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    Offering a Shiny Pacharisu. Willing to take either a Tyranitarite or a Charizardite X attached to a Hidden Ability Pokemon that I am searching for.
    Wants: Any X exclusive mega stones, Manaphy, hidden ability Froakie, Lileep, Omanyte
    Offering: Larvitar, all normal ability Kanto and Kalos starters, Y exclusive Pokemon, Hidden Ability Chansey, Manetric, Togepi, Torchic
    I have a shiny Pacharisu that I will trade for X exclusive mega stones.
    PM me for my 3DS friend code.

    "May you find many shinnies"

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    I have Friend Safari Pachirisu. Pm offers! Looking for a variety of things.
    ~~What I what/can trade is listed here! (My Trade Shop)~~

    Looking For:
    Shiny Legendaries ()
    Event Pokemon
    Celebrate /

    Shiny Lotad/evolution with ID: 11142 and OT: Jasmine (I can give something good)

    Events, Legendaries
    5-6IVs: Ask for list
    Shiny: Check my Shop for list
    6IV , 6IV , 5IV , 6IV SHINY
    Shiny Legends: , Terrakion, and possibly more
    Various Legendaries

    Other things as well

    PM me!
    Need I say I only want legit pokemon?

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    I want a pachirisu with bestow. I can offer HA`s in return such as timburr with mach punch and drain punch.

    My ingame pokemon Y name is Child and my safari is ice with Mamoswine, Sneasel, Snorunt
    Shiny pokemon I've successfully chained to date: Platinum 92 Pokemon Y 3 MM Pokemon 4
    Mouse lady's new tradethread Video of my shiny minun poor quality Shiny furfrou video

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    I'm looking for a Pachirisu with Volt Absorb (or else its Friend Safari). I can offer pretty much any species for the Pokédex (besides most legends), and right now I have a bunch of Pichu, Riolu, Kabuto, Fletchling and Sandshrew with 2-4 Max IVs and Hidden Abilities.
    Friend Safari:

    3DS FC: 2836 - 0188 - 2561
    I'm currently looking for a with its Hidden Ability, Volt Absorb. If you'll trade one, or you have a Safari, please PM me!

    I've finished my Pokédex, so feel free to get in touch if you need something for yours (I can't trade many legendaries, but I do have multiple of a few that I might trade for shinies).

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    Trade Complete
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    Edit: Trade pending
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    S H A D O W C R Y S T A L S H I P P E R

    Friend Safari: Mienfoo/Pancham/Breloom
    Currently looking for 2013 Eigakan Red Genesect!

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    Looking for a perfect IV Pachirisu jolly, or timid nature with volt absorb. Offering a US Shiny Gengar Event code.
    I'm just your average pokémon trainer! My favorite pokémon is Weedle! But I've found a new love for Glaceon and Pachirisu. (I love ice pokémon and squirrels soooo.. xD)

    X FC: 1633-5312-3379
    Heartgold FC: 1678 9319 1199
    Black FC: 4298 9228 3193
    Fiancee's White FC: 2795 6754 2889

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    I'm looking for a shiny Pachirisu!

    Pokémon: Shiny Pachirisu
    Nickname: Sparky (You can change the name in the Pokémon center in Caphrier Town)
    Level: 1-10

    Friendcode: pm me
    Twitter: HylianEmiel

    I can trade it for my Diancie lv. 50!

    Help me please.

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