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In terms of both New general Pokemon and New legendaries X and Y are a HUGE dissappointment. I cant help but feel they really phoned it through on this one. I was worried this might happen due to them making all the character models 3ds that they would get lazy with the new pokemon. I mean a keychain as a pokemon, and most of the pokemon look utter crap like carbink and bergemite, theres like 6-7 of them that all look very similar, very small design, no real detail, what happened to the huge lavishly designed pokemon? As a huge fan and an utter obssessive when its come to X and Y I feel really meh with the new Kalos pokedex. This gens pokemon are deffinitely the worst of all the gens! Also I feel meh about the Torchic event pokemon, wat happened to getting an exciting new even pokemon ala victini and Genosect in gen 5!
If you give me individual, good reasons for why each pokemon in this Generation sucks, and not using blanket design flaws, if each one makes sense I will officially say this Gen is worse than 1. I will snap my copy of Y in half when I get it because it will suck so much because GF couldn't make enough pokemon for you when they had to redo everything in 2 years.