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Thread: #696/697 Tyrunt / Tyrantrum

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    Hi!!! Looking for a hidden ability female tyrunt if anyone has them. Offering charmanders or any of the kalos starters but will need time to breed. pm me if interested. can also catch wartortles
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    Seeking Hidden Ability Tyrunt

    Can Trade Froakie, Chespin, Dratini, Goomy w/ their Hidden Ability

    Willing to trade more than one for a specific nature/move on the Tyrunt
    !~ Pokemon X Team ~!
    5th Badge Obtained

    Can Breed w/ Hidden Ability: Froakie, Chespin, Dratini, Goomy, Fletching, Eevee, Charmander

    3DS Friend Code: 0404-6497-5807

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    I don't have much but I'm looking for a female Tyrunt of any level
    3DS FC: 3711-7165-2684
    Normal type safari:

    Message me if you want to battle

    Currently seeking: level 1 male Modest , level 1 male Moxie ability that knows Zen Headbutt & Ice Punch, any pokemon with good egg moves and stats, shinies, ev trained pokemon

    Offering: Pokerus, Froakie, Chespin, Fennekin, Tyrunt, Amaura, other pokemon, Blastoisinite, Gardevoirite, Venusaurite

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    Have some Tyrunts to give. Would like the other fossil pokemon or an Aron. I'll still give you one for whatever if you don't have those though.

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    Looking for Tyrunt with it's hidden ability! I have multiple 3-4 31IV Adamant Honedges to offer, as well as many other hidden ability pokemon! PM me with offers please!!!
    3DS FC: 3840-5915-6383
    Version: Pokémon X
    IGN: Shay
    Ground Safari:

    Can breed upon request 5 IV:
    PM me with offers- accepting other 5 IV Pokémon. Will also breed pairs when possible.

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    Looking for Jolly/Adamant Tyrunt with Elemental Fangs and 31 IVs.

    Can offer Japanese Ditto, 3 IV Dittos, etc.
    PM for offers.

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    Looking for Tyrantrum with Rock Head I don't mind breeding the nature myself. I don't have much to offer, but if your interested in anything or just wanna donate lol than message me. I can also give whatever pokemon you choose pokerus if that helps. I hope you see something you like.

    Binacle female

    Zorua male

    Amaura male


    Goomy female

    Swirlix male

    Hawlucha male

    Snorlax male

    Clawitzer female

    Klefki female & male

    Helioptile male

    Dedenne female

    Sableye male

    Skrelp female

    Lavitar male

    Fennekin male

    Braixen female

    Relicanth male

    Dratini male

    Aggron male

    Shellos male

    Mr. Mime female (weird name is Mr. Mime but female, serious gender identity issues lmao)

    Eevee male

    Rhydon female

    Archen male

    Heatmor female

    Scyther female

    Snubbull female

    Togepi male

    Chatot female

    Heracross male

    Smeargle female

    Gothorita female

    Gastly female

    Gengar male

    Kingler female

    Shelmet male

    Sigilyph female

    Froakie male & female

    Riolu female

    Trapinch female

    Lapras male

    Pinsir male

    Flabebe White and Blue

    Chespin male

    Torchic male Speed Boost*

    Squirtle male

    Charmander male

    Noibat female

    Pyroar male Moxie*

    Litleo male and female Moxie*

    Phantump male and female

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    Why is everyone asking for hidden ability Tryrunt when it's not available yet?

    FC: 1693-1789-9138
    Central Time

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    Hey all! Ive got a bunch of tyrunts i was going to wondertrade out into the wild but then i thought i would offer them here first! All are:
    level 1
    have ice fire poison and thunder fangs
    jolly nature
    at least 3 or 4 marked perfect ivs.

    All are named Jp though as i was using that name for my 5iv i was breeding for. There are 2 females in the bunch that i could only get 3 ivs on. Just pm me if anyone is interested. Will take anything in trade im not picky or greedy. Just looking to send em to good homes or help speed up anyone elses iv breeding process.
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    FC: 3351 4186 0172
    safari type is ICE Sneasel Snover Cloyster

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    I will trade a Tyrunt with pokerus for any pokemon holding a jaw fossil. pm me if your interested.
    Friend Code: 1779-0071-8197 Looking for Friend Codes for Friend Safari
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    Looking to borrow a male Tyrunt for breeding purposes. I can offer Pokerus. PM for details.


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    Kidnapped by ninjas, HELP M--


    I'm looking for a 4-5IV female Tyrunt, with any nature. I'm offering (all 4IV's):
    • Chespins: Impish, Bulletproof, Spikes AND Synthesis
    • Fletchlings: Adamant, Gale Wings
    • Pinsirs: Jolly, multiple abilities, Close Combat
    • Trapinches: Jolly, Arena Trap

    I'll give one pair for a 4IV, two pairs for a 5IV. As I said, must be female, any nature will do. I check both VM's and PM's, so either works to contact me.
    Proud co-proprietor of The Skyforge Trade Shop. Feel free to stop by!

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    I have several adamant Tyrunts with varying IV's. They are essentially free, but the 4 IV Tyrunts will require another 4 IV pokemon for trade. pm me if interested.
    My 3DS code is 5370 0586 3904,ingame name is Katie. if you wanna use it please send me yours so we can both get a safari, I'm bug (Paras, Volbeat, Vivillion)

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    Looking for a Jolly Tyrunt with flawless IVs and Fire Fang.

    I can offer some good pokemon with 5Ivs as well.

    My Friend Code is:0946 2647 9651
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    Looking for adamant Tyrunt with Dragon Dance and Ice Fang. PM me with what you want for it
    White FC: 4813 8463 6067
    White 2: 1808 3316 4392
    3DS: 0103 9908 2898

    Berry Master
    I have almost every berry for trade. Mutations included. If you need one pm me with an offer. I only trade berries for other items.

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    I'm looking for a female tyrunt. I am able to offer any Y-exclusive pokemon such as skrelp or spritzee(obviously female) or almost any pokemon (within reason). just PM me if you would like to trade. I sadly don't have any shines in X or Y yet...
    FC is 2122-6736-0132
    Friend Safari type: Psychic
    Friend Safari Pokemon:

    Black 2:
    White 2:

    Y team:
    Chesnaught, Yveltal, Blastoise, Zygarde, Lucario, Mewtwo

    X team:
    Greninja, Charizard, Xerneas, Doublade, Lucario, Raichu(due to change soon)

    Looking for(X and Y): All Vivillon patterns except Modern and Elegant,

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    I'm looking for a jolly Tyrunt. Gender/IVs/Egg moves are not important. PM me if you got one UFT and we can work out a price ^_^
    2 days until my 23rd birthday!

    Friend code: 1693-0678-2645
    Pokémon In My Safari: Breloom, Mankey and Pancham.

    Pokémon I'm Looking for:
    Normal - Eevee
    Bug - Heracross
    Dark - Crawdaunt
    Fairy - Togepi
    Fighting - Riolu
    Fire - Growlithe, Fletchinder, Ninetales
    Flying - Woobat, Rufflet
    Grass - Ivysaur, Maractus
    Ice - Piloswine, Beartic, Snorunt, Bergmite
    Psychic - Gothorita
    Steel - Mawile
    Water - Gyarados

    Will accept pretty much anyone except Electric, Poison, Normal (unless you have Eevee) and Rock. PM me with your FC if you wanna exchange em' ^_^

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    Looking for female Tyrunt. Hidden ability would be preferred, but not necessary. I have a male Charmander Lv 1, an Adamant natured Heracross Lv 20's, and a few others. PM me with any offers.

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    Looking for any Tyrunt. I can offer any fossil Pokemon, aside from Omanyte and Kabuto. Please send a PM if interested.
    Friend Code: 1375-7723-2646

    Currently playing: Pokemon X

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    Looking for a female tyrunt in a language other than English. I'd prefer it if it had 31 in at least 3 IV's.

    I can offer a shiny bashful Druddigon for it

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    I have a male flawless jolly Tyrunt with strong jaw available as well as 5IV 31/31/31/x/31/31 of the same kind described

    Im Currently seeking:
    5IV Speed Boost Venipede-Jolly-31/31/31/x/31/31
    5IV Magic Bounce Natu-Modest-31/x/31/31/31/31
    5IV Chansey-Calm-31/x/31/31/31/31 (4IV 31/x/x/31/31/31 works for Chansey too)
    Any 4 or 5 IV Ditto

    I'm also down for legendary pokemon, and am also looking for Charizardite X
    Xecks: Pokmon Y

    Friend Code:

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    I'm looking for a 31/31/31/x/31/31 Female Tyrunt with Poison Fang, I need it for breeding.
    I can offer a Shiny Noibat, a Zygarde, and a Shiny Relicanth. Thanks!
    [EDIT] - No longer need one c:
    Last edited by NightfuryManaphy9987; 7th December 2013 at 6:43 PM. Reason: No longer need a female 31/31/31/x/31/31 Tyrunt with Poison Fang.

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    I have 10 tyrunts for trade, 9 are male the last one is female, all are bred with dragon dance, 7 of them have a jolly the other 3 are adamant, their ivs vary from above avarage to outstanding, they are nicknamed what ivs are maxed but if you don't want it nicknamed or want a diffrent name I can change it for you, I'll accept anything with equal ivs and a decent nature, if your intrested pm or vm me, I'll get back as soon as possible.
    3DS FC- 5198 2949 0455

    Currently taking on the PokeGyms challenge,
    Leaders defeated:
    Sito - Dark gym
    Wego - Rock gym
    Mr.Y - Grass gym

    Official Pokegyms Psychic gym leader - FC 5198 2949 0455
    Current MM project: Scyther

    Credit to Venom1950 for the badge design

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    Hey! I'm looking for Tyrunt with 4 fang moves (fire, thunder, ice and poison) If any one has one and wants to trade I have archipelago, sandstorm vivillon that I can offer
    My Shiny Collection so far:

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    Want a jolly/adamant 5iv female Tyrunt with egg moves (MUST have poison fang). Will trade other 5iv pokemon in my sig to breed for it. PM me for offers.

    Update: Still looking for a female 5iv Tyrunt. Will gladly trade multiple 5iv pokemon for it in signature. PM me!!
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    3DS FC: 0018-1175-8454 - IGN: Chris
    Ice safari: spheal, sneasel, and lapras

    I've been playing pokemon since the days of Red and Blue. I guess that makes me "old." But I am by no means a "genwunner" in the way the term is used around here. Some of my fav pokemon are gen 4-6 ones.
    ^^My SHINY trade shop! - Over 500 Kalos Bred SHINIES!^^

    --CAN CLONE POKEMON IN X/Y! - I now offer clone services as long as I am cloning a pokemon I DON'T HAVE & IT IS ONE I WANT!! I will gladly clone up to 4-5 for you if you can meet these requirements, but please, CHECK MY LIST FIRST!

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