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Thread: #010-012 Caterpie / Metapod / Butterfree

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    Default #010-012 Caterpie / Metapod / Butterfree

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    My boyfriend has Butterfree in his safari if anyone is looking for one!

    His Friend Code: 2380-3783-4650
    Looking for: Variety

    Please PM me if you add him so he can add you back!
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    I have Friend Safari Butterfree. PM offers.
    ~~What I what/can trade is listed here! (My Trade Shop)~~

    Looking For:
    Shiny Legendaries ()
    Event Pokemon
    Celebrate /

    Shiny Lotad/evolution with ID: 11142 and OT: Jasmine (I can give something good)

    Events, Legendaries
    5-6IVs: Ask for list
    Shiny: Check my Shop for list
    6IV , 6IV , 5IV , 6IV SHINY
    Shiny Legends: , Terrakion, and possibly more
    Various Legendaries

    Other things as well

    PM me!
    Need I say I only want legit pokemon?

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    Ok everybody i can now offer 5iv adamant female/male dreamball caterpies.

    If your interested in such a rare and beautiful caterpie, pm me.
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    Edit: Thanks to ShyOctopus, I have a Love Ball Caterpie, but am still looking for other Apricorn Balls.

    I'm looking for female Caterpie/Metapod/Butterfree in Apricorn Balls (especially Friend Ball). I'm not picky about Nature/IVs. I can breed any of the following Apricorn Ball females in exchange:

    Fast Ball: Ponyta, Pikachu, Abra, Pidgey, Rattata, Vulpix, Meowth, Mareep, Spearow, Taillow, Starly
    Friend Ball: Ekans, Bellsprout, Oddish, Paras, Cubone, Exeggcute, Sudowoodo, Raticate, Weedle, Poliwag, Psyduck, Heracross, Tangela, Pikachu, Machop, Taillow, Wurmple
    Heavy Ball: Lapras, Onix, Graveler, Grimer, Snorlax, Swinub
    Level Ball: Nidoran, Hypno, Gastly, Pikachu, Abra, Pidgey, Rattata, Hoothoot, Cubone, Meowth, Houndour, Taillow, Spearow, Weedle, Wurmple, Starly
    Love Ball: Snubbull, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Flaaffy, Exeggcute, Cherubi, Vulpix, Psyduck, Corsola, Seel, Jynx, Sentret, Ponyta, Clefairy, Taillow, Lickitung, Swablu, Slowpoke
    Lure Ball: Magikarp, Dratini, Poliwag, Corsola, Golduck, Goldeen/Seaking, Tentacool, Chinchou, Qwilfish, Horsea, Slowpoke, Quagsire
    Moon Ball: Gastly, Nidoran, Poochyena, Jigglypuff, Ekans, Zubat, Hoothoot, Murkrow, Ursaring, Clefairy, Swablu, Wurmple

    I can also go back and catch other SoulSilver Pokemon in Apricorn Balls.
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    0IV Victini (Event)
    0IV Jirachi

    ALL below are SHINY

    6IV Cleffa
    5IV Snorunt
    6IV Salamance
    6IV Zebstrika
    5IV Squirtle
    4IV Charmander
    6IV Deino
    0IV Espeon (all IVs are at 30)
    1IV Pichu (Event)
    6IV Teddiursa
    0IV Butterfree (Lv 100)
    5IV Clawitzer
    3IV Scatterbug
    5IV Vivillon
    6IV Venonat
    3IV Azurill
    6IV Lairon
    5IV Ho-oh
    6IV Mew
    6IV Cresselia
    4IV Genesect
    0IV Shaymin
    1IV Manaphy

    LF: Tamabunta Shiny Jirachi (Legit) mostly but will take other offers

    PM me if you have offers!
    FC: 5257-9774-7310 IGN: Isamu

    Please do not trade me hacks! If you have any doubt, do not offer it!

        Spoiler:- LF:

    PM me about EV training services!

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    Hey Ive been looking everywhere for a butterfree can he add me back at 3411 2859 5430!

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    I will give someone a tanabata shiny jirachi if they can give me a Shiny 5iv KB female caterpie
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