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    Looking for a sturdy carbink. I have a perfect, all 6iv litwick to offer. would prefer some ivs in defensive stats if possible

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    LF - Shiny Carbink, can offer ALOT for it
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    LF shiny carbink, I can offer many Shinies, and will part wit mostly any of them for it, please PM me if you have one, I really need one!
    (all Shinies)
    Eevee - 4IV
    Gastly - 2IV
    Solosis - 3IV
    Torchic - 1IV
    Ralts - 1IV
    Piplup - 1IV
    Elekid - 6IV
    Seedot - 6IV
    Turtwig - 1IV
    Shinx - 1IV
    Burmy - 1IV
    Lotad - 6IV
    Hoppip - 1IV
    Togepi - 1IV
    Silcoon - 1IV
    Feebas - 1IV
    Bidoof - 1IV
    Magby - 1IV
    Porygon 2 - 1IV
    Blissey - 1IV
    Eevee - 1IV
    Castform - 1IV
    Trapinch - 1IV
    Kabuto - 1IV
    Snorunt - 1IV (F)
    Shedninja - 1IV
    Umbreon - 1IV
    Chinchou - 1IV
    Wingull - 1IV
    Zangoose - 1IV
    Tentacool - 1IV
    Crobat - 2IV
    Spinda - 2IV
    Entei - 6IV
    Quilladin - 3IV
    Braixen - 2IV
    Teddiursa - 2IV
    Pichu - 1IV
    Pichu - 1IV
    Magmar - 2IV
    Sandile - 3IV
    Ditto - 2IV
    Litwik - 1IV
    Dunsparce - 3IV
    Vileplume - 2IV
    Simipour - 2IV
    Mantine - 1IV
    Vanillish - 1IV
    Sylveon - 1IV
    Mawile - 2IV
    Charizard - 1IV
    Poliwrath - 1IV
    Eevee - 1IV
    Aegislash - 1IV
    Darkrai - 6IV
    Giratina - 1IV
    Togekiss - 1IV
    Hydreigon - 1IV
    Tornadus - 2IV
    Virizion - 1IV
    Ditto - 6IV
    Crobat -6IV
    Gliscor - 2IV
    Grumpig - 1IV
    Garchomp - 1IV
    Yanmega - 1IV
    Jolteon - 1IV
    Minun - 1IV
    Kyogre - 2IV
    Deoxys - 1IV
    Giratina - 1IV
    Giratina - 1IV
    Giratina - 2IV
    Dialga - 1IV
    Palkia - 1IV
    Rayquaza - 1IV

    I also have a lot of other Shinies, but I won't bother to get their Ivs, so if you're looking for something in particular, just ask, chances are I'll have it.
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    Have a shiny 3 IV french carbink pm me if interested please
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    Hi everyone! I'm hunting down a Carbink with the Sturdy ability, and after a few days I've had no luck. I just need a Carbink with Sturdy, IVs or level is not important. I have various Pokemon for trade, even some bred with a good IV spread. Please PM me if you can get me a Carbink, and I'll try my best to get you something you need in return.

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    Hello people i really need a carbink with sturdy. I have many things to offer including shinies. PM if you are interested.

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    Hello people i really need a carbink with sturdy. I have many things to offer including shinies. PM if you are interested.

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    Im looking the fallowing HA pokemon
    Chatot Big Pecks
    Hippopotas Sand Force
    Finneon Water Veil
    Cottonee Chlorophyll
    Karrablast No Guard
    Frillish Damp
    Shelmet Overcoat
    Bouffalant Soundproof
    Miltank Sap Sipper
    Plusle Lightningrod
    Heatmor White Smoke
    Spritzee Aroma Veil
    Carbink Sturdy
    I can breed all other HA pokemon, I can also breed for IVs. I am offering BP items
    I will give a Jirachi to anyone how can get me 6 of theses HA Pokémon.
    Looking for 2 SHINY SQUIRTLE and 1 SHINY BULBASAUR. I don't care about its stats or where it was born.
    I can breed any pokemon with 5ivs, Nature, ability (Available Hidden or not), and egg moves.

    I don't work with 5th gen games.

    Pm with offers

    My safari: Shuppet; Pumpkaboo & spiritomb
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    Have Shiny Carbink. All offers considered but really want an Eevee with Curse Egg Move.

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    I have two 4Iv Zygardes for trade(one is UT, the other is not). I am looking for a Shiny Carbink
    . Nature, Ivs, Evs do not matter.

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    Looking for a shiny Carbink, I have an Arceus, Meloetta, Manaphy, Dialga and Zekrom for trade.

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    Default Able to breed HA Carbink

    I can breed Carbinks with Sturdy. Looking for an HA Solosis/Duosion/Reuniclus in exchange if possible, but also flexible with offers.
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    EDIT: I got one, and so I am no longer looking for one. Thanks!
    I am looking for a Carbink with its Hidden Ability of Sturdy. I don't care about its stats or Nature. Here's what I am offering in exchange (PM me if interested):

    5 IV XY hatched Pokemon (all are lvl 1 and untrained):
    -Chespin, Bulletproof, Impish and Adamant, Spikes, Curse, Synthesis
    -Pinsir, Mold Breaker and Hyper Cutter, Jolly, Quick Attack
    -Chansey, Serene Grace, Modest, Seismic Toss Helping Hand, Heal Bell, Counter
    -Honedge, Brave
    -Binacle, Tough Claws, Adamant
    -Teddiursa, Pickup, Jolly, Play Rough, Crunch, Close Combat, Cross Chop
    -Rotom, Modest
    -Kangaskhan, Scrappy, Jolly
    -Foongus, Regenerator, Bold
    -Aerodactyl, Pressure and Unnerve, Jolly
    -Scyther, Technician, Jolly
    -Mareep, Static, Quiet
    -Snover, Brave, Snow Warning, Seed Bomb, Leech Seed, Avalanche
    -Inkay, Contrary, Careful
    -Gible, Sand Veil, Jolly, Iron Head, Outrage
    -Spritzee, Aroma Veil, Sassy, one with Wish, one without
    -Aromatisse, Aroma Veil, Sassy (accident; forgot to breed Wish onto it, but evolved before realizing)
    -Porygon, Analytic, Quiet
    -Fletchling, Gale Wings, Adamant, Snatch, Quick Guard, Tailwind
    -Aron, Rock Head, Adamant, Superpower, Stealth Rock, Curse, Head Smash
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