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Thread: Discussion of X & Y Discovery Thread

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    Not sure if anyone has said this on here yet since, I haven't been on here in years and, the Current and Upcoming Events page still hasn't changed but, the Fancy Pattern Vivillon can also be female.
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    in the pokemon Super Speed Double Battle can i take for example kangashkan and mega evolve her

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    I got a problem. You see, I was trying to breed an Absol with the egg moves, Play Rough,Baton Pass,and Megahorn. Today I went to the Day-Care, and I left a male Mawile (with the moves,Sucker Punch,and Play Rough that just remembered as I gave the lady a Heart Scale for Mawile to learn it earlier before leveling up to learn that move) with a female Absol. But for some some, the offspring didn't learn the move "Play Rough" as it just inherit Sucker Punch,Baton Pass,Me First,and Feint Attack. I've tried to breed a female Absol with a male Dendenne who just learned the move, Play Rough. After I tried that, it didn't inherit Play Rough at all. Is there's something wrong with it?
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    This was a discovery so...
    I noticed that if a Pokemon uses Rapid spin on a Pokemon with rocky helmet and faints, hazards will not be removed from that players side of the field.
    I thought that could at least be added to Rapid Spin's description on Serebii.
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    Excadrill can also cripple steels with iron head

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