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Thread: X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

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    And thus, at nine hours (I'm slow compared to some of y'all), I got my second badge. Grant wasn't too bad, actually, I didn't really have any trouble with him. Pikachu fainted, but that was about it. He comes off to me as a douche, though, from the way he said, "Oh, you missed the bicycle race, and I took first place." So yeah, it was rather nice to kick his butt without trouble. (His gym was awesome, I've always loved indoor rock climbing, it brought back memories.) So I'm saved at Route 10, ready to continue tomorrow. The Dousing Machine, while it looks like the old Itemfinder, looks sooooo much better than I've ever seen it before, especially in how it works. The anime really didn't do it justice (even though I think it was a fake that James had bought).

    About time we got to see Team Flare. Interesting place to find them in. Doesn't sound like a callback to a previous generation whatsoever. *cough*

    I also changed wardrobe. Instead of the default dress, it's now the yellow tee with jeans, and a yellow fedora. The flower accessory is still there. So I pretty much have the avatar in a summer theme of sorts when it comes to color. I dunno, it just looks like something I would wear on a daily basis. It may change again in the future, depends on what I find. (Blonde hair totally goes well with yellow. /notsureifserious)

    Current team:

    Braixen - lvl. 26

    Ivysaur - lvl. 26

    Vivillon - lvl. 25

    Pikachu - lvl. 25

    Azumarill - lvl. 27

    Pidgeotto - lvl. 26

    Badges: 2
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    I only had time to play for 30 mins but so far i'm loving the game. Really excited to see Zekrom in 3D whenever that will be, December I guess? I played with amie for a bit seemed interesting...
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    General tip: Avoid the Fisherman on Route 12. He has 6 Magikarp.

    At that point in Shalour City, I realized I didn't have any Water-type. I had to put my Vivillon away and I decided between Gardevoir and Lucario. I ultimately chose Gardevoir.

    Current team:

    Barranus, Delphox (38)
    Excaliboo, Doublade (37)
    La Rousse, Lapras (31)
    Hawlucha, Hawlucha (26)
    Isolde, Floette (36)
    Lisbeth, Gardevoir (35)
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    OR Team: Sceptile, Sableye, Aggron, Milotic, Altaria, Manectric
    AS Team (new copy, ugh): Undecided
    As of December 13, I lost my copy of Alpha Sapphire, and over half of my competitive Pokemon and shinies + event legendaries with it. The worst f*** up in my entire life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oarfish View Post
    Been playing all day. Just got online mainly because my Sliggoo evolved unexpectedly.

    I am currently searching for the last gym leader. Here is my team:

    Delphox: lvl 64
    grasss knot

    Gogoat: lvl 55
    leaf blade

    Malamar: lvl 57
    psycho cut
    night slash

    Doublade: lvl 54
    shadow claw
    iron head
    night slash
    sacred sword

    Barbaracle: lvl 52
    razor shell
    rock smash
    night slash
    ancient power

    Goodra (just evolved): lvl 50
    rain dance
    aqua tail
    dragon pulse

    So, yeah.....I am off to find Wulfric now.
    I have a question to you. There was a speculation if Sligggo evolves into Goodra while leveling up during rainy weather. Did your Sliggo evolve while your Rain Dance move in effect or were you in a rainy region? Or was it totally unexpected?
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    Quote Originally Posted by WhiteBlair View Post
    I have a question to you. There was a speculation if Sligggo evolves into Goodra while leveling up during rainy weather. Did your Sliggo evolve while your Rain Dance move in effect or were you in a rainy region? Or was it totally unexpected?
    It was raining when my Sliggoo evolved. I came across a sign earlier that said certain pokemon evolve only in the rain, and I thought that it meant Sliggoo. (I have not been around here the past day or two, so I do not know if/when the "level 70" thing was debunked :P).
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    Hello! Is it possible to have a battle with someone without relying on the Passersby list?

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    On the hunt for a Male Litleo.... zzz

    Edit: OMG Done already.... LOL I was worried he would be hard to find due to ratios, but after I posted this I found one... ^_^
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    Shiny Impish Furfrou with 31/31/31/X/31/31 (M) and 6IV's (F)
    Shiny Timid Volt Absorb Jolteon with 31/X/30/31/31/31 (HP Ice)
    Shiny Bold Cute Charm Sylveon with 31/22/31/31/31/31
    Shiny Jolly Tyrunt with 31/31/31/31/23/31
    Shiny Timid Infiltrator Noibat with 31/14/23/31/31/31

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    On Route 7, a Snorlax was sleeping on the bridge, preventing me from going on. So, I had to head to the Parfum Palace in order to find a Pokeflute. The palace was very nice and I spent some time exploring it. I then went out into the garden, where Shauna and I had to chase Furfrou around until we caught it. After catching it, we got to see some fireworks and I got the Pokeflute.

    I was then able to battle the Snorlax. I had a difficult time catching it and ended up using more than ten balls. I then continued along the river until I entered Connecting Cave. I eventually ended up on Route 8. I made it to Ambrette Town, which I'm exploring now.
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    Just got my second badge, took me longer than expected (9 hours in??). I thought for a moment that I might've skipped a gym or something, but apparently I'm just slooow. Now I'm gonna level up my two lowbies (Honedge and Helioptile) to level 30. Fun times!

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    After many hours, X finally finished downloading. I'm currently Soft Reseting for a female Fennekin. I finally got it. After catching a few Pokemon and skipping some annoying tutorials, I beat the first Viola, and now I'm in Sycamore's lab where I'll call it a day.

    Viola is easy when Fennekin is your starter. Although, at least she was smart enough to pack a Surskit. xD

    Character name: André


    Daphne the Fenekin ♀
    Sparky the Pikachu ♂
    Sophie the Azuril ♀
    Fluer the Flabebe ♀
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    Holy poop, I just found a shiny Pancham.
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    I'm trying to find more pokemon to add to my team as I only have one badge yet my team is slowly reaching level thirty so I decide between either Bagon or Helioptile and I end up running into a bunch of horde battles but in between one of them is a Seviper and Zangoose gang. I manage to find the little devil hiding among her friends. I gotta say it made my night seeing as its 2:46am EST now.

    Still looking for the Helioptile sadly oh and her nature is Lonely x3
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    Fiera the Fletchinder lv 27
    Combusken lv 31

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    The levels of my in-game (not final team) so far

    Menhir (Rhyhorn, male) lv. 23
    Pyrena (Litleo, female) lv. 24
    Vigilante (Lucario, male) lv. 26
    Lotus (Ivysaur, male) lv. 26
    Caramel (Jolteon, female) lv. 25
    Therolyn (Braixen, male) lv. 25

    Previous members:
    Shaggy (Furfrou, male)
    Rascal (Zigzagoon, male)
    Badges: 2

    Well, first I can now say I'm happy with my starter choice. While its not really its final evolution, I really adore its previous stages. I really like Braixen's attack animation.

    This morning I found something of real interest, I encountered a pokemon horde with 4 Zangoose and a single Seviper in it, and I was like "That's just wrong..." Cue first turn in battle where the four wild Zangoose attacked the single Seviper in the horde! Was quite possibly the most awesome pokemon horde I've seen.

    In another horde battle facing 5 Nosepass I somehow found a Power Herb at the end of the battle after completely shredding the Nosepass with Lotus' Razor Leaf.
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    finally made it to the pokemon league, victory road was quite short. I was hoping to change my team once I beat the E4 but I may need to do it before as of right now:

    Blaziken lv. 73
    Roselia lv. 66
    Delphox lv. 61
    Gengar lv. 58
    Lapras lv. 56
    Xerneas lv. 51

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    OMG I just saw the creepiest thing that I have ever seen in any pokemon game. In Lumiose City there is a building just down from the Route 14 entrance. When I went to the 2nd floor of this building a creepy ghost-like floating girl showed up behind me when I got out of the elevator. She then said "No, you're not the one..." and then floated away. It was so creepy. I think the main reason was because of the detail in the design. Her face looked creepy when she floated away. It was so, so creepy. I recommend going to this building to see it for yourself.

    Also, my in-game team looks like this:

    Blaziken LV40
    Greninja LV39
    Venusaur LV37
    Alakazam LV39
    Staraptor LV39
    Tyrunt LV 37

    Almost got my Tyrantrum. I'm on my way to the 5th gym now.
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    Just evolved my Eevee in Sylveon
    Eevee doesn't need full Amie to evolve in Sylveon btw ( I don't know if people already knew that), I just evolved my Eevee in Sylveon with just a Fairy move (Charm) and two affection. two fullness and two enjoyment, I didn't know where to post it

    I got my Evee from a wonder trade, it had a nickname, but since it evolved, it lost it's nickname and is just called Sylveon
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    HAHAHA. I just sent over a Lv. 1 Pichu I bred on Wonder Trade, and got a Level 27 Japanese Snorlax in return. Do feel bad, and although I already have a Level 26 Snorlax myself, this did give me a good laugh.
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    I eventually got my second gym badge from Grant. Also picked up a sail fossil and revived it. Amaura is now on my team.

    Greninja 27
    Flamebird (Fletchinder) 28
    Benedict (Diggersby) 26
    Excalibur (Honedge) 25
    Amaura 24

    And now I'm on the way to the third gym badge's city. I've been sitting around doing wonder trades for around half an hour though, and I've gotten a vivillon form I haven't seen yet out of it: the Elegant Pattern. Its mainly purple, and its really cool, and Japanese.
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    Currently at route 9. Stepping on pokemon. Love the novelty. Apparently it rains there too!
    The rain stopped when i left the route. Must be random
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    Since beating the first gym I've been taking it nice and slow. I've caught a lot more Pokemon, and I'm gradually leveling various Pokemon up.

    My current team I'm working on (mostly for the next gym, which is why I'm so heavy on psychic/fairy) consists of:
    - Frogadier, level 22
    - Charmeleon, level 21
    - Floette, level 16 (I have a level 23 yellow Floette, but then I finally found a blue one so I'm going to use that one now)
    - Kirlia (female), level 22
    - Vivillon (Modern appearance), level 23 (thinking about using a level 19 Polar appearance one I got from the GTS, though).
    - Espurr, level 20

    I've caught a bunch of Pokemon while leveling: Croagunk, Ducklett, Honedge, Kecleon, Illumise, Volbeat, Oddish, Hoppip, Sentret, Doduo, Plusle, Dunsparce, and others. I missed out on a Smeargle because he ran out of moves and killed himself with Struggle. I've also managed to get orange, pink, yellow, and blue colors of the Flabébé Pokemon. Looks like I'm still missing white.

    I went back to Santalune Forest where I caught 3 more Scatterbugs (1 male and 2 females). I leveled them up to 12 and evolved them all into Vivillon. My Vivillon have the Modern appearance. I took one female and the male and stuck them in the daycare. I put the other female up on the GTS for trade. Within maybe half an hour someone had traded me a Polar appearance Vivillon. I took the first egg my daycare Pokemon laid, hatched it, and leveled that one up to level 12 as well. I then traded that on the GTS for a Vivillon with the Elegant pattern. In the time it took me to do that, my daycare Pokemon had laid 3 more eggs. I'm working on hatching those now. I decided to take the female Modern Vivillon in the daycare out and replace her with the female Elegant one I got on the GTS just to see if the eggs she lays will be Modern or Elegant. I'm really enjoying just taking my time to smell the roses and work on other things.

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    Just finished playing for the night. Thus far, I started my game, got myself a Modest Fennekin, fully EV-trained it and have caught a couple of Pokémon for Pokédex purposes.

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    A pokemon literally leaped out of the tall grass and attacked me while strolling at the left side of the middle section (with the two tourists) on Palais Lane, whoa.

    Oh, and earlier I faced my first Horde battle against five Scraggys and was able to 1HKO them all with one critical hit Struggle Bug. Didn't get to catch any of them. :c
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    Used Wonder trade, didn't get anything that I didn't already have.
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    I may want to try having more battles in the future, if anyone adds me just let me know so I can add you.

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    I got my Tyrunt to level 40 and it didn't evolve, then I find out it evolves at level 39 in daytime only, guess that means I can't play much more right now, Tyrunt is the only team member left not fully evolved.
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    my ziggzagoon got xp for a fight he didn't participate in when its pickup ablity trigger or that or fairy pokemon share the love i don't know but he gain a level i haven't used him in a single fight
    edit: nvm i am stupid they made xp share like first gen

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