I did a few daily events on Y today. In Lumiose City, the first thing I did was go to the lotto place, where I won a PP Max.

Next, I walked over to the research lab. I read about how you can get items for finding a specific Pokemon with the Poke Radar, and figured I should try that since I haven't used the Poke Radar that much in XY (honestly, I forgot it was even in the game).

Anyway, I talked to one of the scientists and found out that the target for today was Amoonguss. I then headed to the Route 20/Pokemon Village area and used the radar. It took me several tries to find an Amoonguss, but I eventually encountered one and defeated it with my Sylveon. I was only able to find just that one Amoonguss before the chain broke.
Back at the lab in Lumiose, I received an Ultra Ball.

Finally, I went to Route 18 in order to do the Inverse Battle. I used my Sylveon, Scolipede, and Clawitzer in the battle and received some Shuca Berries afterwards.