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Thread: X & Y Recent Happenings Thread

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    where is the name rater?

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    Fallout 4


    Played for bout 2 hours, catching pokemon and traveling. This is my team so far.
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    Working on catching a Pikachu. Have been for a few hours. I shall not leave the forest till a Pikachu is mine!

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    A secret base in route 120.


    Pokémon X: Managed to win my first gym badge, even if I had to use up nearly all of my healing items to ensure that Nova (my Fennekin) would win. One of the free X-Defends I got from one of the NPCs also helped. I also bought another hat and a yellow flower accessory for it for my player character, since they were the only things I felt I could really afford at this point in the game. Also got the EXP Share.
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    I downloaded my game last night but I didn't get to really do much until today due to some stuff that started happening shortly after I got the game. I started up and got blindsided by the events and the fact that once you start, you can't stop, so I had to restart the game from the beginning. Mostly because I wanted a female Froakie. I'm going to reset for females of all of the event Pokemon just for the ease of breeding. I'm kind of saddened that going into getting my Charmander isn't much better, but at least I'm not trying to reset for nature/IVs like some people. That would be a nightmare! I can just check gender at the nickname page. Froakie only took about 8 SRs to get a female. I'm not sure yet if the 3 Pokemon Sycamore choose are scripted or the ones that you get (IE if you see a female or shiny, that Pokemon will be shiny). They're probably scripted, so I guess I'll see soon enough. It also doesn't help that this battle evolves my Froakie so that's another cut scene to sit through.

    Other than that, I've been roaming around and catching everything I see! I'm loving the animations and the feel of the game. The camera is not terribly awkward, but the roller skates are. Then again, I've never been good at the mach bike, so, that's probably just me.

    Active team so far: Froakie, Pidgey, Pikachu, Riolu.

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    Got my 1st badge and now have gotten my Charmander.

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    All right, so it looks like I'll be keeping track of my adventures here, then. Might as well.

    So almost a few minutes after paying for the game, I opened it and started. I have to say that first impressions were strong in this one. The starting narration was great, I love it. Afterwards, I chose to wander around my room a little bit before leaving, and I just started wandering around, talking to NPCs and the like. I like to explore a bit, so that's what I did, and also so I can get used to the 3D and controls (I CAN SIT ON FURNITURE). I'm a bit biased about my starter's gender, so I saved before meeting up with the guys at the table in Aquacorde Town. I chose my nickname to be "KP", and I only did a reset once before I got a female Fennekin, whom I named "Jewel" because I dunno. I'm happy that the new starter Pokémon get to learn their type moves from the start, that makes training so much easier.

    So after roaming around a bit, I caught a Pidgey (Maddy--my mom actually looked over my shoulder and said "Is that a Pidgey? I'm ashamed to know that" xD), Bunnelby (Honey), Scatterbug (Vivion), and Caterpie (Molly) on Route 2. I reached Santalune Forest and stayed out of the grass for a little bit. When I did to get an item, I ran into a female Pikachu and caught it (Lila). The cries they used for Pikachu is a bit weird, in my opinion, but whatever. But when I ran into Pikachu, my first thought was "I'm sooooo lucky!" But it didn't take long after a few more encounters with wild Pikachu that I realized that Pikachu are... common in that forest -_-. Doesn't help Shauna and a couple of other NPCs gush over getting a Pikachu, or saying "Can't believe you have a Pikachu!" or something like that. Also, I understand that she's a new trainer, but is Shauna really dimwitted or what? You would think these characters would have gone to school or learned about it as kids...

    So anyway, I'm currently on Route 3, and I'm probably going to train a little bit. I found and caught a Pansage (Frank) in the forest when I was showing one of my brothers what it looks like, but that's in the PC now. I wonder if I'll reach a Pokémon Center in the next city... I'm trying to avoid any and all spoilers while playing through, so I'm most likely not going to look through this thread a lot except to just post my results. So yeah, gonna pop in and out at random.

    Current team:

    Fennekin - lvl. 8
    Caterpie - lvl. 6
    Pidgey - lvl. 7
    Pikachu - lvl. 6
    Scatterbug - lvl. 3
    Bunnelby - lvl. 7
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    Pokémon Y - After restarting the game twice to get all 6 the starters, I have just received my third Kalos-starter, namely Froakie. It is currently level 7, max EV'd in special attack and currently super training for speed EVs. Afterwards, I'll tackle some wild grass to actually meet some Pokémon :P

    Team right now:
    Froakie lv7
    Fennekin lv21
    Chespin lv14
    Bulbasaur lv12
    Charmander lv10

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    The Wondertrade is pretty cool. I got Scatterbug or Caterpie after I tried it out

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    Starting back up again with a new post.

    - Oh great, the obligatory capturing tutorial. Actually it didn't last that long thank god.
    - 10 extra pokeballs for me. Good!
    - Finished my first trainer battle and made it to the forest. Wow, people weren't kidding when they said this place was almost exactly like Viridian Forest.
    - I found a Pikachu, awwe they did the "pika pi" thing. I wanted to catch it but it was female...I need a male. Oh well, i'm a patient person.
    - There we go, didn't take long for me to find a male one!
    - ALRIGHT, first catch of the game! Pikachu get! Named him Tobias, as usual.
    - He's got a brave nature, he's also somewhat stubborn. Funny because that fits my Riachu character i'm basing him off of to a T.
    - Alright so right after catching Tobias I run into 3 other Pikachu in a row all of them female...And I had him out front doing the ole bait and switch...what is my Pikachu like, the stud of the forest or something :/
    - Oh hey joey, wait where'd your ratata go?
    - Ok so I've run into 10 Pikachu so far, what's with this, where did all the other Pokemon go :/ does static attract other electric types now or something...Wren't Pikachu...I dunno...rare to show up at one point.....
    - Tobias just got to level 7 and learned the move Play Nice. Apparently it works like charm. That could be evil...
    - Well, just mad it to the next town. Time to look in every trash can!
    - Took a pop into the Trainer school and got some X attacks and X defends. Time to go sell these.
    - Another kid in one of the houses gave me a great ball, awesome! Thanks kid
    - Caught a Bunnelby for that in-game trade with the hiker.
    - Heh heh, Quacklin' cute. We all know who's becoming my cut and fly slave!

    I'm about to head off to the gym but i'm going to take a break. I gotta eat.

    Team so far:

    Din the Fennikin: level 10
    Tobial the Pikachu: Level 9

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Yusuf View Post
    I've just finished up all of the level 2 super training and i didn't get a sun stone, hmmmmmmm ah well
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    I've just arrived in Ambrette Town. My team:
    Lv. 21 Frogaider
    Lv. 22 Fletchinder
    Lv. 21 Ivysaur
    Pokemon Black 2 Team: Emboar, Ampharos, Leavanny, Mandibuzz, Gothitelle, Jellicent
    Pokemon Y Team: Greninja, Talonflame, Venusaur, Tyrantrum, Klefki, Avalugg
    Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Team: Grovyle, Ralts, Makuhita

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    Hey i just discovered that isn't necessary to have full affection in pokemon amie to evolve eevee into sylveon, just needs to learn charm at level 29 and it will evolve...also, if you catch goomy on the grass it will have sap sipper and if you catch it on the mud, will have hydration

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    Whew, that first gym's tough. Thankfully, my Fletchling and my Froakie Flintlock won it.

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    Right for anyone who wants to know, you can get a sun stone from the hiker in Shalour City, you must first though get the intriguing stone from Tierno. The hiker is directly east from the pokemon center in Shalour nearby some stairs, hope this helps some people

    Edit: also, THE NEW FLY ANIMATION IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
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    Default October 12th, 2013

    Name: Justin
    ID No.: 01466
    Badges: 0
    Pokédex: 17
    Play Time: 4:05


    This has been a really exciting day! My first day in the Kalos region has me completely blown off my feet.

    I woke up expecting to have to clean the house and stuff, help mom unpack, but instead, I'm sent outside to meet the new neighborhood kids, who I later am introduced to as Serena, Shauna, Trevor, and Tierno.

    The five of us are given Pokémon from the region's professor, and I have to give mom a letter saying I can go. Mom, surprisingly, lets me go, despite us not ever have talked about me going on my own journey. It was really hard to say goodbye to Rhyhorn too.

    But I met my partner today! A Naughty Chespin whom I named Konshi, after the Jedi Knight. I had my first battle ever against Shauna and her Froakie (whom I think she named Lil'Froakie but she likes nicknames so that may be it), and I won!! That was so cool.

    I caught a bunch of Pokemon too, and I'm currently in Santalune City. I bought myself a new hat, and I played a lot with my new Pokemon. I also have roller blades now, which is weird, cos in Unova, roller blades are not a thing at all haha. It's really fun though, but I'm still getting the hang of it.

    Great first day as a Pokemon trainer! I have no clue what's in store for me, but it's really exciting! I can't wait to go out and explore some more!

    The Team:

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    Trained my Litleo to level 15 at Route 22, then I headed to the Gym. I entered and battled the normal trainers there, then I exited to heal and after that I trained a little more at Route 22. My Froakie reached level 16 and evolved into Frogadier. Went back to the Gym and challenged the leader, the fantastic photographer Viola. I beat her easily and got the Bug Badge as well as a TM for some new cool move. Exited the Gym and the city as well, a bit surprising to see that I was the first one to beat the Gym Leader since Serena seemed so eager to challenge it earlier. At the way out from the City, I met a journalist named Alexa, who also turned out to be Viola's older sister. She gave me an Exp. Share, which I guess I will use in the future even if it works differently this generation. I headed out to Route 3, the first wild Pokemon I met here was a Female Combee, but I failed at catching it since I got a Critical Hit at the worst possible moment. Instead, I caught a Male Combee as well as a Budew, Skitty, Ledyba and Flabébé. I also battled all trainers on the Route and picked up all items. I arrived at the entrance to the next city, where I met two young trainers who told me about Fairy-types and they wanted me to meet the Professor who lives in the city. They told me that they would show me the way. I saved outside of the city, will enter it next and see what it has to offer.

    Frogadier - level 18
    Litleo - level 18

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    Just out of curiosity for all those who have Vivillion, I live in Florida and mine evolved to have red wings with white trim and a small stripe of yellow and blue at the top. What does everyone else's Vivillion look like, since they evolve differently based on region?

    EDIT: Looks like I have the one titled 'Modern'.
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    Catching Pokemon like crazy since I started. My dex caught number is up to 17, catching a Dunsparce that nearly steamrolled my team with Rollout. Still trying to figure how to put the roller skates back on but in the mean time going to try to catch Fletchling before fighting Viola. Might use my winnings to buy an accessory or two, those clothes make me think of The World Ends With You without the stat boosts

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    Quote Originally Posted by IcePhoenix View Post
    Hey i just discovered that isn't necessary to have full affection in pokemon amie to evolve eevee into sylveon, just needs to learn charm at level 29 and it will evolve...also, if you catch goomy on the grass it will have sap sipper and if you catch it on the mud, will have hydration
    How so? One of the Sylveon I have seen in /vp/ was Lv.21.

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    Just got my copy of X. I have Chespin and Pikachu so far. Now on the hunt for a Marill on Route 3 which must be rare since All that's popping is a plethora of Pikachu, Bunnelby, Bidoof, Fletchling, Pidgey and Azurill. I snagged a rare Dunsparce though.

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    Been playing since I got it, team is now:
    Chesnaught level 42
    Talonflame level 41
    Blastoise level 41
    Floette level 40
    Doublade level 40
    Absol level 40

    Also, where is the Absolite mega stone? Been trying to find it but I can't seem to locate it.

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    So my game finally arrived !!

    Picked chespin as my starter and I really like it so far, the movepool is very diverse
    Fletchling was the first pokemon I caught. I challanged Viola she was so easy to beat, her vivillion was spamming tackle and chespins rollout took it out easily. I'm in the town where you get kanto starters and on the way there I caught Flabebe, picked squirtle but gonna box it since I never use old pokemon In first playthrough. I did some training and evolved chespin and fletchling fletchlinf mid evo is amazing !

    Currently my team is
    Quilladin lv 19
    Fletchsmth(can't remeber the name) lv 19
    Flabebe lv 15
    All time favourites

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    So I'm really taking my time in this game, even though I got it yesterday I'm bringing back the Sail fossil to life. 42nd SR and no shiny, not surprising tbh. The one I just got is:

    67 HP
    Relaxed Nature
    Attack: 30
    Defense: 28
    Sp. Atk: 34
    Sp. Def: 30
    Speed: 25

    Should I take it, or carry on SR'ing for the tiniest possibility of getting a shiny? I've never actually done a soft reset before, out of all of the previous games. Maybe I'll get beginners luck, hm? Doesn't look like it atm, aha.
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    Just hatched this little lady after about 32 eggs using the Masuda method =D First recorded shiny Noibat? <3

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