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    I am looking for complete my collection of Vivillon.

    I'm looking for :
    Tundra (Male/Female)
    Garden (Male)
    Icy Snow (Male/Female)
    Archipelago (Male)
    Sandstorm (Male/Female)
    River (Female)
    Sun (Male/Female)
    Ocean (Male/Female)
    Jungle (Male)
    Fancy (Male)
    Poké Ball (Female)

    My native pattern is Polar.

    If you are interested, PM. Thanks for your help.
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    I am after someone that can breed tundra patterns. Pm me if you can do this!
    3DS FC: 1848 1787 3137

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    Looking for any member of this evolution family pm me if you can help me out. Can breed all pokemon from gens 1-5
    fc: 2406 - 5937 - 5876
    COOL POKEMON go to:
    tell them Volcarona12 refered you

    Im currently looking for..... all Kalos pokemon including legendaries.

    Im always looking for legendaries so if you have one that your never going to use pm me and well work something out

    Have EVERY POKEMON! if any one needs anything let me know and ill see what i can do

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