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Thread: Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by KumaPanda View Post
    Pokemon Y Team:
    Greninja - Water/Dark
    Pangoro - Dark/Fighting
    Aegislash - Steel/Ghost
    Pyroar - Fire/Normal
    Floges - Fairy
    Hawlucha - Fighting/Flying
    Tyrantrum - Rock/Dragon (rotation)
    Noivern - Flying/Dragon (rotation)

    There are so many to choose from, I'm not sure where to look at first.
    Rumor has it that you can't get Noivern/Noibat until Victory Road! I was going to use it on my team but I don't really want to wait that long to complete my team

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herdheaven View Post
    Rumor has it that you can't get Noivern/Noibat until Victory Road! I was going to use it on my team but I don't really want to wait that long to complete my team
    Really? Huh...I wouldn't be too surprised to be honest (coughdeinocough). I want to have Tyrantrum on my team, but I already have too many pokemon weak against fighting, so it's rotation.
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    Hmmm so few Pokemon but so many of them are good....
    This is a possible team for me:
    Chesnaught Grass/Fighting
    Pyroar Fire/Normal Or Charizard X fire/dragon
    Malimar Physic/Dark
    Tyrantrum Rock/Dragon
    Aegislash Ghost/Steel
    Sylveon Fairy (had to have one)
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    Guys. I can't decide. I have two teams planned out.
        Spoiler:- Contains some leaked Evo's & Megas:

    Help me decide!
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    Final Team (Fairy and Psychic lover here):

    Delphox (female)
    Gardevoir (female)
    Florges (female)
    Aurorus (female)
    Skrelp evo (male)/Meowstic (female)
    Aegislash/Kelfki/Noivern (male)/Goodra (female)

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    I wondered. Now we have that unique opportunity to have a team which consist of only one Pokemmon from each gen. I think I will try it once in my playthrough with my favourites from each gen.
    I would go for this:
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    I'm really struggling to pick a starter :| I genuinely think that for once I am going to try and catch them all...

    I think my X play through team

    Heliolosk -----> replace with Sylveon
    Talonflame ---> replace with noivern

    But then I remember all the Mega's and think hmmmmm. And there's all the older gens. I feel we are spoiled for choice.
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    Well, since the revelation that Dragalge DID IN FACT become my favorite type combination ever, ever in Poison/Dragon, I've decided I'm absolutely going for Y.

    I've also realized I'm not really interested in any of the Kanto starters, and can save my Mega slot for Gardevoir.

    SO! My team will now be the following:

    Greninja (Water/Dark)
    Dragalge (Poison/Dragon)
    Gardevoir [+Mega] (Psychic/Fairy)
    Talonflame (Fire/Flying)
    Aegislash (Ghost/Steel)
    Jolteon (Electric) or Mienshao (Fighting) (Depends on what I find first.)

    This looks like the winner for me.

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    I never expected to want to use so many Pokemon on my first playthrough. Luckily I've pre-ordered both X and Y.

    Pokemon Y:

    Pokemon X:
    Pyroar (F)
    Meowstic (F)

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    Quote Originally Posted by YourPermanentRecord631 View Post
    I'm buying Pokémon Y and my starting partner is Fennekin. As always I'm sticking with only Pokémon from this generation. I have considered Fletchling, Skrelp and Honedge on my team as well but I'll end up with something entirely different when I play the game.
    Looks like the temptation got the best of me, I have given up and now actually have a planned team. Kalos only Pokémon is still my rule but here it is with descriptions on why I chose them:

    Delphox: I always loved Fennekin since January 8th and that hasn't changed when Delphox came. It hurts to see it get so much distaste but to each there own so I only a teensy bit bothered. I must have that power in my hands.

    Talonflame/Hawlucha: First regional bird that's part Fire! What's not to love? I don't care if it's two Fire types on my team it looks so great personally. However Hawlucha also looks really fun to use as it's only resisted by the Electric/Flying, Klefki and Fairy/Electric which has yet to be released. I'll go with Talonflame if Hawlucha can't learn Fly though.

    Trevenant: Phantump was the Pokémon that made me plan a team and dammit it looks cute as hell. Trevenant also is part Grass as I prefer it over Gogoat anyway (still like it though).

    Aegislash: Kings Shield? Awesome Ghost line overall? So amazing I don't care for having two Ghosts? Well I have found the perfect weapon of In-game teams. Battle Stance also reminds me of Zoroark in terms of mind games and that makes Aegislash more intriguing then ever personally.

    Dragalge: My Surfer and a pretty badass and usable one too. It's part Dragon which just adds more cool points to the leafy sea dragon. Shame Clawitzer didn't get an additional type but it's design makes up for it. Plus it's the only Poison type line in Kalos so I must give it some love.

    Florges: The moment I saw Floette, I knew it would have the perfect evolution and Florges proved that prediction right. A slow but specially bulky Fairy coupled with an elegant design too. I like to try out a Fairy as well so I'm glad Florges is there.

    Whelp that's my team in Kalos, together me and my team will triumph over the obstacles and become a Pokémon Master or whatever weird stuff those kids do these days.

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    Updated team for Y!:

    Eevee (for Sylveon)
    An early water type. I don't know what is available early in the game.

    Yes, i love lizards!!.

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    Well, it seems that there will a change in my line up now that Dragalge has lost it's Water type.

    So now we have:

    Chespin - Quilladin - Chesnaught (#TeamChespin)
    Binacle - Barbaracle (What a beast)
    Skrelp - Dragalge (The first Dragon type I'll have used since Altaria in Sapphire)
    Inkay - Malamar (Thank god Chespin ended up Grass/Fighting)

    And the last two spaces are up in the air. If Aromatisse can learn Fly then I'll have that and Pyroar, if not then Talonflame and Heliolisk
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    Since we now know all the new Pokémon, I've been able to be more decisive with my team, haha! So here's what it looks like now:

    - Chesnaught
    - Talonflame
    - Sylveon
    - Dragalge

    I've pre-ordered X so I really hope trading and/or the GTS are available early (or there's an in-game trade or something) in order for me to get Skrelp!

    As for the rest of the team, I still want an old gen Pokémon with a Mega evolution. I don't want to use any of the Kanto starters (if I did, Venusaur would be my choice, but then again I have Chesnaught already soo...), but none of the other Mega evolutions really appeal to me that much. So I'm waiting for more (possible) Mega evolutions before I decide what I'm going to pick.

    The last spot will probably go to Aegislash or Heliolisk. I haven't decided on that one yet.
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    I'll probably be choosing Froakie as my starter. I'm considering Talonflame, Pyroar (male or female; both look great), Gogoat, Heliolisk and Hawlucha. I would like to use Goodra, but if it does indeed evolve at Level 70, I'll save it for the post-game. Unless, of course, it'll reach 70 before the end of the main story. I'm not sure if I'll use non-Kalos Pokémon and I haven't really spoiled which ones are available, so I think I'll wait to play the game. I may end up catching whatever looks interesting and rotating.

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    Since practically all the Kalos Pokemon are known now, I can make an addition to me my team. I've always said that I want to train a Fairy-type, and now I've decided which: Jigglypuff! Sticking with a classic favorite of mine that now has a new typing trick to play with. So that brings my roster to:


    Just one more spot left, and it will probably be an old Pokemon. I'm impressed with a lot of the gen 6 Pokemon, and yet I don't feel the urge to train most of them. Bagon or Murkrow seem like the most likely choices at the moment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by icyshadow12 View Post
    Guys. I can't decide. I have two teams planned out.
        Spoiler:- Contains some leaked Evo's & Megas:

    Help me decide!
    I'd go with the Greninja team. Neither team is bad, but Skrelp's evo, Dragagle, has been confirmed to be Poison/Dragon, so with three Dragon-types your first team is at a massive disadvantage against Ice, Dragon and Fairy. I recommend you replace one of your Dragon-types with a Pokemon that takes either neutral or half-damage to Ice or Fairy, for example, you could replace your Dragagle with a Water-type like Lanturn or Octillery (unless you only want to use new Kalos Pokemon, in which case that limits your Water options to just Barbaracle). Your second team is just about okay in terms of type match-ups.
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    I was originally going to go for a Mono Normal Team, but I really want to use these New Pokemon. I can do Mono Normal Post-Game. Anyway, I'm definitely going to choose Froakie as my Starter. I want to use only Kalos Pokemon, but I might use one other Non-Kalos Pokemon for Mega Evolution.

    Greninja Male (Water/Dark)
    Florges Female (Fairy)
    Talonflame Male (Fire/Flying)
    Heliolisk Male (Normal/Electric)

    This is so hard. Ugh.

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    Now that we can apparently have two of the Kalos starters (Froakie > Fennekin, Chespin > Froakie, or Fennekin > Chespin (the one that your choices is better than)), does anyone plan on changing their lineup? Personally I'm going with Chespin > Froakie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cresselia92 View Post
    I'm going to use a pure Kalos Team for my first playthrough. Those are the Pokemon I want to get:

    - Fennekin: I love foxes and I simply love its evolutions and typing.
    - Noivern: I find it really cool and I have a thing for bats and bat-like creatures.
    - Amaura: It's about time that I use a fossil Pokemon. Also its ability is really interesting.
    - Skiddo: Seems a rather reliable Grass-type, but I'll wait for more details.
    - Water-type
    - Fairy-type (maybe Dedenne)

    I will get as additional starters Squirtle and the event Torchic, but I won't use them until I finish the League for the first time.
    After the latest reveals, I have decided to edit my first team a little bit:

    TEAM X

    Fennekin/Braixen/Delphox ♀ (Fire/Psychic): A must-have member of my team. Lovers gonna love.
    Tyrunt/Tyrantrum ♀ (Rock/Dragon): Gotta try this T-Rex. I may replace it later for a Noibat/Noivern ♂.
    Clauncher/Clawtzer ♂ (Water): I may get it, unless I find a cooler Water-type.
    Skiddo/Gogoat ♂ (Grass): I love it, but I may replace it later for Phantump/Trevenant ♂ or Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist ♀.
    Helioptile/Heliolisk ♂ (Normal/Electric): My Electric-type this generation.
    Kefki (Steel/Fairy): Here is my Fairy-type, at last!

    As I said, I will get Squirtle and Torchic, but box them as soon as I get them. I will also get a Fletchling and a Pancham to teach them HMs.

    TEAM Y

    Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja ♀ (Water/Dark): I love speedy attackers, so this is a must for me.
    Chespin/Quilladin/Chesnaught ♂ (Grass/Fighting): While not a fan of slow attackers, I want to try it.
    Charmander/Charmeleon/Charizard ♂ (Fire/Flying): My flyer and third starter Pokémon.
    Skrelp/Dragalge ♀ (Water/Poison > Dragon/Poison): Awesome Pokémon with an awesome design. A poisonous dragon is a must for me.
    Amaura/Aurorus ♀ (Rock/Ice): Simply love its design and ability.
    Ralts/Kirlia/Gardevoir ♀ (Psychic/Fairy) or Sylveon (Fairy): My Fairy for this run.
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    Mh, okay. Since we are almost sure there won't be any/much more new Pokémon, I decided which Pokémon I'm likely going to use in my X playthrough!

    Chespin > Quilladin > Chesnaught ♂ - My favorite starter this time. Gotta pick this one.
    Fletchling > Fletchinder > Talonflame ♂ - I love that Pokémon. Its type combination is as awesome as it looks. I must get it.
    Helioptile > Heliolisk ♂ - I loooove lizards of all sorts, especially frilled-lizards, and I think Heliolisk is so cool!
    Tyrunt > Tyrantrum ♂ - I also adore dinosaurs. I felt instantly in love with Tyrunt when it first got revealed. I also like its type combination!
    Swirlix > Slurpuff ♂ - One of the only Fairy type I like. I didn't felt much things when Swirlix was revealed. I just thought it was cute. Then, Slurpuff arrived and I, oddly enough, started to like it more and more. It's very cute and I like it!
    Skrelp > Dragalge ♂ - When I first saw Skrelp, I didn't like it much, but I developed some love for it once I noticed it could evolve into a great Pokémon. I just waited, and then the type combination Poison/Dragon arrived. This Pokémon is awesome. Definitely in my team!

    I guess it's a only-male team this time.
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    Team X;
    -Xerneas (Likely to change)

    Team Y (My main game)

    I'll then compile my favourites from those two into third team on Y, and use X for restarts. Trying to fit Dragalge in somewhere too.
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    Updated Team with New Reveals for Y:
    Chesnaught - Starter
    Talonflame - Flyer
    Dragalge - Surfer/Fairy Slayer
    Mamoswine - Tank/Mega?
    Scrafty - Mega?
    Sylveon - Dragon Slayer

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    Pretty much confirmed for me:

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    Team is finalized:

    Chespin ---> Qulladin ---> Chesnaught (Grass/Fighting) Obligatory starter Pokemon and my personal favorite of the bunch.
    Fletchling ---> Fletchinder ---> Talonflame (Fire/Flying) My flyer of the group. The fact that it's also part Fire is awesome and it's just a cool Pokemon in general.
    Flabebe ---> Floette ---> Florges (Fairy) Designated Dragon counter. With the introduction of the new Fairy type it's pretty much mandatory to have at least one on your team.
    Honedge ---> Doublade ---> Aegislash (Steel/Ghost) Loved Honedge since day one. Every evolution it got afterwards was just a bonus that added to its coolness. Provides my team with many much needed resistances.
    Tyrunt ---> Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon) The designated bad *** of the group. No need to explain myself here... It's a freaking dragon T-Rex for crying out loud.
    Squirtle ---> Wartortle ---> Blastoise (Water) My surfer that completes my FWG core. I wanted an all Kalos team but unfortunately after Skrelp's evolution ended up Poison/Dragon its typing overlapped with Tyrantrum. Only other option I had was Barbaracle who's Rock typing also overlapped with Tyrantrum (and it's ugly). So without any Kalos Waters available to have on my team Squirtle seemed like the most logical choice. All of the Kanto starters are awesome and this gives me a chance to try out Megas for the first time. If I end up not liking Megas I'll just keep Blastoise in his regular form.

    Looks like a solid/fun team overall. Can't wait.

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    After seeing all the POkemon I have changed my initail ideas for my teams:

    X - Greninja - Never used water starter for the games so I thought I might give it a try.
    Charizard - Look at it's mega form, nough said.
    Roserade - Decent Grass type in my opinion that can also counter fairys
    Lucario - Solid pokemon with a decent movepool/
    Zoroark - keeping up with BW2 tradition with this one, plus its not a bad pokemon.
    Tyrantrum - Want to try and get a dragon type fairly early on an this one seems farily decent.

    Y - Chesnaught - Grass is usually my go to type so this seemed like the most obvious.
    Barbarcle - looks like it could be a decent battler and has a fairly good design tbh.
    Talonflame - Regional bird is a must on any gen only play through.
    Dragelge - decent dragon type thats also capable of inflicting decent STAB damage against fairies.
    Sylveon - It just looks so darn cute, and I quite like using a new eeveeultion when its available.
    Yvetal - just looks like a good mon, designs fairly decent good stats, whats to complain about.
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