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    Default Pokémon X/Y Discovery Thread

    Posting this now in order for me not to be rushed when the coverage does begin in the next two days.

    This thread will be where myself or other members of the staff will post our discoveries within the game. We have a good team once more so should be able to ace everything again

    I'll keep you posted on all the discoveries we make, minor and major and I'll be constantly updating this thread and the site, with major stuff on our social media sites. However, like the past discovery threads, this thread is just for us posting so please use the following discussion thread;

    I hope you enjoy our complete coverage. With DP, Plat, HGSS, BW & B2W2, we were the fastest and most thorough on the entire Internet and I am not about to let that change at all, despite the leaks

    Discovery Helpers:
    mcdanger -- POKEMON Y
    Psychic Politoad -- POKEMON X
    Valoo. -- POKEMON Y
    Miror -- POKEMON X
    Nutter t.KK -- POKEMON Y
    Hydrohs -- POKEMON X
    Wulava -- POKEMON Y
    Ragnarok -- POKEMON X
    Shine -- POKEMON X
    R_N -- POKEMON X
    Archangel -- POKEMON X
    bobandbill -- POKEMON Y
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