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Thread: *SPOILERS* What Pokemon will Ash catch in Kalos region?

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    Default *SPOILERS* What Pokemon will Ash catch in Kalos region?

    For Those Of You That Have Been Following The Leaks, Which Ones Do You Think He'll Catch?

    I'm Thinking This Might Be The First Time We See Him Get Either A Fossil Or Ghost Type Pokemon. (Not Counting Haunter)
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    OH I would love for him to catch a Flabebe, Tyrunt, and Noviern. That would awesome.
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    Tyrunt is definitely a possibility. He's cute and couls cause plenty of mischief.

    I think Ash will get Chespin too. I'm not sure if he'll get all three starters, but definitely Chespin.

    Only time will tell I guess.

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    Ooooooh, I got to break out my planned team for Ash. Sweet.

    Pikachu, duhhhh

    Fletchling- Fletchlinder- Talonflame. Awesome female bird of prey that awesomely learns Brave Bird, Aerial Ace, Flame Charge, and something else. She would be that type that acts all calm and peaceful outside of battle, but when battling, HOLY CRAP SHE GETS AWESOME! Also, she would get atleast double the amount of screen time and personality that Unfezant had.

    Froakie- Frogadier- Greninja. A realatively calm pokemon, at least at first. He would have a habit of using the bubbles on his back to fight, but once evolving for the last time and losing the bubbles, he is essentially forced to learn how to fight without his bubbles properly.

    Chespin- Quiladin- Chestnaught. Friendly, outgoing, not worrying about the small details, and a bit of a flirt. That kinda thing.

    Meowstic- That's right, she shows up in her evolved form. This little lady would be very mature mentally, acting like a mother figure to her younger team-mates. She would know three offense psychic moves, and Attract, but would only use Attract if she is failing in the battle. She wouldn't be using it constantly like Snivy. Also, she would have a rivalry with Serena's Eevee, but that's for another day.

    Litleo- Pyroar. Adorable little baby girl that hatches from an egg, and evolves into not-so-adorable Pyroar. She would be very adventurous, typical of a little kid, at first. Evolving makes her more mature, but she would always have a hot-headed and hot-blooded personality overall. Oh, and she would become like best buds forever with Serena's Fennekin.

    Skiddo-Gogoat. Super manly male Gogoat with a super manly voice. Ok, yeah, but really, he would be one tough boy. He would be rather childish as a Skiddo, but would mature by the time he evolves.

    Scatterbug-Spewpa-Vivillion. Vivillion wouldn't appear in to many battles, but she would make up for it. She would be shy timid, and calm, not liking to battle very much anyway. It would also be implied that she has a crush on Clemont's Bunnelby.

    Oorotto- I can't remember what the English name for this puppy is, but whatever. He would love to battle, but would still be pretty nice. Oh, and Pyroar would totally have a crush on him. He would be oblivious to all this, but he would still be fond of her [Not in that way].

    Tyrunt- Tyrantrum. The saga-ly Powerhouse of Ash's team, being an awesome battler, and loving it, too. He would always want to be on-top, to the point where he will literally become an Attention Desperate type person sometimes. Oh, and he would also be constantly trying to impress Serena's Auroras [More info on HER team later], and Auroras would always pretty much stomp on him, but he would finally win her affection by the end of the saga.

    So, there you have it, my hoped team for Ash this saga.

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    I hope he uses some of his older pokemon and we see some of them evolve.

    But, if that doesn't happen his team should be...


    Maybe he will finally become Champion with this team.
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    I wouldn't say no to Ash getting all three starters, but if not:

    Pikachu, Froakie, Fletchling and Chespin would be definites, with the last three evolving all the way.

    Not sure about the last two, long as it isn't Litleo or Pyroar. Wouldn't mind Tyrunt, about time he got a Fossil (perhaps not evolving it), and Pancham could be good. Its not like we have much choice this gen though. Assuming at some point Charizard will be back in his team so it can Mega Evolve anyway.
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