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Thread: #642 Thundurus

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    Seeking Thundoras to fill pokedex. Will trade it back. PM me if you can help me out.
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    looking for a thudurus with a decent nature like modest or timid, i got plenty to trade with, if it's shiny i'll be wiling to trade my shiny rayquaza (serious nature) that has iron head tutor move or my shiny groudon (docile nature) that has stealth rock egg move. if it's not shiny we'll work out a different trade, PM me and we'll work out a trade.
    FC- 2320-6664-2608 IGN- john (X) Mr. Morshu (Or)

    i'll only take shiny pokemon bred in Kalos unless stated otherwise

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    Have several shinies up for trade
    all kalos bred and all are nicknameable
    In dire need of a timid good IVed Thundurus

    Elekid, Adamant, Static, Max IVs in HP Atk Def Spdef, Egg Moves: Ice punch, Cross chop

    Kangaskan, adamant, Max IVs in HP Def Spdef Spd

    Azumarill, Adamant, Huge poweregg moves: aqua jet/ belly drum, Max IVs in Atk Spdef Spd

    Marowak, Rash, Rockhead, Mixed IVs

    Ditto, rash, imposter, Mixed Ivs

    Greninja, timid, protein, Max Ivs in Hp Spdef

    Eevee, Timid, anticipation, egg moves: yawn wish, Max IVs in Hp Def Spatk Spdef Spd

    Heliosk, Timid, Dry skin, Max IVs in Spatk Spd

    Metagross, Adamant, Clear body, 6 IV

    and i have several others, these are all traded to me and not nicknameable

    Charizard, Timid, Blaze, Max Ivs in HP Def Spatk Spdef Spd

    Heracross, Impish, Moxie, Max Ivs in Hp and Spd

    Ho-Oh, Adamant, Pressue, Max Ivs in Hp Atk Def Spdef Spd

    Staraptor, Naive, Intimidate, Max Ivs in Spd

    Tranquill, Impish, Super luck, Mixed Ivs

    Gardevoir, Modest, Trace, Max Ivs in Spatk

    Nidoqueen, Calm, Poison Point, 6 Ivs

    Zubat, Adamant, Inner Focus, mixed Ivs

    Dugtrio, Jolly, Sandveil, Mixed Ivs

    Gligar, Mild, Sandveil, Mixed Ivs

    Altaria, Naughty, Natural Cure, Mixed Ivs

    Ralts, serious, synchronize, Mixed Ivs

    Open to any and all offers, Especially the mixed Iv non-nick nameable Pokes
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    Looking for any legit thundurus.

    I can add to any offer any starter or phione.
    i ruin the eco-system while trying to breed a shiny eevee.
    my fc is 4785-5456-4986
    in game name: mot-yagon

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    im looking for any thundurus, i have legendaries including cresselia and almost every starter, can also trade bagon with 5 ivs and dragon dance, pm me if you want to trade

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    Hate to add to the requests, but I'm looking for a Thundurus with Hidden Power Ice. Shoot me a PM if you can help out and I can offer you what I'm able to!

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    I am only looking for dex entries. Seeking the following legends for TRADE BACK:

    Ho-oh, latios, groudon, dialga, thundurus, zekrom, and landorus.

    I have every legendary/ event legendary not listed above except for those in gen V or deoxys - again this is only for trade back for dex entries. PM me, thanks!
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    I have a level 10 volt absorb thundurus I got myself off of pokemon radar. I want a male linoone with bestow or a pachirisu with bestow either gender.

    My ingame pokemon Y name is Child and I am no longer interested in trading safaris. On pokemon sun I am Cloud. Shiny value - 3223 Y - 2328 Sapphire - 0181 Ruby
    Shiny pokemon I've successfully chained to date: Platinum 92 Pokemon Y 3 Alpha Sapphire 7 Grand total 108 MM Pokemon 6 Soft reset shinies 19 Sos chain on Sun 5My 100th chained shiny is plusle with wish!

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    hey guys I need thundurus for my pokedex ill trade it back after thanks in advance pm me if can do it

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    I'm looking for Shiny Tornadus and Thundurus. Here's what I'm offering:

    Offering the following Pokemon. Pokemon marked as being obtained with RNG methods have 5-6 IVs at 31, or the Trick Room equivalent (for example, Brave nature would have IVs as 31/31/31/?/31/0)

    Shinies (XY) Dragalge, Audino, Abra, Ambipom, Fraxure, Mr. Mime, Whismur, Beartic, Cubchoo, Zubat, Vanillite, Hariyama, Mime Jr.

    Shinies (pre-XY, not obtained through RNG breeding): Raticate, Charizard, Rhyperior, Gengar, Golem, Stoutland, Roserade, Metagross, Volcarona (RNG), Durant, Swoobat, Blissey, Galvantula (RNG), Cobalion (RNG), Terrakion (RNG), Machamp, Gallade (RNG), Registeel (RNG), Haxorus (RNG), Zorua (RNG), Gyarados, Raichu (Event), Pikachu (event), Flareon (event), Clefable, Milotic (Event), Ditto (RNG), Ludicolo, Lunatone, Purrloin, Cacnea, Dratini, Tentacool, Heatmor, Azurill, Nidoran male, Solrock, Rhyhorn, Regigigas (RNG), Venusaur (RNG), Deino,

    Shinies (obtained through RNG breeding in 5th Gen: most have rare moves, some have Hidden Abilities, all have great stats. All are at Level 1 and are untrained): Skarmory, Aron, Kangaskhan, Taillow, Koffing, Deino, Volcarona, Druddigon, Zorua, Tepig, Rotom, Sigilyph Litwick, Solosis, Sewaddle, Axew, Larvesta, Dratini (Multiscale, Extreme Speed ), Venipede, Tympole, Roggenrola, Yanma, Karrablast, Snivy, Gible x3 (2 Jolly, 1 Adamant, all with Rough Skin), Archen (Head Smash), Beldum, Charmander x2 (Timid and Jolly), Eevee x9 (LOTS of natures, almost all with Hidden Ability), Staryu, Timburr (Mach Punch and Drain Punch), Elekid (elemental punches and Cross Chop), Spiritomb, Shellder, Darumaka, Larvitar x3 (2 Adamant, Guts and Sand Veil, 1 Jolly with Guts), Treecko, Klink, Vulpix, Shelmet, Riolu x4 (2 Jolly, 2 Timid, all with Egg Moves and Inner Focus), Gligar, Ferroseed, Scraggy (Drain Punch, Ice Punch), Cottonee, Joltik, Abra, Yamask, Absol (Megahorn), Drilbur, Ponytam, Shroomish x2 (Hidden Ability, 1 Jolly, 1 Timid; Timid was a math error), Rufflet, Tirtouga, Vulpix, Pawniard, Scyther, Elektrike (Hidden Power Ice), Porygon x2 (1 Modest with Download, 1 Timid with Trace), Nosepass, Petilil, Happiny (Counter), Misdreavus, Phanpy, Snover x2 (1 Quiet, 1 Brave), Lillipup, Munna, Lileep, Togepi, Heracross, Magnemite (Hidden Power Fire), Dwebble, Bronzor, Tangela, Duskull, Anorith, Skorupi, Cleffa, Ralts x3 (1 Timid with Telepathy and two Jolly males, one with Telepathy and one with Synchronize), Horsea, Wynaut, Totodile, Zangoose, Torchic, Pineco, Hippopotas x 2 (Sassy, 1 male, 1 female), Clamperl x2 (1 Careful, 1 Adamant), Marill (Aqua Jet, Huge Power), Shuppet, Psyduck, Remoraid x2 (Hidden Ability, Adamant and Modest), Vanillite, Tynamo, Lickitung, Machop, Growlithe, Cubone, Budew, Gastly, Deerling (Winter), Zubat, Foongus, Feebas, Tyrogue (Adamant, Guts, Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, and Hi Jump Kick), Sableye, Trapinch x2 (Hasty and Jolly), Bagon, Oshawott, Torchic, Budew, Mincinno, Durant, Solosis, Corphish, Mienfoo, Mawile, Starly (Reckless, Double Edge), Spearow, Sandshrew, Aerodactyl, Bulbasaur x3 (Impish and Adamant with Power Whip, Modest with Giga Drain), Turtwig, Chimchar, Squirtle, Piplup, Mareep, Phione, Cyndaquil (Hidden Power Ice), Munchlax Teddiursa, Sneasel, Slakoth, Meditite, Gible, Bouffalant, Pinsir, Slowpoke x2 (Relaxed and Quiet with Regenerator), Poliwag (Hidden Ability), Magby, Chikorita, Pichu x2 (Hidden Power Ice, 1 Hasty, 1 Timid), Purrloin, Mudkip (Avalanche), Tentacool, Swinub (Thick Fat) Golett, Throh, Abra, Houndour (Hidden Power Ice), Heracross, Staryu, Magikarp, Gothita, Duskull, Whismur, Shuckle.

    Untrained (unless otherwise stated) Event Pokemon: Keldeo (Timid, EV trained, Hidden Power Ice. RNG), Darkrai x3(Naive, Amia, trained; Bold, ALAMOS; Timid, trained, RNG), Manaphy x2 (From Ranger Eggs, 1 Modest, 1 Adamant), Jirachi (Draco Meteor), Celebi x4(1 10th Aniversary, 3 "Zoroark: Master of Illusions), Meloetta x2(RNG, Hasty with Hidden Power Ice, Jolly with Ice Punch), "Zoroark: Master of Illusions" shiny Raikou, Entei, and Suicune, Aura Sphere Riolu (Ranger), Jirachi (3rd Gen), Deoxys, (4th Gen Event), Mew (My Pokemon Ranch), Pichu (Shiny, 4th Gen, Charge, Volt Tackle, Endeavor, and Endure), Eevee (Shiny, US Video Game Championships 2010), Dialga x2 (Shiny, RNG, Sassy and Modest), Palkia x2 (Shiny, RNG, Timid and Modest), Giratina x4 (RNG, Shiny, Adamant, Jolly, Timid, and Modest), Arceus x2 (Dream World giveaway, Jolly and Timid)
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    My 3DS Friend Code is 3823-8529-0790

    Looking for LEGIT Shiny Pokemon from XY onward. I have a HUGE amount of Events and Shinies, including Legendaries, from every Generation. Most notably, if it was available in 5th Gen, I almost certainly have it RNGed and shiny with perfect/near perfect stats. Kyurem, for example, but not Tornadus or Thundurus (Roamers are REALLY hard). If you can hatch it from an egg in 5th Gen, I definitely have it shiny.


    Gotta Hatch 'em All!

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    Looking for any any legit Thundurus for collection, don't care about IVs or nature or EVs.

    Offering Win2011 Entei, Win2011 Celebi, Sum2013 Dialga, or Sum2013 Palkia. None cloned or anything, since I've never been bothered to go through the effort. Pm if interested.
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    Looking for jolly or naive Dream Radar Defiant 5-6IV Thunderus that's either still on gen5 or is on gen6 tutored Superpower, Thunder Punch and Knock Off

    I can offer kalos bred shinies, or some gen5 Japanese events if you have one please pm me so I can give further details on what I have for trade

    3DS XL FC for Pokemon Y 2595-0724-5772 IGN SmeargleRocks
    Shiny Number 1268

    Self caught shinies on Y 24
    Omega Ruby First Dexnav Shiny Sealeo Lv44 in Shoal Cave
    first successfull (and accidental) MM Shelmet timid 31/1/19/31/31/31 4:25 pm EST 4/14/14
    Shiny XD Gale of Darkness Zubat caught September 17th 2012 @ 4:24 pm EST cave PokeSpot

    ALL Gen6 6IV Event pokemon are hacked

    I play Destiny on PS4, hit me up if you want to do strikes or mayhem when its up

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    Another request/taking a chance in hell here:

    Looking for a competitive Thundurus. Timid or Modest with good IVs is ideal, but I'd consider it with mediocre IVs and the right nature.

    Offering Jolly Terrakion (completely legitimate; caught in my Black; no perfect IVs, unfortunately), Modest Mew (full disclosure, I believe it's a clone circa generation III, but not in any way manipulated), Bashful Reshiram if you want one, Pokebank Celebi, or one or several 5IV bred Pokemon. Let me know if you're interested.

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    need this and the other two, dont mind if its just for dex entry
    Shiny pokemon:

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    Sorry, ignore this.
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    I am looking for a perfect Thundurus (Legit with perfect Defense, Special Defense and Speed with its ability Prankster!)! I am offering the following:

    Shiny Palkia from the Summer 2013 promotion
    Shiny Dialga from the Summer 2013 promotion
    Shiny Giratina from the Summer 2013 promotion
    Shiny Krabby
    Shiny Gulpin
    Shiny Gothitelle
    Shiny Weavile
    Shiny Audino
    Shiny Gyarados
    Shiny Dragonite
    Shiny Haxorus
    Shiny Loudred

    PM me if you are interested! I am willing to trade two for Thundurus!
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    Pokemon White 2 FC: 1163-9089-5196 - Axel

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    Looking for competitive Thundure, got nicknameble shinies for trade, Darkrai, Diancie.
    FC: 3652 0778 7380

    I focus on nicknameble shinies, here´s the link for my Nicknameble shinies i have breed:

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    Have shiny flawless modest thundurus for trade. already ev trained 252 sp. att 252 speed. 4 HP. Listening to all offers but really looking for other 5/6 IV legends
    3ds Friend Code: 1478-4486-6781
    Friend Safari: Flying Type
    Doduo, Tranquill, Rufflet.
    Available to breed with 5 IV and proper nature/ability/egg moves: Honedge, Fletchling, Froakie, Klefki, Carbink
    FT: 6 IV Ditto (jolly), shiny: every other legend besides arceus
    LF: shinies, , 5IV legends,
    really want: 5/6 IV legends such as: 5 IV shinies would be nice too.

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    Looking for a modest thundurus, preferably with decent, or better, ivs
    Offering any bp item(s) as well as 5 iv pokes from my sig (willing to offer multiple things)
    IGN: Max FC: 2638-0708-0495
    5iv Pokes <--Link

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    Am looking for a shiny Thundurus. Have multiple shines and event Pokemon to trade with. Please PM me if you're willing to trade.
    Nintendo Network ID: Senzakou
    Pokemon Y ID: Kurotsuki
    Pokemon Moon ID: Kaijumon
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    My PokeRadar Pokemon:
    Credit for my banner goes to pikazapper
    None of the shines in my banner are for trade.

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    im looking for a 5/6 iv timid/naive tornados-tw/knock off, 4iv naive thundurus w/HPice, knock off, 5/6 iv timid/careful low level jirachi w/stealth rock, 5/6 iv careful registeel w/ stealth rocks, Seismic Toss

    for trade:
    6IV jolly Jirachi
    5IV timid Victini
    6IV timid Plasma Deoxys
    6IV bold cresselia
    6IV shiny calm uxie
    6IV shiny timid Azelf
    4IV timid moltres HP ground
    6IV modest Heatran
    4IV shiny timid heatran w/HP ice
    4IV shiny timid Landorus w/ hp ice
    5IV adamant landorus w/ Outrage
    4IV timid zapdos HP ice
    5IV timid Manaphy
    3IV bold pokebank celebi
    5IV modest Celebi
    3iv calm bankbank celebi
    5iv modest articuno w/ signal beam
    6iv impish groundon w/ stealth rocks, thunder/fire punch
    5IV shiny modest Mew
    6iv bold mew w/ steath rocks, softbolded
    6IV shiny bold mesprit
    6IV shiny timid shaymin
    5IV timid Kalos Mewtwo
    6iv jolly shiny mewtwo w/ ice/thunder punch, drain punch
    6IV bold giratina
    6IV timid palkia
    6IV modest Dialga
    3IV timid Latios HP fire
    6iv timid shiny latias
    6IV adamant japanese ditto
    6iv hasty Melloetta w/drain punch, ice punch
    5iv jolly terrakion
    6iv adamant shiny entei
    6iv rash raikou w/ aura sphere, weather ball
    2IV timid keldeo w/ HP ghost
    i might except ofter offers
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    Looking for a Thundurus. Don't care about levels. Trying to fill my Pokedex. Message me if you can help me out, will work with you on the trade!

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    Hi! I'm currently looking for a Thundurus to complete my Gen VI Pokedex. I can breed you almost any breedable Pokemon there is so just ask what you'd like in return! Please PM me with offers, thank you

    Almost any breedables
    1 Arceus (for Keldeo, Meloetta or Deoxys only)
    1 Shiny Hoothoot (for Keldeo, Meloetta or Deoxys only)
    1 Shiny Bibarel (for Keldeo, Meloetta or Deoxys only)
    1 Shiny Shieldon (for Keldeo, Meloetta or Deoxys only)

    Pokeball Vivillon


    1 Dusk Stone
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    trade completed
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    Looking for a thundurous to complete my pokedex, for immediate trade back.

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