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    I am lookin for a Female 6 IV Shiny Ledian with an Impish Nature and Hidden ability: Iron Fist.
    Moveset: Dizzy Punch, Comet Punch, Drain Punch, & Mach Punch
    Pokeball: Luxury Ball

    If unable to do shiny, standard color will do.
    Will be willing to trade these:
    5-6 IV Amauras Male and Female
    Perfect IV Meganium: Male and Female
    Lv. 100 Female Shiny Purrloin
    Shiny korean Event Deino (Now a Zweilous)
    Shiny Japanese Seaking (KB)
    Shiny Cradily
    Shiny Raticate
    Shiny Japanese Articuno
    Shiny Event: 5 IV Suicune
    Hidden Ability Cincinno
    Blaze Kick Event Lucario
    KB Poison Fang Mawile
    6 IV Female Japanese Clauncher
    Shiny Female Greninja
    5 IV Female Aurorus
    Shiny German Luvdisc (KB)
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    FT: Near perfect/perfect Ledyba with Tailwind and any nature.

    LF: Rattata/Raticate with preferably a Jolly nature.
    Rattled/Run Away/Quick Feet (Although I would prefer Rattled.) Adamant Poochyena with Foul Play and Super Fang and perfect IVs in every stat except Special Attack (Don't care what its IV are in that stat.). Also, Mightyena with Moxie that are Adamant with 5IV, Super Fang, and Foul Play will do as well.

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