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Not gonna lie, this annoys me a bit, mostly because if anyone dares say they like they Chespin or Fennekin line more than Greninja, it's fanboys/girls will attack them with comments like this, because according to them, disliking Greninja is not allowed. It's a sad reality really. I wish people were more understanding of other people's opinions.
I can't say I completely disagree when it comes to some fans like that, but I do think you're taking his (hers?) comment a bit too personally here. I don't think his intent was to belittle Zeb, he was just saying that he felt differently on the matter. It wasn't an attack, just something differing to what was said previously.

Anyway, enough about fanbases, personally I like all three starters. The forms carry the thematic that was intended well, the Pokémon are pretty unique in design and quite appealing to me.