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    Breeding DW ability Drifloon if anyone wants one.
    I'm looking for Kalos DW females! I am breeding these guys if anyone wants one:
    Chespin (Bulletproof) | Fennekin (Magician) | Froakie (Protean) | Fletchling (Gale Wings) | Bunnelby (Huge Power) | Scatterbug (Friend Guard) | Litleo (Moxie) | Skiddo (Grass Pelt) | Espurr (Own Tempo) | Swirlix (Unburden) | Binacle (Pickpocket) | Helioptile (Solar Power) | Dedenne (Plus) | Goomy (Gooey) | Phantump (Harvest) | Pumpkaboo (Insomnia) | Bergmite (Sturdy) | Noibat (Telepathy)

    Also have plenty of Gen 1-5 DW Pokemon too. PM me for a full list of what I can breed you.

    Shinies I'm offering: Gulpin, Conkeldurr, Gogoat, Espurr

    Friend Codes

    3DS: 3609 1152 5308
    Friend Safari - Ground

    White 2: 3354 2323 4227

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    I have a female, Modest Drifloon with Aftermath. I'm looking for a Shuppet or Banette with Frisk.
    Me, I am but a tearful clown. Though I smile, I cry inside.

    FC: 3711-6942-7514

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    Anybody with a shiny drifloon, PM me to work something out
    I'll trade a near flawless of most anything

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    currently in search of shiny drifloon! can offer many things including specific gender/ivs/levels/natures/moves/abilities/etc and also have some legendaries up for grabs
    ALSO my friend safari is a GHOST SAFARI
    so if you'd like a shot at my drifloons in safari we can work that out too i suppose hhhhh

    PM me if interested
    中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二 病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病な う!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう! 中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二 病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病な う!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう! 中二病なう!中二病なう!ミ(  ´・ω・) 中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう 中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二 病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病な う!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう! 中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二 病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病な う!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう! 中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二 病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!中二病なう!

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    Got shiny driftloon, looking for tyranitars mega stone. But im open for suggestions

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    I have Friend Safari Drifblim. Pm offers! Looking for a variety of things.
    ~Disclaimer: Signature very out of date~

    ~~What I what/can trade is listed here! (My Trade Shop)~~

    Looking For:
    Shiny Legendaries ()
    Event Pokemon
    Celebrate /

    Shiny Lotad/evolution with ID: 11142 and OT: Jasmine (I can give something good)

    Events, Legendaries
    5-6IVs: Ask for list
    Shiny: Check my Shop for list
    6IV , 6IV , 5IV , 6IV SHINY
    Shiny Legends: , Terrakion, and possibly more
    Various Legendaries

    Other things as well

    PM me!
    Need I say I only want legit pokemon?

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    Looking for female, flare boost drifloon/drifblim caught in luxury ball, don't care about IVs. Please pm if you have one :3 thanks

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    I have Modest Drifloom HA 31/x/30/31/31/31 (HP Ice) Kalos Born
    Will trade for HA Jolly Aerodactyl, or PM with offers

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    Not many people here, but i'll just give it a try

    I'm looking for Driflonn/Drifblim with egg move Defog (doesn't care about IV, natures, etc.)

    Offering flawless KB shinies, legendaries, rare items and other stuffs.
    PM me if you want to trade!
    FC: 0619-4401-8836, IGN: ICE

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    I'm looking for an Battle Ready Drifblim (nonshiny) and I'm offering anything on my trade sheet. I will send the link in a PM since I couldn't paste the link here.
    3DS Friendcode: 2492-5341-9733
    Fire type safari: Slugma, Pansear, Braixen

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    I have the following pokemon for trade:

    •shiny Lucario, non KB (gen5 GTS obtained, originally from Sinnoh), male, no nickname, had pokerus, has ribbons (several of them, I don't know what they all mean), is Jolly and somewhat vain, the ability Inner Focus, level 100, flawless IVs (not sure about EVs), battle ready, knows Swords Dance/Close Combat/Extreme Speed/Crunch, and is in a pokéball

    •shiny Ninetails, nonKB (gen5 GTS obtained, from Unova), female, no nickname, had pokerus, no ribbons, is Timid and Mischievous, ability Drought, level 100, flawless IVs (not sure about EVs), battle ready, knows Flamethrower/Sunny Day/Will-O-Wisp/Hypnosis, and is in a pokéball

    •shiny Zoroark, non KB (gen5 GTS obtained, Japanese), not nickname-able, male, has not had pokerus, no ribbons, is Rash and somewhat vain, ability Illusion, level 100, flawless IVs (don't know about EVs), battle ready, knows Dark Pulse/Focus Blast/Flamethrower/Sucker Punch, and is in a pokéball

    •shiny Buneary, non KB (from a Wonder Trade, Italian), male, not nickname-able, has had pokerus, no ribbons, is Jolly and likes to thrash about, ability is Run Away, level 65, 5IVs (don't know about EVs, can recheck to see which IV is missing as I don't remember off the top of my head), knows Ice Punch, and is in a pokéball

    •shiny Sentret, KB (from a trade, not nickname-able), female, can be given pokerus, is Jolly and somewhat vain, ability is Frisk, level 1, 5IVs (need to recheck to see what she is missing), knows Scratch/Foresight/Trick, and is in a Dream Ball

    •shiny Shaymin, event (I think? It's in Master Ball? Is it, um, Oak's Letter? I have the event Vivillions/Torchic and that's it so I'm not sure if that's the norm and help would be appreciated in ascertaining validity please and thanks! additionally: it says it came from Sinnoh, it has a Kalos Champ Ribbon), no nickname, calm and somewhat vain, IVs/EVs I don't know, ability Natural Cure, it's holding a Meadow Plate, is level 100, knows Seed Flare/Energy Ball/Air Slash/Dazzling Gleam, has had pokerus

    •shiny Raticate, no nickname, attained from trade, from Unova, female, Hasty and strong willed, have to check IVs and don't know about EVs, knows Assurance/Super Fang/Double Edge/Endeavor, level 47, ability Guts, has not had pokerus

    •shiny Ralts, obtained via trade, Japanese, KB, male, no nickname, can be given pokerus, need to check IVs, don't know about EVs, knows Memento/Encore/Destiny Bond/Shadow Sneak, ability is Telepathy, is in a pokéball, Modest/Mischievous

    •shiny event Hydreigon (movie), Japanese, in a Cherish Ball, male, level 100, has a Wish Ribbon and Kalos Champ Ribbon, has had pokerus, Modest/capable of taking hits, ability Levitate, knows Draco Meteor/Fire Blast/Dark Pulse/U-Turn

    •shiny Noivern, from trade, named Quinn, female, caught in a Quick Ball, has Infiltrator, 1 IV (forget which), don't know about EVs, knows Super Fang/Fly/Bite/Leech Life, is Modest/strongly defiant, has had pokerus

    •shiny Gible, I caught it in the dessert area, nickname-able, male, has pokerus (currently), is level 35, in an Ultra Ball, ability Sand Veil, knows Sand Tomb/Slash/Dragon Claw/Dig, is Brave/nods off a lot

    These are the Pokémon I am looking for:

    •shiny Oddish/Gloom, male, in a nest or friend ball, any gen acceptable, must be level 30 or below, any IVs acceptable, must be nickname-able*

    •shiny Driftloon, either gender, Bold or Adamant nature would be nice but I will accept others, any IVs, a matching ball (like dream or premier or whatever) would be nice but is not required, must be nickname-able, no higher than level 20, must be KB*

    •shiny Buneary, male please, in a pretty ball like a dream ball would be nice but not necessary (dream ball, love ball, premier ball, luxury ball are nicest but again not necessary), the ability Limber would be nice, any gen is okay, must be nickname-able, any IVs are okay, no higher level then a wild caught one please*

    •shiny Goomy, any gender, a premier/luxury/heal ball would be nice, any ability acceptable, no nature preferrance, must be nickname-able, any IV*

    •shiny Beldum, a nature like Serious or Calm (level headed seeming) would be nice, any Pokeball is okay, the only thing I require is a nickname, any IV*

    •shiny Silcoon/Beautifly, male preferred, Gentle nature also preferred, though neither is necessary and I will look at all offers, however must be nickname-able, a pretty Pokéball would be nice but also not required, any IVs acceptable*

    •shiny Mienfoo, nickname and premier or dream ball a must, either gender, either ability, any IV*

    •flawless Infiltrator Noibat, shiny and nickname-able

    •shiny Gastly, either gender/ability, any ball/IVs, must be nickname-able and Sassy (being in a premier ball will get two shinies in return)


    I will consider other offers, but I am far more interested in the Pokémon I listed, so please keep that in mind.

    Thank You for your time and patience,
    May all your shiny hunts end in success,
    Seeking That Shine

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    I'm finding for a Drifloon/ Drifblim with the move endure. Pm me to work something out
    ~FC:4141 3434 8031~

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    Credit to FairyWitch and her shop

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    I'm looking for a Driftloon/Driftblim with Flare Boost. Got Espurr (both genders, 6x31 IV, hidden ability, untouched) or shiny Spinda (both genders) for trade.

    Last edited by ChariotSpade; 5th October 2014 at 8:21 AM.
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    If anyone has a competitive Drifloon/Drifblim, preferably with egg moves, in a Dream Ball, please PM me and I'd love to set up an attractive trade!

    I'm also generally looking for competitive shiny KB Drifloon/Drifblims in addition to the above.

    Credit: AstralShadow (League Banner & Buttons) & Kida-Ookami (Badge)

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    Hello i'm looking for the following

    -6IV bold cresselia*
    -6IV/5IV (missing special attack) adamant victini with V-create and bolt strike*
    -6IV/5IV (missing special attack)bold jirachi*
    -6IV jolly terrakion
    -6IV timid celebi
    -6IV/5IV (missing attack) timid latias*
    -6IV landorus*
    (*means i'm offering 2 pokemon)
    And i'm offering these
    -6IV shiny timid mesprit (i got these 7 of these but they are cloned)
    -6IV jolly victini (i prefer to trade this one only for the ones with a *)
    -5IV shiny modest static ampharos (missing defense)
    -6IV shiny timid flame body talonflame
    -gamestop jirachi untouched
    -ORAS release event beldum untouched
    -6IV sneasel (female in a moon ball) + 6IV cacnea
    -6IV adamant huge power azumarill (knock off, play rough, belly drum, aqua jet)

    Or choose 3 pokemon (6 pokemon if you offer a pokemon with a star or 3pokemon and one from the other offer list)
    5IV jolly regenerator mienfoo (-sp.atk), 5IV jolly moxie sandile (-sp.atk), 5IV timid unburden drifloon (-atk), 5IV adamant huge power marill (-sp.atk), 5IV timid unburden treecko (-atk), 5IV jolly trace ralts (-sp.atk), 5IV impish prankster klefki (-atk)
    FC: 2723-8304-1972

    Credits to fairywitch

    Also see my shop

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    Looking for a Defog Drifloon or Drifblim. Which is a bit ... convoluted ... to obtain if you don't already have one.
    NOTE: Please offer Legit Pokemon only. No hacks, no gens, no edits, no powesaves, etc. Please do not offer hacks of any sort (not even legal hacks).

    Defog Drifloon or Defog Drifblim
    CAN OFFER various breedable Pokemon including
    Almost any breedable HA Pokemon (As of late January 2015 have all released HA, including Ha Unova starters, with Tyrunt on the way)
    Egg move Pokemon
    and or 5IV/nature breedable Pokemon.
    Or a combination of the above. Can trade more than one of my Pokemon for Defog Drifloon/Drifblim if required.

    Drifloon can learn Defog as an egg move. HOWEVER the only passers of the move is it's own evolution line, so things get a bit tricky if you don't have it yet. Instructions are below     Spoiler:
    Last edited by too-weak; 28th January 2015 at 11:01 PM. Reason: Got the Scythers, just need the Defog Drifloon
    Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon special going on. Sale on Starters, Pikachu, Riolu, and Choice Scarves.
    I have ALL RELEASED HIDDEN ABILITIES up to May 2015. Including Unova HA starters, Tyrunt, Amuara, and Johto HA starters.
    All are uncloned. All are not RNG. All are Blue Pentagon.
    Can also breed for Egg moves, IVs (not 6IV), natures, and/or nicknames upon request.

    3DS FC: 4553 9972 4173

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    looking for a drifloon with flare boost. please message me if you have one

    Edit: Got one
    Last edited by DLionHeart; 16th December 2016 at 7:10 AM.
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