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After Beating the 6th gym, my team is currently: (bold represents decided Future moves)

Chestnaught lvl 48
Impish Nature @ Rocky Helmet
Leech Seed
Spiky Shield
Seed Bomb/Wood Hammer
Rollout/Stone Edge
This thing is just a great physical tank. Its spiky shield + leech seed works really well and it is just soo awesome to use.

Greninja lvl 49
Hasty Nature @ Metronome
Quick Attack/Dark Pulse
Aerial Ace/U-turn
Fantastic Pokemon to use, great offense in general and extremely fast.

Delphox lvl 48
Modest @n/a
Psyshock/Shadow Ball
Light Screen/Calm Mind
This thing has been good, Im sure it is awesome like the other 2, but it doesn't have quite the best moves yet...

Doublade lvl 40
Adamant @ eviolite
Shadow Sneak
Swords Dance
Night Slash/King's Shield
Slash//Sacred Sword
Takes physical hits pretty well. Just added eviolite so I'm sure it is much better now with its specially defensive side.

Now for the hard part... What should I add next? What other pokemon have you guys used that has made your gameplay experience really fun? I was considering Noivern, but I couldn't figure out any others for a team of six past that. Any Suggestions?
Thanks, Hyper27
For Delphox
I would use Psyshock over Psychic since it can allow Delphox to kill Special Defense Wall. As for Item I would use Expert Belt.

For Greninja
I would rather use Ice Beam over U-Turn to cover a lot more type and you could switch Pokemon easily in-game anyway. You will get the Ice Beam TM after you beat Gym 8.

As for new Pokemom, why don't use a Mega Evolution like Mega Lucario or The Kanto Starter you choose?

Hope this help