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    Looking for a Male Mantine/Mantyke with Tailwind (preferably with good IV's). PM me if you have one. I'll give you a 4-5IV Pokémon for it.

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    Looking for Mantyke. Offering, all with HA: Mothim, Druddigon, Gible, Espeon, Vaporeon, Luxray, Stoutland, Smeargle, Wigglytuff;\, Magneton, Tropius, Drifloon, Kirlia, Scolipede, Lapras, Cherrim, Houndoom, Marill, Huntail, Pidgeot, Farfetch'd, Exploud, Makuhita, Aggron, Wormadam, Snover, Heatmor, Torkoal, Golett, Lumineon, Wingull, Horsea, Mantine, Seel, Chinchou, Bibarel, Abra, Tentacool, Skarmory, Fearow, Dustox, Murkrow, Staravia, Exeggcute, Diglett, Larvitar, Electrike, Sneasal, Ponyta, Ledyba, Galvantula, Spiritomb, Zubat, Shuppet.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am currently in the process of collecting every breedable Hidden Ability Pokémon, so that I can give out Hidden Abilities to people who need them.
    I only have8 more Pokémon to go until I can call my collection complete.
    With that said, one of the Pokémon I need is a Hidden Ability Mantyke/Mantine [Water Veil].

    I am even hosting a massive promotion in my trade shop: you get 10 Hidden Ability Pokémon of your choice when you trade in a Hidden Ability Mantyke/Mantine!

    So please, check out my trade shop (link located in my signature) and help me out.
    Thanks everyone!

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