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    I have a Shiny Solrock caught in glittering cave if anyone is interested? Timid nature. Would prefer a shiny in return ideally a oddish or growlithe but open to anything, pm me

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    Looking for MORNING SUN Solrock (DW). Will trade greatly for it!!
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    I have a shiny Solrock up for trade. Caught and left UT. I'll take any shiny for it. I am also offering any of the shinies in my signature.
    Now that my pokedex is complete, I'm pretty much just trading for shinies. I can breed any pokemon and (for now) have pretty much every legendary. I try to trade only legitimate pokemon and if I have any suspicion that a Pokemon that I received from a trade is not, I will most likely not re-offer it to anyone in anyway. That being said I also want to receive ONLY legitimately obtained Pokemon.
    Shinies I have: and Talonflame
    Shinies I Want: Mainly and (with Encore) or any of their evolutions.
    Any others will be well considered so please make any offers.

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