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Thread: Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

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    As of right now, my team in Y is going to consist of:

    Froakie's final evolution
    Blaziken W/Blazikenite
    A new Fairy Type (E.g something that wasn't retyped, and most likely it will be Sylveon)
    Two interesting looking new Pokemon

    Of the known Gen VI Pokemon, the two I find most interesting are Tyrantrum and Doublade, so those two are high on the list. Of course, this is subject to change after I get the game.

    In X, I'm just going to Nuzlocke it, so planning my team is kind of irrelevant.

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    Mostly undecided at this point but I think Froakie and Fletchling will definitely have a place on my team. Trouble is, I also want a known Mega-Evolution on my team - namely Mega Blaziken, but if Froakie does become a Water-Fighting type as speculated there's not much point as both Blaziken's types would be covered.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GildedScizor View Post
    Mostly undecided at this point but I think Froakie and Fletchling will definitely have a place on my team. Trouble is, I also want a known Mega-Evolution on my team - namely Mega Blaziken, but if Froakie does become a Water-Fighting type as speculated there's not much point as both Blaziken's types would be covered.
    You should wait until we find out how we not only get mega stones but how early(or late) might be able to get a different mega Pokemon for your team

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    Because the full dex and the individual stats haven't been revealed, I've picked these teams based entirely on cool-looking designs. They are subject to change.

    X team:
    Chespin, screw the Quilladin haters, the final form will probably be awesome.
    Either Charmander so I can have Mega Charizard, or Fletchling so I can have Talonflame.
    Pangoro (if Quilladin doesn't evolve into a Dark-type)
    Mareep (if you can catch it in Kalos before the Elite 4), so I can have a Mega Ampharos.

    Y team:
    Froakie, mostly because of Frogadier.
    Either Bulbasaur so I can have Mega Venusaur, or Gogoat so I can ride an epic Grass beast.
    Doublade, because DOUBLE SWORDZ!!!

    As well as those, if the rumours about a Grass/Rock-type boar and a Ground-type badger are true, I'll definitely consider them too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Odious View Post
    You should wait until we find out how we not only get mega stones but how early(or late) might be able to get a different mega Pokemon for your team
    Yeah true, but I think I'll end up being a bit stubborn on the Blaziken (favourite ever starter and all that) if we don't find out more before release. On the plus side, seeing as how Talonflame would take up not only my regular Fire type spot but also my regular Flying type spot so that frees up another spot which I could afford Blaziken. It's hitting two birds with one stone (wow that pun works on so many levels :P)

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    Since there's still many Pokemon left to reveal, currently my plan for Pokemon X only consists of 3 team members:

    -Meowstic (male)

    I can't select the other 3 until I know more, but I will use a Fairy-type Pokemon for sure.

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    Since I will be playing in contrast to my story and using Pokemon used in previous Regions, I will be training around twenty plus Pokemon at the same time. I've made it tradition to train 3 Pokemon from each region (with the exception of Gen V, where I trained five Pokemon instead). This time around, I will be retraining my team I've used since Gen III along side my team in X and Y. In my story, I've trained four types; Fire, Grass, Water, and Electric. Because we don't know what all Pokemon will be included or what Pokemon will have Megas, I may train three to five new Pokemon, depending on what's available. Here is what I will be training and in which version:

    X: Water

    Blastoise, Gyarados, Vaporeon (w/ Hydration if possible), Ferligatr (Breed or Post Game), Lapras, Politoed (w/ Drizzle), Swampert (Breed or Post Game), Ludicolo, Milotic, Empoleon (Breed or Post Game), Floatzel, Octillery, Samurott (Breed or Post Game), Semipour, Starmie, Kingdra, Golduck (w/ Swift Swim), Froakie evo, Clauncher. One to three blank spots left.

    X: Electric

    Raichu, Electivire, Jolteon (w/ Quick Feet if possible), Ampharos, Magnezone, Lanturn, Manectric, Plusle, Minun, Luxray, Pachirisu, Rotom, Emolga, Zebstrika, Garvantula, Eelectross, Stunfisk, Dedenne, Helioptile. One to three blank spots left.

    Y: Fire

    Charizard, Arcanine, Flareon (w/ Guts if possible), Typhlosion (Breed or Post Game), Ninetales (w/ Drought), Magmotar, Blaziken (Breed), Camerupt, Torkoal, Infernape (Breed or Post Game), Rapidash, Houndoom, Emboar (Breed or Post Game), Semisear, Darmanitan, Chandelure (w/ Shadow Tag), Volcarona, Fennekin evo, Pyroar, Talonflame. Two blank spots left, or may replace for better Fire types.


    Venusaur, Exeggutor, Leafeon (w/ Chlorophyll if possible), Meganium (Breed or Post Game), Victreebel, Vileplume, Sceptile (Breed or Post Game), Shiftry, Breloom (w/ Technician), Torterra (Breed or Post Game), Roserade, Tangrowth, Serperior, Semisage, Leavanny, Whimsicott, Lilligant, Chespin evo, Gogoat. One to three spots remaining. Orotto is possible candidate.

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    Only picking from stage one pokemon released so far; I could say that my 12 pokemon team (I always rotate my team after a gym, but only using 12 well trained pokemon) would be:

    (Water) Froakie - Clauncher
    (Fire/Flying/Normal) Fletchling - Litleo
    (Electric/Dark/Psychic) Helioptile - Inkay
    (Rock/Dragon/Grass/Poison) Tyrunt - Bulbasaur
    (Fairy) Spritzee - Sylveon
    (Steel/Ghost/Fighting) Honedge - Pancham
    So, I'll have 15 types to count on just with those stage one pokemon..

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    I´m only using Kalos Pokemon in my first playtrough.

    100% sure: Chespin 3 and Aurorus (the latter being my favourite Pokemon so far).

    Probable: Skrelp evo? (potentially pretty cool if done well), Helioptile evo? Talonflame(fire/flying, always useful types)

    Posible: Spritzee(depends on the evolution).

    Waiting to see all of Kalos Pokemon to decide the full team.
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    Since Gen I I've had a bit of a pre-conception in my head of which types I should include on my team, and since then I've always tried to fit those six on my team as best I can. Those types are Fire, Water, Electric, Flying, Ground, and Psychic. Obviously, this means I don't often use other types, unless there are good dual-types that free up a slot on my team. Recently, I've also started using a fossil on my team, as well as using Grass-types more (and Psychics less, oddly).

    Based on that, this is my current plan for my Y team:

    -Chespin, which is my favorite Kalos starter at the moment;
    -Fletchling, because I love birds, and I love the typing of it's evolved form - in my mind, it frees up a 'slot' for Chespin;
    -Amaura, which I prefer over Tyrantrum, but it will probably require another dual-type so I have my preferred type spread;
    -Mawile, assuming it is available early enough, and especially if it's Mega Stone is available (otherwise, it'll be another Fairy-type);

    The last two slots are for some combination of Water/Ground/Electric/Psychic, preferably all four but I'll reluctantly drop one (probably Psychic) if the situation requires it. I'd prefer it if both were Kalos pokemon, but if, say, I don't like any of the other new Water-types (I like Clauncher, but it is not available in Y) I'll use Squirtle.

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    Hm so many great choice already!
    Right now, I'm looking at:

    *Water/Poison* Skrelp
    *Fossil* Tyrunt (although I might replace with Noivern a bit later depending on availibility)
    *Normal/Fire* Litleo
    *Fighting/Dark* Pancham
    *Faerie* Spritzee
    *starter* I'm straddling between Chespin and Fennekin right now, so this just might cause a team shift. :B

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    1. Chespin/Froakie/Fennekin (I still don't know, but Fennekin being Fire/Psychic is so dang cool!!!

    2. Flabebe

    3. Inkay

    4. Amaura

    5. Meowstic (Male)

    6. Fletchling/Sylveon (Either of those will work fine, but Fletchling will be able to fly, which might be more useful.)

    This is probably not even close to final, but out of the known Pokemon currently, sure
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    I'm planning on doing a lot different for my first X walk through. I'm gonna try nicknaming my Pokemon for one, something I haven't done since Emerald. I'm also going to break my habit of only having 3 Pokemon for most of the game, if I have 6 Pokemon by the 1st or 2nd Gym, so be it. As for a potential team, even though I have 6 Pokemon I know I want to train,Since we don't have a full Pokedex yet there may still be some hidden gems. I may just make 2 teams, or rotate alot like I did in a recent Black playthrough, but solid team members as of now are

    - Chespin<Quiladin
    - Noivern
    - Tyrunt<Tyrantrum

    I can't decide between the Dragons but I'll probably only use one, Pokemon that I would like to raise

    - Talonflame
    - Helioptile
    - Clauncher

    I also want to use at least one Fairy type, admittedly I'm not hyped about them, but using a new type is always good
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    My Y team:
    Chespin (Chester) I really love chespin, his derpy face and overall design is loveable ..... he is just sooo happy to be there
    Flabebe (Athena) probably my favourite pokemon from this gen ....... and she's fabulous
    Vivillion (Fluttershy) This pokemon is possibly my favourite bug type released ..... ever. She came over and just kicked beautifly right out of her position ahahah.
    Mawile (Terra) One of my favourite pokemon ever so i am glad to finally have a super powered version of her on my team
    Amaura (Frosty) This is probably my favourite fossil ever....... EVER.
    Squirtle (Sheldon/Shelly) My fave of the Kanto starters and he matches up with chespin

    Pokemon X
    Fennekin (Magika) My second fave of the Kalos starters so yeah it just slots in here
    Bulbasaur (Bulby) My second fave of the Kanto starters (see where this is going)
    Sylveon (Ribbons pronounced Ree-Bons) Another awesome fairy that just missed out on my Y team
    The last three are still up for debate so i shall wait for the rest of the dex

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    Wouldn't you like to know?


    Oooh, hardest thread ever!
    Okay, uh, let's see.
    Not sure, If I want to nickname them. I've never nicknamed before and especially not when a new gen comes around since, learning their names is a thing. But, this is also, the first time, I've actually hung around in the forums and done speculation so, as a result, I've come up with a few names. Some I really like and have a certain meaning to me since most of them spawned from rather cute conversations I've had with friends..... Poke-Problems....
    Fennekin/Froakie (Kistune/Jiraiya) - Haven't decided. I'm half heartedly hoping the final evos will be reveled before release. I need that tie breaker.
    Squitle/Bulbasaur - Again, haven't decided. I have an attachment to Squirtle due to it being my first pokemon. Ever. But I also have an attachment to Bulbasaur because personality test and mystery dungeon. The question is, Do I choose my friend or me? ... now, that I've said that, I think I'll go for Squirtle.
    Torchic - Event pokemon received during storyline is pretty neat. I like Disc-One Nukes. I'll take it.
    Skrelp (Hagakure/Acooltent) - The literal only reason I chose Y over X. Awesome [methane addict] pokemon is awesome.
    Fletchling (Mechick) - Remember those cute conversations I mentioned earlier? Yeah, this one is gonna take three paragraphs to explain. I'll spare you.
    Flabebe - Gotta have dat new type and this one is dorbles to the 100th power.

    Other Possible Canidates
    Slyveon ( Kyubey) - Eevee's pretty cool. Specially now that she's a magical girl.
    Pangoro(Batman) - Nananananannananananananaannanannanananna BATMAN!!!
    Skiddo Blue ski-do, we can too! (I am so sorry but, it was necessary)
    Helipotile (Solarphile) - Just as Froakie grew on me over time, I started to like Helioptile less over time
    Vivillion (Pixl) - Pretty bug type is pretty
    Noivern ( Bad Dragon) - I am fairly certain that nickname won't fit but, this spawned from a conversation that will also take three paragraphs to explain.
    Honedge ( Master Sword) - Again, that nickname won't fit. It's a sword ladies and gentlemen!
    Inkay ( Squidle( - Dark/Pshychic. DARK/PSYCHIC
    Aurorus - it's got those gorgeous head fins things.
    Male Meowstic - Loce that coloring. Also, it's animation for a special attack, it's eyes go blank. That freaked me out for a second and I loved it.
    Yveltal - Gotta have that version mascot. It's a must! Also, Yveltal has trumped Xerneas in every trailer so far in termed of badassery. While you do have a cooler name and impressive box art ( The plant life is absolutely gorgeous), step aside X. Y is the only way to go. All the cool kids choose Y.
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    Frogadier's Evolution - Assuming it's Water/Fighting
    - Strong against Fire, Dark, Steel, Rock, Ground, Normal, Ice
    - Weak against Psychic, Electric, Grass, Flying, Fairy
    - Resists Steel, Rock 1/4x, Bug, Fire, Dark, Water, Ice

    Venusaur - Grass/Poison
    - Strong against Water, Fairy, Grass, Ground, Rock
    - Weak against Psychic, Fire, Ice, Flying
    - Resists Fairy, Grass, Water, Electric, Fighting

    Donphan - Ground
    - Strong against Fire, Electric, Rock, Steel, Poison
    - Weak against Water, Ice, Grass
    - Resists Rock, Poison
    - Immune to Electric

    Togekiss - assuming Fairy/Flying(praying for this)
    - Strong against Fighting, Grass, Bug, Dragon, Dark
    - Weak against Electric, Poison, Steel, Ice, Rock
    - Resists Fighting 1/4x, Bug 1/4x, Dark, Grass
    - Immune to Ground, Dragon

    Galvantula - Bug/Electric
    - Strong against Grass, Water, Flying, Psychic, Dark
    - Weak against Fire, Rock
    - Resists Grass, Electric, Steel, Fighting

    Doublade(or possible final evolution) - Ghost/Steel
    - Strong against Ghost, Rock, Psychic, Ice, Fairy
    - Weak against Dark, Ghost, Fire, Ground
    - Resists Bug 1/4x, Grass, Ice, Flying, Psychic, Rock, Fairy
    - Immune to Normal, Poison, Fighting

    This team has at least one Pokemon that's super effective against every type, and there is at least one Pokemon that resists or is immune to every type except Ghost.

    Another nice thing: no double weaknesses!
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    My team (for this moment)
    1.- froakie (best kalostarter IMO)
    2.- Helioptile (perfect pokémon <3 )
    3.- Noivern (Badass)
    4.- Doublade
    5.- Pangoro
    6.- Another possible new pokémon (fairy, i guess)

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    I wasn't going to bother trying to figure out a team plan for two reasons. First because we don't yet know all of the Kalos Pokémon there are to choose from - I might start training up a Fletchling and end up discovering a mid/late-game Fire type that captures my fancy much more. Second, and more importantly, I was hoping to hold out until we knew the details of the final starter evos. The gods of unhelpful irony would probably just love to have me, say, start the game with Chespin and catch a few cool-looking basic Pokémon along the way, only to find out four of my team evolves into the same type.

    Of course, it's looking like the final starter evos are going to be kept strictly under wraps. Not only will we not be able to head into our decision knowing their final types, but we'll also be without stat and moveset info. So both my reasons turn out to be things that I can't do anything about anyway, and thus I figure I'll just pick what interests me now and build from there. And when it gets right down to it, I have to thank the Nintendo folks for being so tight-lipped, because playing the game blind is a lot more exciting and I never would have had the self-control to resist spoilers.

    So, my major plan is to start the game with Chespin. I don't much care for the rotund and snouty figure of Quilladin, so my hopes are kind of hanging on a more appealing 'twist' final form. But I do love Chespin the most of all the starters, and the idea is to just slap the first Everstone I find on him and let him be. I've done this plenty of times before, anyway (Pikachu, Bulbasaur, Totodile, Treecko, Oshawott, and Snivy), so I know where I'll have to tread carefully. Let's say that for Y version, I have Chespin locked and loaded.

    Now, I also mean to play X version with Froakie and Fennekin as well. Being without a second 3DS or any nearby relatives with one, the usual cheat of trading with myself isn't possible. Seems I've got to hope for a fairly early GTS access, and seek out a trustworthy trade partner to hold my starters for me. And if that fails, I'll just have to decide which starter I won't actually get to use. Though I guess I've got Torchic to fall back on, as well as the Kanto starters, so I could do a game with Froakie, Torchic, and Bulbasaur - a combination I can enjoy.

    As for the rest of the X team, I'd really like to train a Helioptile. I like its cute little face and its capabilities so far, so I hope it keeps its charm upon evolution. Of those we know about, my next choice would be Noivern. Bats are all kinds of fascinating. And then I guess there ought to be a Fairy type to really embrace the new generation, but I'm not really keen on any of the examples they've given. Unless Swirlix takes a drastic turn for the less-sugary upon evolution, I think the only Fairy type I could take an interest in so far is Sylveon, and that's just because Eevee has never let me down before.

    So that makes a full six for team X. And team Y at this point is just a standalone Chespin against the whole of France.

    France had better call for backup.

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    OMG you guys i totally forget Furfrou ummm it name is Fifi and it will go in my Y team which will be in a rotation ahahah

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    Pretty sure I'll change my mind once I actually see all the new pokemon but so far here's what I'm gonna go with.
    Y- Fennekin, Charmander (Probably will box eventually)/Pokemon with Fly, Tyrunt, Pangoro/Lucario, Water Pokemon, Other Pokemon.
    X- Froakie, Bulbasaur, Noivern, Talonflame, Other Pokemon, Other Pokemon.
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    The only ones set in stone for me right now are Froakie, Charmander, and a Fairy-type. Tyrantrum is a strong maybe, but the others I'll decide on when the games release.
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    Pyroar for sure. I love lions and as a fire type I'm definitely calling him Leo. Torchic obviously because of how exclusive it'll be with a mega stone, Forakie and Tyrunt. A Rock Dragon type looks really cool and i love moves with a bite XD

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    Because of all the Pokemon that are yet to be revealed, all I know is Chespin/Quilladin/??? and Squirtle/Wartortle/Blastoise. I usually try to use each gen's butterfly thing, so probably Scatterbug or whatever its name is. I haven't decided on whether I want Blastoise to be my mega evolver though...

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    I'm waiting for more Pokemon to be revealed, but I've three Pokemon that will be the top contenders so far as building a team goes:

    Chespin -> Quilladin (Cocoa): Ever since the starters were revealed, I gravitated towards Chespin, just because of how adorable it was. When Quilladin was revealed, at first, I wasn't altogether pleased. But as time went on, I realized I was being silly and that Quilladin is just as adorable (or should I say, adorkable) as Chespin was, if not more. Not to mention these Grass/Dark final evolution rumours have given me all of the hype, since Dark is my favourite type. That rhymes!
    Noivern (Echoes): Noivern just happened to be one of those Pokemon that was revealed via CoroCoro the day before my birthday. Its awesome design and gorgeous colour scheme won me over instantly, and I knew I'd have one on my team. I'm a bit worried about how late it'll be available, but hey, on a recent playthrough of another game I added my sixth team member so hilariously late game that the storyline was almost over. This is the main reason I never get to use legendaries ugh... I likely will catch another Flying-type to use before I manage to get it, but I'll add it to my team whenever I do get it.
    Male Meowstic (Cantus): I've always loved cats, and GF has made so many feline Pokemon I can probably make a full team just of them. (...Future team idea, hey!) And when Meowstic were revealed, I just thought they were way too cute to not have one of them on my team. Despite the male version's more support-geared theme, I prefer it to the female version and I'll be using it on my team. I'm sure it'll be able to learn, say, Psychic, regardless of what its moves are, anyway. Plus support could come in handy if it can learn Safeguard/Heal Bell- gotta keep those nasty status moves away.

    And then potential team members include:
    Helioptile (Live Wire): I've thought it was cute since it was first revealed, and my opinion never has changed. If it has a vicious-looking frilled lizard evolution ( that I think of it, Electric/Poison would be nifty!), it'll be even better.
    Fletchling -> Talonflame (Fiarrow): Assuming there's not another bird I like more, this will be my team flier until I can get my paws on Noivern. Not to mention the fact that it's got a really badass design. And yes, I'm nicknaming it its japanese name- it's just a really cool one!
    Pancham -> Pangoro (???): I never really cared for Pancham, but I do like Pangoro, and because it's of my aforementioned favourite type...
    Honedge -> Doublade (???): Come on, sentient ghost swords. I don't think I can put it any better than that.
    Yveltal (Abyss): Obviously, the mascot legendary has to be considered- I did it in Black, I'll do it here, too. I can already tell though that even if it doesn't end up on my main Kalos team, it has an all-expense paid pass to a spot on a mono-type Dark team.
    Skrelp (Mo): And last but certainly not least, I've always preferred it to Clauncher, so I suppose it's good I want to get Y. (I seem to like Y's exclusives better as a whole, sans Mewtwo's mega evolutions, which is nice, considering I preferred White's exclusives last gen but played Black because of Reshiram...)

    There's just too much left to be seen of the 'dex to decide on a full team of six right now- I can't do it. But my bias means I'll inevitably gravitate towards some Pokemon before I've seen everything that's obtainable in-game. And as per my usual rule, I'll be limiting myself to Kalos-native Pokemon, so I'll probably box my Kanto starter.

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    Oh dear. I just realized I forgot about having a Fairy type. Now I'm lost again. Part of me wants to make my little brother reset a few times so we can get all the starters. I love playing through a game having all 3 starters from the beginning (blame me watching Ash get Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander in the anime), and so I might do that. Also it makes me NOT have to choose between three starters I actually really like.

    1.) Chespin
    2.) Froakie
    3.) Fennekin

    4.) Pyroar
    5.) Talonflame (I have too many fire types, but I don't even really care)
    6.) Pangoro

    6.) Helipotile (maybe-depends on evolution)
    7.) Some fairy type (I have yet to see a good fairy type. I kinda dislike all of them revealed. I need a fairy type like Gardevoir (and hopefully Togekiss-which they better retype))
    8.) I need a dragon too

    And that would be my 8 pokemon. Go rotation strategies! I'll probably be catching like all the new pokemon just to see if they evolve into anything worth using.

    A new generation of Pokemon has begun.
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