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I was a little disappointing in the lack of story between all the legends in X and Y, well maybe not disappointed but confused. Only Yvetal/Xerneas had any story. We have little to go on for Zygarde and hardly know any reason why the kanto legendaries are there.
We can only hope for an additional modicum of backstory in a third or sequel game.

Heck maybe even mew will have an in-game event (there hasn't been a Mew event for years, my Mew is the last one there was) and then there'd be all the Kanto legends, maybe mew's in-game event would explain why Mewtwo was there? Or was Mewtwo placed there just because of the most recent Pokemon movie? I doubt that though...
There will always be repeating legendary events with exceptional moves and specified-or-varying natures (i.e. Adamant Celebii from PokeBank).