with that. Besides, I still need something for Sky Battles.

    The last two, I'm still shaky on the last two pokémon, but that's just because we haven't seen everything, and I want to know what else I'm getting into, but I have a couple more choices in reserve in case the rest of the pokémon really disappoint. And I'm the kind of guy that uses pokémon from that Region specifically, so they're going to be Kalos.

    SKIDDO/GOGOAT: He's a cool pokémon, and a philosophy of mine is if I don't have an electric type, go with the next best thing, and to me that's a grass type. Besides, he's the first pokémon that we have actual proof you can ride on, and that's something I'm really excited about, that and being able to sit on BENCHES.

    SWILRIX: With getting X, I'd like to use a pokémon specific from that game in my party, and so far that's either Clauncher, Xerneas, or this dude. I don't like to repeat types in my party, and Fairies are going to be the new Overpowered pokémon in the games, being immune to dragon and all that, so I figured why not use the Fairy only X can get. Besides, I always chuckle when I think of him munching down on sweets.

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    My planned team:
    1. Chespin - cool design (I even like you, Quilladin) and likely stat spread suits my playstyle
    2. Skrelp - I like it's basis, typing, and design
    3. Talonflame - it's a flaming falcon, what more needs to be said?
    4. Tyrantrum - awesome design, and a typing I've been yearning for for a long time, guaranteed spot on my team
    5. Pangoro - it's just cool, and it's Dark type (my favourite type)
    6. Helioptile - it's so cute and has so much potential

    This team also happens to have perfect coverage as long as one of them knows a Ground move, which Chespin can learn (although Mud Shot is kinda bleh), and Chespin's evo/Tyrantrum/Pangoro will likely be able to learn Earthquake via TM.

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    All of this is pending since I decide pokemon based on stats and appearances. I sometimes even choose pokemon with the right colour balance. It annoys me when I look at my team's screen and I see too much of a single colour. Still, I already have a little shortlist:

    1. Talonflame. This is the only pokemon I've properly decided on. Its a fast Fire/Flying type that gets Brave Bird. What's not to love? It also has a decent enough movepool even before I know whether it gets Flare Blitz or not.

    2. Froakie/Chespin. The local firefox doesn't appeal to me and I already have Talonflame. It's a bust-up between the remaining two starters for my love. Right I'm leaning towards Froakie as he is likely the faster starter, and the only truly terrible fast starter was BW Serperior, who got sorta fixed in BW2. I also don't like Quilladin, but I'll wait until we get starter evos for this.

    3. Squirtle/Bulbasaur. To complete the Fire/Water/Grass core that's been present in most of my teams. Naturally, this choice depends on the former. Since Froakie is winning, so is Bulbasaur. I'd prefer the latter pair, as Chespin will probably end up as a tank, like Blastoise, except that Mega Venusaur would be able to out-tank both of them with Thick Fat. In general Venusaur is just a very solid Grass type.
    No Charmander because Talonflame.

    I'm still undecided on the rest. Pangoro has captured my interest, as has Doublade for its typing. Tyrantrum is also on my list and a Fairy type(in the spirit of its introduction). Ultimately, I'll decide once the stats and movepools start making their way in.

    EDIT: Oh damnit I forgot about the even Torchic. I'll breed one myself if I can as I don't want the boosted exp making things too easy.
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    You're saying some really smart stuff there.

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    I'm definitely going to be rotating but my final team will 100% have the final evolutions of Chespin and Froakie.

    I don't want to have repeating types in my final team but I don't want a team consisting of four starters. Blaziken and Talonflame are tough choices but I may just rotate them for my main fire types.

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    Eve though Blaziken is my favorite non-legendary, I don't want to use the event Torchic at all. I want to use Fennekin, and I don't want my bias for something I like more to take away from me using it. I've made an effort to not plan any of my team besides that, since it never works out too well, but I know I will be using Honedge. I just love Doublade, and Ghost/Steel is a cool type combo with nice resistances of typical Steel types, so he's the only other I know I'm using. Helioptile might go on my team, if I find I'm in need of a new party member and if it's found early enough.

    Other than that, I don't think I'll plan my team much more.

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    At this point, I'm only picking Pokémon that I TOTALLY felt in love with. I want to see the complete Pokédex before having a full team ready.
    But at the moment, here's what I got...
    Chespin - Always pick a starter, and this time Chespin was my favorite!
    Fletchling - I usually like the regional birds and add them to my team (Pidgeot, Staraptor and Unfezant), but this time, I just LOVE the bird! I MUST get it in my team!
    Tyrunt - Always loved dinosaurs, always loved Tyranausurus Rex, so yeah. Love it!
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    I have an idea of some of the Pokemon that I'd like to use, but nothing is final. I will more than likely start with Froakie because it's my favourite of the three so far, but that could change if Braixen or Quilladin end up with cool evos or if there's a different Water-type that I'd rather use. I'm also planning on using Litleo because I love Pyroar's design and it's typing is unique, but like Froakie, that could change if there's a cooler Fire type floating around. I'm also eyeing up Gogoat, but ughhhh, I'm not sure.

    Aside from that I don't have much of a plan. I'd like to use Tyrunt but I was planning on using Noivern before it came along, so I dunno which Dragon I'll go with. Noivern would help because I have to have a flyer, but Tyrunt is adorable and has such a cool typing. Pancham is probably my favourite Gen VI Pokemon so far, but I'm kind of indifferent to Pangoro so I'm not sure about using it yet. If it's useful in battle I may end up loving it like I did with Darmanitan so hopefully it has good stats and a varied movepool.

    I also kind of want to have a Poison or Fairy type on my team and like most people, I'm definitely sticking to Gen VI Pokemon.
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    I was thinking of having a bit of fun and doing a mono dual-typed fire team. |D Just for kicks. Though I might scrap the idea if Fennekin's final evo doesn't appeal. So it would be...

    Fennekin - Fire/Psychic (hopefully)
    Blaziken - Fire/Fighting
    Houndoom - Fire/Dark
    Talonflame - Fire/Flying
    Pyroar - Fire/Normal

    I'll probably make several teams this gen. I've never done that before and want to have a go at using many MANY different pokes!

    I'm hoping to train a bunch and use them periodically, box them, pull them out to use them again, ect. I've never done that before, hopefully I can deal with all the grinding. So the rest I plan on using:

    Gogoat <3 ! I'm a sucker for basic quadrepedal mammals
    Tyrantrum 0_0
    And Froakie!

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    So far, the only two Pokemon that I really want are Fennekin and Tyrantrum. Sylveon is a maybe. I think I'll just catch every new Pokemon and try them out and see which ones I like.

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    Chespin - Not a huge fan of it's second evo but love it's first.
    Squirtle - I always chose Charmander before in older games, would like a change and love Mega Blastoise.
    Pyroar - Finally a Lion Pokemon!! Can't decide male or female... might just leave to chance.
    Aurorus - Love ice type Pokemon and love the design. Dinosaurs woo~
    Dedenne - I'm a sucker for the Pikaclones.
    Spritzee or Vivillon - Need a flying type! Thinking Spritzee as then I'd get a Fairy type in there too.

    Might change my mind as I see new Pokemon. Thinking that will be it though. I generally go with teams I like the design of, and a type balance. I don't competitive battle.

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    I feel like I haven't seen all my team members yet. On the other hand there was a heap of 5th gen pokemon I liked the look of but didn't get a chance to use. It'll depend on if they appear in Kalos and whether I love any of the unknown 6th gen pokemon.

    Right now Malamar is my only certainty. Fell in love with that pokemon as soon as I saw it in corocoro.

    My potential team:

    Fennekin or Chespin
    Mawile or Flabebe

    After Mawile or Flabebe I start feeling less it may easily change. As I said there are 5th gen pokemon like Golurk, Swanna, Volcarona, Galvantula to name a few....that I never got to try out. (that I want to)

    From what I've heard, older gen pokemon are all over Kalos in abundance. So it might be hard to have a full 6th gen much temptation.
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    Probably my team will be like this:
    -Sylveon (Y)/ Swirlix (X)
    -Skrelp (Y)/ New water type (X)

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    Like many others, I haven't fully decided on most of my team. I'm definitely going for all gen VI Pokemon or 5 gen VI's and a Kanto starter. Still deciding between Froakie and Finnekin for my starter, the final evolutions/typing will probably make my mind up on that count. I always go for a fire, a water a grass/electric, a flying and the last 2 spots are up for grabs. At the moment I'm thinking Froakie/Fennekin, Squirtle/Charmander, Honedge/Inkay, Amaura, Helioptile/Dedenne/Skiddo and Fletchling/Noivern. This could all change very easily as more Pokemon are announced though.

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    I definitely know that I'll be choosing Chespin as my starter but my biggest hope is that it won't become Grass/Dark when it evolves simply because how bad that typing is. Out of all the three starters Fennekin and Chespin were both really nice looking for me from the beginning and Frogadier is my favourite evolved starter so all of them had their positives.

    Another pokemon I'm likely to pick up are Fletchling and Helioptile. I've liked both of these pokemon a lot and they seem to be available early and they give nice coverage for the team.

    Rest of my team is mostly undecided. I'd prefer to focus on the new pokemon but I might make an exception with Squirtle. I'm also looking forward to possibly do a rotational team. I've done a few of those in the past and now with the Exp. All feature it should be working perfectly.

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    Ok, first post on this profile since I made an account several years ago that I've forgotten the name of haha. I've been lurking on this site for quite a long time since then.

    Right now I'm undecided between Froakie and Chespin. I was actually originally going to choose Fenekin, but I really want either Talonflame or Charizard on my team, and I'm already having trouble between those two. On one hand, Charizard was my first Pokemon, and I can't pass up a chance to pick one up, but on the other hand, I want to use Talonflame because its new, and I don't want two fire/flying types on my team :/
    So right now my team sort of looks like:
    -Froakie/Chespin lines
    -Charmander/Fletchling lines
    -Tyrunt line (easily my favorite fossil Pokemon so far)

    those are for sure. Then I'm considering the Inkay and Honedge lines as well. But I could really use some advice on what to do with my Charizard/Talonflame conundrum!

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    Team X
    1: Starting out with Froakie.
    2: Previous gen Pokemon that can provide coverage with Froakie being able to cover for it as well.
    3 (will switch with sub) : won't get a third until after the second gym, but when the time comes, Noivern, or its pre evo or Inkay
    4 (will switch with sub) : Inkay or Noivern or its pre- evo
    5 (will switch with sub): Mareep to evolve it into Ampharos then to MegaAmpharos
    6 (will switch with sub): Bulbasaur to evolve into Venusaur then to MegaVenusaur

    Subs: Helioptile (evo), Sylveon, Skrelp (evo), Chandelure, Azumarill, Mawile (and Mega forme)
    Pokémon Sun Team
    Rowlet Cutiefly Formantis Mimikyu Mudsbray Sandshrew-Alola

    Pokémon Moon Team
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    I'll probably end up getting Y on my Birthday (October 12th, funny enough), and then X with Birthday money after I complete Y.

    Y Team: Quilladin / Blaziken / Sylveon / A Pokemon that can learn Fly (Possibly Noivern) / A Pokemon that can learn Surf (Possibly Skrelp) / Random Pokemon (Possibly Helioptile)

    X Team: Braixen / Gogoat / Malamar (Possibly) / A Pokemon that can learn Fly / A Pokemon that can learn Surf / Random Pokemon

    Then if there's a third version I'll use Frogadier and some ones we haven't see yet
    Pokemon Y Current Team

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    I am still incredibly undecided but I will be getting Y and my two main members will be Spiritzee and Froakie's lines. Other than that I am torn. I really like Pangoro but if Froakie does indeed become a fighting type the redundancy would irk me. Vivilon intrigues me as well but it depends on if it can Fly or not and if Spiritzee gains the flying type as well. Other than that, I am not sure about the other members. If Pidgey or Zubat are in the dex (which I'm sure Zubat is), I'll most likely use them and I might use one of the Kanto starters, although prob. not. Oorotto is a big possibility as well although I really like Chespin too so who knows lol.

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    My team is based around what Chespin's 2nd type will end up being...

    If Chespin is Grass/Fighting:

    1. Chespin->Quilladin->Final Evo (Grass/Fighting)
    2. Squirtle->Wartortle->Blastoise (Water)
    3. Inkay->Malamar (Dark/Psychic)
    4. Swirlix/Eevee->Sylveon (Fairy)
    5. Noivern (Flying/Dragon)
    6. Litleo->Pyroar (Fire/Normal)

    If Chespin is Grass/Dark:

    1. Chespin->Quilladin->Final Evo (Grass/Dark)
    2. Squirtle->Wartortle->Blastoise (Water)
    3. Swirlix/Eevee->Sylveon/Ralts->Kirlia->Gardevoir (Psychic or Psychic/Fairy)
    4. Espurr(?)->Meowstick (Psychic; If no Gardevoir)/Tyrunt->Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon; If Gardevoir)
    5. Fletchling->Talonflame (Fire/Flying)
    6. Helioptile (Electric/Normal)

    Quote Originally Posted by PolarisJunkie View Post
    I am still incredibly undecided but I will be getting Y and my two main members will be Spiritzee and Froakie's lines. Other than that I am torn. I really like Pangoro but if Froakie does indeed become a fighting type the redundancy would irk me. Vivilon intrigues me as well but it depends on if it can Fly or not and if Spiritzee gains the flying type as well. Other than that, I am not sure about the other members. If Pidgey or Zubat are in the dex (which I'm sure Zubat is), I'll most likely use them and I might use one of the Kanto starters, although prob. not. Oorotto is a big possibility as well although I really like Chespin too so who knows lol.
    I know what you mean, Pancham's line is sadly completely off my list due to the probable starter typing, which is a shame because I really like their designs and their typing.
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