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Thread: Animal Crossing New Leaf Trading Club!

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    Default Animal Crossing New Leaf Trading Club!

    Welcome to the Animal Crossing New Leaf Trading Club! This is the club for those who are looking to buy/sell/trade items and add friends!


    1. All forum rules apply
    2. Respect everybody before an argument breaks out
    3. Provide valid information for friend codes and dream codes
    4. If you say you will trade, make sure you do.
    5. Limit your posts, one post per day is enough
    6. Don't spam
    7. Do not post when banned
    8. Have fun!


    Friend Code:
    Dream Address (If you have one):
    Town Name:
    Character Name:
    What is the name of the Secretary in New Leaf?:
    Strikes will be handed out when one of the rules are broken, shown with an asterisk. Depending on how many Strikes you have, how long you may get banned.

    Strikes on Members:

    Ban Times:

    * = warning
    ** 3 Days ban
    *** 1 week
    **** 1 Month
    ***** Forever!

    Once a couple days (3 days) have passed your WARNING will wear off, if you have a ban you have to wait until that wears off. Strikes will be removed once worn off.

    None! The way it should be!

    supersmew - Owner

    Owner = Only one! Made the thread
    Co-owner = People who manage the club like a owner, but are still subject to strikes and bans.
    Avid Collector = Very Active and trades a lot
    Collector = Active and Trades commonly
    Cataloger = Somewhat active and trades occasionally
    Shopper = Barely Active and Trades once every blue moon

    Userbars coming soon!

    Me for using my Sunday to think up this club .-.


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    Super bump of approval. Join this club if you want to make friends and discuss the latest unit of the Animal Crossing series!

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