The size of the gym leader's teams and the elite 4s are quite sad :I I dont' quite understand the point in the player being able to carry six pokemon, when these so called 'elites' and 'leaders' challenge you with four- I say challenge, I mean, let you walk over them :L I want six-on-six carnage :O If every important battle in the game were as challenging as Cynthia's platinum team [for that stage in the game, on par with that is], I wouldn't feel as, like, almost cheated as a player :S to wait for Z version to give players the option of anything resembling 'hard'- it's always the third version that ends up with satisfying full-team-rebattles that make me fulfilled and challenged as a gamer- else, if it weren't for my love of pokemon :S It would quite frankly be boring as.

I'd rather skip the crappy gym apprentice people as meagre appetisers and get a full on main-course instead e.g Valerie with her Mr.Mime, Sylveon and Mawile- how about a Togekiss, Clefable and Whimsicott? That would be a hard fought battle, and not a walk over with a Poison and Fire type :L I mean, I don't even get why some of their pokemon don't have 4 moves? How did they become professional trainer's let alone in charge of... anything :P