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Thread: Finally made it to Kalos!

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    Default Finally made it to Kalos!

    I have played every main installment of Pokemon Up to Black and White 2 the last time I posted here. But thanks to my current income and lifestyle I can once again afford to Buy new games. As such I return to Seribii forums now with a new 3DS and Pokemon X! I have already completed the main story and beat the elite 4 and champion once. I have many plans I want to go through with in this game. and It will be my main. But I plan on getting OR as well. not sure if I'll turn that into my main or not but I digress. I have been EV training and IV breeding several Pokemon for different teams I wanna build. but I always have the same problem. coming up with a truly viable competitive team with my favorite Pokemon. not just from Pokemon that are statistically superior. As suck I and often beat out by hackers and people who battle competitively. and I also want to battle competitively.

    I also am looking for ways to speed along these processes. so I need to get my hands on some friend codes. since FS pokemon usually have anywhere between 2 to 3 perfect IV's and each safari has only 2-3 pokemon that appear in it they make for good places to train. so I'm gonna post My friend code here and hope to share it with a few peeps here so I have new people to battle/trade with

    1521-6345-7922 / Pokemon X / Player name:Kumakai
    Friend codes
    (Main) White 2 : 3311-4929-2615
    (Egglocke run) Black :
    (Alternate) Black 2 : 4686-1328-2817
    Looking for eggs of anything except Unova Pokemon or starters
    have pokerus and all starter except Kalos region for trade.
    All trades to be carried out on my white 2 record

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    This doesn't belong here. Please use the Competitive battle section for battle requests and the Trade Center for trade requests, specifically the Friend Safari thread.


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