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    Looking for a Watchog that is Level 60 or higher. I can trade Adamant Marrils or Gooey Goomys in return for one. Stats and nature do not matter.

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    Looking for HA Patrat/Watchog. Hopefully someone sees this. PM for offers!
    Pokemon Y FC: 0619-5356-5315
    Ghost Friend Safari w/ Lampent, Phantump, and Driftblim

    Looking For:
    Repeat Ball HA Burmy, Female
    Dive Ball HA Goldeen, Female
    Dive Ball HA Barboach, Female
    Dive Ball HA Qwilfish, Female

    For Trade:
    Dream Ball HA Goldeen
    Dream Ball HA Horsea
    Dream Ball HA Munna
    Dream Ball HA Qwilfish
    Dream Ball HA Elgeyem
    Dream Ball HA Stantler
    Dream Ball Skitty
    Dream Ball Feebas
    Heavy Ball Snorlax
    Safari Ball Scyther
    Safari Ball Carnivine
    Heavy Ball Onix
    Heavy Ball Rhyhorn
    Moon Ball Cleffa
    Dive Ball HA Carvanha
    HA Carvanha
    HA Kricketot
    HA Karrablast
    HA Hippopotas
    HA Lileep
    HA Zigzagoon
    HA Timburr
    HA Skitty
    HA Burmy
    HA Patrat

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