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    I have DW Gulpin up for trade, I'm looking for Kalos DW Pokes in return.
    I'm looking for Kalos DW females! I am breeding these guys if anyone wants one:
    Chespin (Bulletproof) | Fennekin (Magician) | Froakie (Protean) | Fletchling (Gale Wings) | Bunnelby (Huge Power) | Scatterbug (Friend Guard) | Litleo (Moxie) | Skiddo (Grass Pelt) | Espurr (Own Tempo) | Swirlix (Unburden) | Binacle (Pickpocket) | Helioptile (Solar Power) | Dedenne (Plus) | Goomy (Gooey) | Phantump (Harvest) | Pumpkaboo (Insomnia) | Bergmite (Sturdy) | Noibat (Telepathy)

    Also have plenty of Gen 1-5 DW Pokemon too. PM me for a full list of what I can breed you.

    Shinies I'm offering: Gulpin, Conkeldurr, Gogoat, Espurr

    Friend Codes

    3DS: 3609 1152 5308
    Friend Safari - Ground

    White 2: 3354 2323 4227

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    I have a shiny Gulpin up for trade. Make me an offer
    White FC: 3396 4570 2170
    3DS Friend Code: 2320 6126 6746

        Spoiler:- Looking For:

    Breeding with Roost, Brave Bird, and Whirlwind
    Have UT Shiny for trade.

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    I have Friend Safari Swalot. Pm offers! Looking for a variety of things.
    ~~What I what/can trade is listed here! (My Trade Shop)~~

    Looking For:
    Shiny Legendaries ()
    Event Pokemon
    Celebrate /

    Shiny Lotad/evolution with ID: 11142 and OT: Jasmine (I can give something good)

    Events, Legendaries
    5-6IVs: Ask for list
    Shiny: Check my Shop for list
    6IV , 6IV , 5IV , 6IV SHINY
    Shiny Legends: , Terrakion, and possibly more
    Various Legendaries

    Other things as well

    PM me!
    Need I say I only want legit pokemon?

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    I have a Shiny Gulpin up for trade. Looking for other shinies mainly but will consider other offers. PM me if you are interested.
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