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    I am a Bot...Beep

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    I can breed this Pokemon with its DW/HA, all I ask in return is either another pokemon with it's DW/HA, a ditto with 31 IV's in either Atk, Sp Atk, Speed, HP, or any combo of those listed, and I'll even trade for shiny pokemon with no special gender, nature, or ability. PM me if you want to trade, a list of DW/HA Pokemon I have is in the sig!
    Breeding DW/HA pokemon for a Friend Safari with Ditto, Shinys, rare, uncommon, or other DW pokemon! I do not breed natures or genders, just the HA/DW. PM me for trade.
    I'm also adding everyone I can for friend safari, so add me and I'll add you, just PM me friend codes!
    Here is my code if youd like: 1032-1456-1266 Rorik
    DW/HA Pokemon I have:
    Chespin | Fenekin | Froakie | Noibat | Goomy | Fletching | Pancham | Dedenne

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    Hi, I have FS Sigilyph to trade! PM offers!
    ~Disclaimer: Signature very out of date~

    ~~What I what/can trade is listed here! (My Trade Shop)~~

    Looking For:
    Shiny Legendaries ()
    Event Pokemon
    Celebrate /

    Shiny Lotad/evolution with ID: 11142 and OT: Jasmine (I can give something good)

    Events, Legendaries
    5-6IVs: Ask for list
    Shiny: Check my Shop for list
    6IV , 6IV , 5IV , 6IV SHINY
    Shiny Legends: , Terrakion, and possibly more
    Various Legendaries

    Other things as well

    PM me!
    Need I say I only want legit pokemon?

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    Trade complete.
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    IGN: Reavis
    FC: 1005-9620-0912 (Y/OR)
    Friend Safari: (Grass): Pansage, Swadloon, Gogoat

        Spoiler:- Credits:

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    Looking for a shiny sigilyph willing to trade a lv.1 kalos bred female shiny sableye with the ability prankster PM me if interested

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    Looking for a 5iv Calm or Bold Magic Guard sigilyph with the egg moves Psycho Shift and Stored Power.

    Have quite alot for trade and that I can breed.

    PM me if you are interested. ☺

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    Looking for shiny Sigilyph (Tinted Lens if possible), offering shiny Houndoom among others.
    Alpha Sapphire
    IGN: PJ
    FC: 0705-4738-8199
    Friend Safari: Pumpkaboo, Lampent & Dusclops

    Currently trading:
    US Event Mew & US Event Mew codes
    Zygarde, Yveltal, Mewtwo, Latios, Latias, Cresselia & US Event Hoopa

    Shiny Wishlist
    Koffing, Poliwag, Tympole, Snivy, Solrock, Chespin, Lotad, Eevee, Yamask, Honedge, Rufflet, Pawniard, Drilbur, Binacle, Furfrou, Tynamo, & Gastly

    Hidden Ability Wishlist
    Bagon, Tauros, Budew, Sliggoo, Croagunk, Murkrow & Poliwag

    Also looking for ANY Pokemon from Ruby/Sapphire/FireRed/LeafGreen!!

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