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Thread: What nickname did you pick for the player character?

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    Question What nickname did you pick for the player character?

    Just curious, since I've always found it tricky to decide on one.

    For my part, I usually make up a nickname by shortening the name I originally picked. So, for instance, I picked the nickname Cat for Katrina on my first playthrough; Alex for Alexandra on my second; and Ven for Raven on my fourth. On my third playthrough, I had named myself Ilmarinen, and couldn't think of a good nickname, so I decided to just have Ilmarinen as the nickname. On my current playthrough I named myself Fox, which obviously is hard to shorten, so I picked the nickname Fox-chan.
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    On Y, I went with My Lord to make my character look super important (and because I couldn't come up with anything else).
    On my current save file on X, I picked HotStuff as a joke (and because I couldn't come up with anything else).

    Next time I replay X, I think I'll just go with my real life nickname or a variation of it.
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    On X, where I play as the Male character, I gave him the nickname Master because I couldn't think of anything better. I enjoyed seeing my rivals calling me Master all the time when I met them in the game, so it turned out great.

    On Y, where I play as the Female character, I gave her the nickname Princess. This was because I think its a fun nickname for a Female character, and it goes well with the actual name I gave her, creating two references to other things.

    I also use these same two nicknames for my characters in Join Avenue on B2/W2 so I guess they weren't the most unique, but I'm still satisfied with how they turned out.
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