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Thread: Pokemon X & Y In-game Team Discussion Thread

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    My in-game team depends on the next gym. I have to do my best to train Pokémon with a type weakness to the next ordinal gym leader's type choice of preference. I need Gras-, Bug-, or Ice-type Pokémon for a Fire Gym. If the previous Gym is Dark, where I had to use Psychic- or Ghost-Pokémon, I have to abandon those and raise the Grass-, Bug-, or Ice-types.

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    The Pokémon I'll be using for my Y team are still rather undecided, but I've decided I'm going to go through with 6 of the new 6th gen Pokémon. The event torchic and Kanto starter I'll be depositing in my boxes for later. What I've decided so far though, will be something like this:

    Quilladin - My starter. I have a habit of always choosing the Grass-type starter, and that pattern doesn't seem to be changing. With access to those Ground and Rock-type moves, as well as some cool Grass moves, it'll have nice coverage no matter what type it ends up being. I hope it doesn't become Grass/Dark, but I'm mainly just worried about the Bug weakness, but that'll be easily covered by my other Pokémon.

    Talonflame - I always love the regional birds, even if I rarely use them. But Talonflame is just looking awesome. It'll be my flyer, and my main Pokémon in Sky Battles. Also having that 4x resistance to Bug will be helpful for Quilladin if it can't squash them quick enough with Rollout. Being a fire type will defiantly be useful, because that was my main problem in White 2, because I had none and little coverage for bug types. Won't be a problem this time though~

    Helioptile - It's an adorable electric-type lizard, and one of my favourite Pokémon already. I hope to see an awesome evolution for it, because it's going on my team no doubt. Hopefully it'll be available early on in the game, preferably in the first half, because I don't like going around with fewer than 6 Pokémon later on in the game. I see it being caught in the desert, which should hopefully be accessible around the time you go to Lumiose.

    Sylveon - New favorite Pokémon = Automatically on my team. I love eeveelutions, and I really want to try out the new Fairy type. Coverage on the dragons will defiantly be a very helpful point, as well as being immune to them which makes it even better. Again, I really hope we can get Eevee early on, as well as them being able to evolve into Sylveon as early as possible. Hopefully Eevee'll be catchable in the wild :3

    Unfortunately, I have yet to decide on my final two members, but hopefully I'll be able to find them at some point during the game. Otherwise, I'll just go picking some random Pokémon I find (and hopefully like) and use them. I'll warm up to them eventually. Nicknames are still to be decided, so I'm going to work on that so I'm not stuck thinking when I could be playing the game. I still need a water type, so one of those will be needing to find their way onto my team at least by the time I get Surf, because I don't like being limited on where I can go when I have my full team with me, and I don't like the idea of HM slaves. If Skrelp evolves into some leafy or weedy sea dragon thing, then it's a maybe to go on my team. Other possibilities to be on my team include Pangoro, Vivillon (worried about the Rock weakness though), and Aurorus.

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    So far, I plan on using:

    Froakie/Frogadier/??? - Nicknamed "Richter" for reasons I don't want to elaborate on. Will be my starter unless Chespin is revealed to have a cooler 2nd stage.

    Tyrunt / Tyrantrum - To be nicknamed "Sinclair" after the last name of a certain Dinosaur family.

    Skrelp / ??? - It's going to bug me having two water types on a team, but I loved him the moment he was revealed and I hope to orient him more towards his poison typing. Will be named "Charybdis" or "Octorok" depending on gender. Will be my surfer if it's more special based than Froakie.

    Flying type (???)

    Electric type (Maybe Helioptile/???)


    On the side:
    Yveltal - Going to be named "Alduin" for obvious reasons.
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    I'm choosing Fennekin. I rarely choose fire for my first play through (Tepig being the only time I've ever picked fire, and that was for White) I'm really digging the creative look of Braixen and have high hopes for the final stage. I always wished a more offensively aggressive and viable ninetales existed, and I'm hoping fennekin will be that.

    Pyroar - I love fire types, and in other games rarely get to use one. Also, as a kid I made a fakedex and I made lion fire type starter that looks almost exactly like Pyroar (except mine had a spike on the forehead) so this is almost like having my imagination come to life in a pokemon game. I'll be naming it after the name of the fakemon I made (just have to go find the old notebook...)

    Tyrunt - Grew up with the Jurassic Park franchise and I was in love with dinosaurs as a kid. The only thing better than a T-Rex pokemon would be a Utahraptor pokemon (or a triceratops with horns [I'm looking at you Bastiodon <_<])

    Otherwise I refuse to add more pokemon to my team just yet. I'm usually very particular and also like deciding to catch a pokemon "when it feels right". Every other generation I went in completely undecided, and rarely, if ever, kept a pokemon on my team permanently, even if I caught and trained it for a while.

    I didn't even have a full team by the E4 of Diamond, and didn't complete a full team till close to the battle tower part of the game.

    But yeah, this gen has me excited so much for the pokemon we're getting I've broken new ground an and actually decided on a few main team members.

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    Possible in-game team..

    If Surskit is available early in this gen, hoping it won't be available post Pokemon League it definitely have a reserved spot in my team..

    Skrelp - Ever since its revelation, it has been one of my top favourite this gen. Hopefully it evolves into a more serpentine looking filled with leafy gossamer..

    Froakie - If it follows the ninja-esque concept up until its final evolution then its going to be my starter..

    Meowstic - I want the male one! It looks so mischievous. Its appearance easily won me over.

    Still considering Vivillon ever since RBY days I've always used the early bug Pokemon on my first play through..

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    GSC - Ledian
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    DPPT - Mothim
    BW - Leavanny
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    I'm in trouble as I like every water type we've seen so far I go:

    Froakie.- Water starters always have been one of my faviorites.
    Talonflame.- Mostly for transportation but the Flying/Fire combination caught me.
    Amaura.- It and its evolution are wonderful I hope I can get it early
    Inkay.- It looks so cute and then it transforms into such a witch looking pokemon
    Flabebe.- Just IF it gets an evolution
    And for my last pokemon I'm hpoing to see a grass pokemon that really catches my eye.

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    I am still undecided. I know I going pick Chespin as my starter. I think I will also have clauncher on my team since I order Pokemon x.
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    I'm getting both X and Y. I'll be using X as my main game, in which I'll only use 6th gen Pokemon for my first playthrough. For Y, I haven't yet decided if I want to do a more "traditional" playthrough or a Fire monotype (Fire is my favorite type, and because of the sheer amount of them this time around, I may end up doing this). So with that in mind, here are my planned team members.

    Pokemon X

    Confirmed: Fennekin, Sylveon

    Really looking forward to using both of these Pokemon - in fact, I haven't been so excited to use a Pokemon since Piplup in Diamond. And my reaction to the reveals of Fennekin and Sylveon were much the same as the first time I saw Piplup: "I MUST have this on my team." Sylveon has quickly become my favorite 6th gen Pokemon due to its blend of cuteness and elegance (not to mention that I like what I see from the Fairy-type so far), and Fennekin looks to bring an end to the streak of Fire/Fighting starters, which I am very relieved about. Fire/Psychic (which I feel is practically confirmed at this point) is an awesome type combo, and I'm glad it's finally going to be more readily available.

    Likely: Aurorus

    Amaura/Aurorus is pretty much the only fossil Pokemon I've ever genuinely liked, and may well become only the second fossil I've ever used on my team, after Carracosta. I just hope it's fast and powerful enough to merit a spot, because that Rock/Ice combo has just a few more weaknesses than I'd like.

    Somewhat likely: Gogoat

    For some reason, I really like this guy. Skiddo is really cute too. May earn a spot on my team if there aren't any other Grass-types I like.

    Pokemon Y

    Likely: Froakie, Spritzee, Meowstic, Bulbasaur, Flareon/Torchic

    Originally, I was going to pick Chespin as my secondary starter, but after the starter evos were revealed, I decided I'd rather have a bad-a** looking frog instead of a Grass-type Pignite on my team. So Froakie/Frogadier it is. It works out well, though - assuming that the Kanto starters can be found relatively early in the game, I can try out Venusaur's Mega form, since the Bulbasaur line has always been my favorite of the Kanto trio. Spritzee is quite cute, and it'll be another good opportunity to use the new Fairy-type. Meowstic looks like an interesting Pokemon, though I'm not sure which gender I'm going to go with yet. I like the male's design a bit better, but the female's movepool agrees with my battling style more, so we'll see what happens. Finally, I wouldn't mind the chance to use the event Torchic on my team, but Flareon has been with me for every generation so far, and I don't want that tradition to be broken anytime soon. Because I don't like to use more than one Pokemon of a particular type on my team, I'll have a tough decision to make in that regard, unless I go for the Fire monotype (in which I'll be using Flareon, Torchic, Charmander, Pyroar, and Talonflame, as all of them are/look awesome).

    The rest of my team, obviously, will be filled in as I go along. It'll be exciting going into the game without knowing the whole Pokedex for the first time since Ruby and Sapphire, and hopefully I'll find some interesting new Pokemon to use. Now it's just a matter of waiting those last long couple of weeks until the 12th rolls around...
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    If Chespin:
    Chespin final evo
    Mega Blastoise

    If Froakie:
    Froakie final evo
    Mega Venasaur

    I may use Helioptile if it loses the Normal-typing and I may use Duoblade.

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    Interesting that folks pay such attention to type coverage.
    The team for my first run will be a hodge-podge of favorite 6th generation pokemon. With so many more to discover, my only decided team member is Talonflame. It is a beautiful beast. I am, however, quite fond of Clauncher, Skrelp, Duoblade, Froakie.... nvm I was going to end up listing almost all the pokemon that have been revealed thus far. ._.

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    Well, as for me, I'm getting Helioptile (hoping that it evoles), Fennikin (I'm usually a Magic based charater in MMO's), An unknown Fairy type, and quite possibly a Fossil Pokémon.

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    I usually have about 12 pokemon in rotation. So Far i want to use froakie, tyrunt, gogoat, Inkay, clauncher, and pancham.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AquaPikachu View Post
    Just curious..are you guys planning to have a More Defensive Team, More Offensive Team or a mix of both?
    For in game playthroughs I don't exert effort trying to form my team into a "type". I also play competitive pokemon, so I save worrying about building teams specifically like that for post game xD For my playthroughs I just kinda use whatever I run into / feel like. A lot of the time when I go back to play through a generation again I'll like plan out specific pokemon I want to catch, but that's after I already know what there is to catch and where.

    Quote Originally Posted by GirlsILikeThem View Post
    My in-game team depends on the next gym. I have to do my best to train Pokémon with a type weakness to the next ordinal gym leader's type choice of preference. I need Gras-, Bug-, or Ice-type Pokémon for a Fire Gym. If the previous Gym is Dark, where I had to use Psychic- or Ghost-Pokémon, I have to abandon those and raise the Grass-, Bug-, or Ice-types.
    Wow :O whenever I've tried having several pokemon on rotation, I usually have a hard time not trying to counter type xD You do like the opposite... specifically making Ash-like type match ups seems like it probably adds a lot of challenge ya?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wizardly Oz View Post
    Interesting that folks pay such attention to type coverage.
    The team for my first run will be a hodge-podge of favorite 6th generation pokemon. With so many more to discover, my only decided team member is Talonflame. It is a beautiful beast. I am, however, quite fond of Clauncher, Skrelp, Duoblade, Froakie.... nvm I was going to end up listing almost all the pokemon that have been revealed thus far. ._.
    I agree, I never pay much attention to type coverage (or even distinct types really) on my in game teams xD If I wind up with like 4 grass pokemon I usually just fly with it unless I find something cooler :3 I don't have any permanent members chosen (except probably the starter. however last gen I ditched Pignite in my first black playthrough for litwick... which I later felt bad for because I actually like Emboar a lot xD It never got fully evolved either... my first emboar ended up being from Black 2 LOL), so we'll see~
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    in my first play through I'll use


    and the rest I'll figure out when I play the game

    in my second play through I'll use completely different Pokémon and I'll use this site to find all the things I missed on my first play through

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    Pokémon Y team: Male Protagonist
    Chespin Line-I always start with the grass starter, so no matter what the final form looks like I am still choosing chespin as my starter
    Squirtle/ Mega Blastoise- Long debate, but squirtle is my choice for the kanto starter in Y
    Litleo/Pyroar- This may change once more fire type pokemon are revealed but my choice is defiantly going to be Litleo, I wanted this little gy since he was revealed
    Helioptile- Unless there are other electric types to fill this place, other then Dedenne the choice is going to be Helioptile
    Noivern- Again subject to change on any other different dragon types, but noivern deserves a spot on my team
    Bunnelby- I never stick with the generation normal type so I wonder what bunnelby will evolve into

    Honedge/ Doublade- This is in my reserves for its type and just the possible movepool this pokemon will have
    Tyrunt/ Tyrantrum- Noivern is filling the Dragon role on the team, but this line could be an excellent back-up and for a rock typing as well
    Pancham/Pangoro- This line is going to be used in rotation a lot, plus the typing is interesting
    TalonFlame- Obviously regional bird, but subject to change depending on other flying types

    MegaLucario- gains a new ability and I feel that this mega could serve as an excellent backup when it comes to changing my mega pokemon
    MegaAbsol- is just one of my favorite dark types

    Pokémon X: Female Protagonist
    Froakie Line- I want to steer completely away from fennekin, nothing wrong with it but personally I think froakie and chespin are way better
    Charmander/ MegaCharizard- I feel that the Charmander and Froakie line will be a perfect fit
    Gogoat- Similar to Litleo, once I saw this pokemon I just knew I had to use it on my team
    Dedenne- Not only does Dedenne cover my electric type in this game, but also provides fairy type as well (good combination)
    Furfrou- Similar to Bunnelby, plus I feel like Furfrou will have interesting stats and moves
    Aurorus- Both Fossil pokemon are very interesting both appearance and typing, but I really am intrigued by Aurorus' ability

    Clauncher- I feel this little guy could become a major powerhouse through evolution, but since froakie is my water pokemon, clauncher would fill in as a great reserve
    Vivillion- Theres bound to be more bug pokemon, but for not Vivillion is going to be on my X team
    Meowstic- I haven't decided on the gender yet; however, I will most likely train both

    MegaAmpharos- Adding a dragon type to ampharos sounds like an interesting idea, I cannot wait to see why the change was made
    MegaMawhile: This mega can serve as a good wall for defense
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    Chespin (Won't evolve it if final evo is Grass/Dark and doesn't have a cool design): Loved this little guy every since the moment I saw him, although I think if GF gives him a Dark-Type it'll ruin that happy go lucky character he's got going. If they do then they better make him look baddddasssss

    Talonflame/MegaCharizard: Haven't decided which one of these two Fire/Flying Types I want as they both look really cool. Possibly could train both if I don't fill up that extra spot on my team. Always train the regional birds, although never legitly trained a Charizard (Got one but just rare candied it in SS with cheats).

    Pangoro: Loved Pancham, loved the evo even more. I knew since the moment I saw Pancham he was gonna be on my team but when Pangoro came along he just 100%ified it. It's also multicultural - black, white and asian.

    Sylveon: Wanted a Fairy-Type to try out on my team and seeing that Sylveon is my favourite Fairy-Type and I absolutely love eeveelutions, this one was an obvious choice.

    Tyrantrum(Maybe): Love both pre-evultion and post evolution designs. Usually don't use fossil Pokemon but I feel like I might this time. I only will if I don't find any other cooler un-revealed Pokemon I like, and I probably will so :/ Suppose I could call him a backup.

    Undecided on the last. Pretty much have two spots left open since Tyrantrum's just a backup
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    In my style of playing, I usually catch all pokemon regardless, and specificy between which I'm actually going to use, and which become B, or C-tier for me personally. At this time, I have no clue, but I'll like notice while playing..

    The A-tier are: "I want to use these, badly" aka "The Main Team"
    - Chespin -> Quilladin
    - Froakie -> Frogadier
    - Fletchling -> Talonflame
    - Honedge -> Doublade
    - Pancham -> Pangoro
    - Tyrunt -> Tyrantrum
    - Skrelp -> ?: Likely to stay regardless of evolution.
    - Litleo -> Pyroar: If we get the Blizzard Wolf, Pyroar gets demoted to B-tier.
    - Swirlix: Depending on evolution, could go down.
    - Orotto

    B-tier: "I'm tempted to use these, sporadically"
    - Fennekin -> Braixen
    - Amaura -> Aurorus
    - Skiddo -> Gogoat
    - Helioptile: Depending on evolution, could go up.
    - Noivern: Depending on if it is evolved or not, could go down.
    - Bunnelby: Depending on evolution, could go up.
    - Spritzee: Depending on evolution, could go up.
    - Inkay -> Malamar

    C-tier: "Likely won't see any team time, at all"
    - Sylveon: Just not my cup of tea
    - Flabebe: Got a similar reaction from me as Cherubi..
    - Scatterbug -> Spewpa -> Vivillon: Just not tempted at all this time. I liked Leavanny's design more.
    - Clauncher: Depending on evolution, could go up. Doesn't tempt me, but if the evolution's good, it might go to the B-tier.
    - Dedenne: I just don't see myself using this, apologies for the Fairy-type?
    - Furfrou: If it gets good moves and stats, it may become more useful then meets the eyes, and might, might, might end up at the B-tier.
    - Espurr -> Meowstic: Epic dislike of cats here... general..

    S-tier: "Boxed for the hell of it"
    - SB Torchic-event: GenVI-shinetime
    - Kanto Starter: GenVI-shinetime
    - Yveltal: I don't do run through's with legends since Emerald. Dat Rayquaza was just too convenient.

    So, my favoured team is, now with nicknames:
    - Quilladin: Arstan
    - Frogadier: Janos
    - Talonflame: Mallister
    - Pangoro: Decy
    - Doublade: Daario
    - Tyrantrum: Viserys
    - Skrelp: Aeron
    - Swirlix: Wunwun
    - Orotto: Brynden
    - Pyroar/Ice-Wolf: Lann/Brandon
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    The second line is meant to be sarcastic.. Though there was a random trainer with a Heatran at the Sinnoh League..

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    Ok, after a few moments with this, I think I got a few guys down in each team (some changes too)

    -Water Type
    Let's Rock and Roll!

    FireRed/White2 Team:
    HeartGold Team:
    Black and White Team: <--Very unnatural team lol
    Platinum Team:
    Favorite Pokemon:
    -Favorite Types: Electric, Fire, and Flying-

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    I'm not 100 percent sure on my team. I've narrowed down a few and there are some l'm considering.

    -OFFICIAL MEMBERS: Chespin, Helioptile, Squirtle
    -POSSIBLE MEMBERS: Pancham, Tyrunt, Noivern, Fletchling, Meowstic

    It's so hard to choose! So many amazing designs!

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    Hm I don't really have a set team at the moment though I am set on getting fenniken, I feel pity for chespin but after going though white without a fire type I really am parinoid about not choosing fire. I kind of want ralts, but I used it in almost every playthough of r/s/e so I'll pass, I might use it on a mono fairy run though. If it comes early enough I get honedge since I like his design, I might use jiggypuff since I never used one before, though I might save it for the mono fairy run. Sylveon, depends on how early I can get an eevee and how early you can evolve it into sylveon. I'll just soft reset torchic to a good nature and put into the box, Kanto starter will be bulbasaur and it will go into the box. Other then that I'll just see what's in game and see what interest me.

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    6 Gen Pokémon I will definitely use: Froakie line.

    6 Gen Pokémon I will probably use: Litleo line, Amaura line.

    6 Gen Pokémon I will never use: Fennekin line, Honedge line, Legendaries.

    Older Gen Pokémon i'm hoping will be available: Taillow, Mienfoo, Tynamo

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    Fire starter, fairy type idk what else yet.
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    As of now, I will be using:
    Fennekin: best starter for me c:
    Meowstick: who doesn't love a blue cat that's also psychic type :O
    Bulbasaur: only non gen 6 pokemon, since I want to use its mega form

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    So far the only one I know I'm using is fennekin. I will probably use noivern to as long as it isn't like deino and you get it really lat >.>
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    Here is what I am hoping to use for my first in game team (and then breed that in game team to create a wifi team version of them with the most effective EVs and IVS)

    Fennekin: I have to start with her obviously have a female to breed her. If she does wind up being psychic final evo, i really hope it will be useful against lets say if froakie gets fighting upon final evo.

    Noivern: I'm planing to use him but until i can obtain him, I will have a talonflame on my team as a backup. if we do get him mid game and not until the elite 4, that would be pretty sweet

    Spritzee: I admire the flamingo/plague doctor theme fairy. She will be the first fairy pokemon I use. I hope the evolution is really good throughout the game and also for online.

    Gogoat: I'll use him for in game to help against froakie

    Helioptile: Could use an electric type. Hope they reveal his evolution this week

    Malamar: I like the squid dude, and love the typing. Hoping he is effective throughout the game
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