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Thread: Pokémon Stadium (1) - Favorite/Least favorite Kid's Club mini-game

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    Default Pokémon Stadium (1) - Favorite/Least favorite Kid's Club mini-game

    As what the title of this thread says...

    What was your favorite and least favorite Kid's Club mini-game in the 1st Pokémon Stadium? And what's your favorite or irritating memory of it?

    I remember when I was young, my friends always wanted to go to the Kids Club before actually battling seriously with one another XD
    But I would have to say my favorite ones were either Sandshrew's Dig! Dig! Dig! or Lickitung's Sushi-Go-Round! Those games were a blast to me and my friends back in the day.

    Clefairy Says, Thundering Dynamo and Rock Harden were the mini-games I GOT ANNOYED WITH! I hated those! Probably cause I lost most of the time lol but I did have fun...
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    I didn't enjoy Clefairy - BUT it was one of the ones I knew I would win, but it went on and on and took loads of time!

    I used to love the Lickitung one (as my friends used to always call it) but I rarely won that - flipping impossible!

    I think my favourite was probably the Drowsee one, I was good at that, and Sandshrew, although on Hyper mode, if I lost my rhythm on Sandshrew or Pikachu, that's it, I was doomed to lose!
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    I LOVED the Lickitung one soooooo much. The only one I didn't really enjoy was the Drowsee one (probably because my sister won everytime... :/)
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    I hate the "Snore War" minigame, I could never get it down right, even these days (I think I won only once). My favorites would probably be "Run, Rattata Run" and "Clefairy Says", even though the other minigames are very entertaining. I nearly would always win against my brothers whenever we did the "Who's the Best?" mode.
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