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Thread: IV Bred Trading Thread

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    Nov 2013


    For Trade:

    IV Bred Pokemon -

    (M/F)Modest Bulbasaur w - Magical Leaf // Leaf Storm // Giga Drain - 31/x/31/31/31/31

    (M) Adamant Speed Boost Torchic w - Baton Pass - 31/31/31/x/31/31

    (M/F) Relaxed Ferroseed w - Spikes // Leech Seed // Stealth Rock - Nest Ball - 31/31/31/x/31/31

    Bold Rotom - 31/x/31/31/31/31

    Foreign IV Pokemon -

    JPN - Dragalge - x/x/x/31/31/x
    JPN - Eevee - 31/x/31/x/x/x
    JPN - Timd Protean - Froakie - x/x/31/31/x/x
    JPN - Sigilyph - 31/31/x/31/x/x
    JPN - Bold Chansey - 31/x/x/31/31/x

    Shiny Pokemon -

    Beartic w/ PKRS

    Legendary Pokemon -


    Also willing to trade most Pokemon X exclusive Megastones.

    Looking for -

    Ditto - 31/x/31/31/31/31
    Ditto - 31/31/31/x/31/31

    ** Will trade multiples on list for a Ditto**
    3DS FC: 1263 - 6758 - 9541
    Friend Safari: Oddish / Petilil / Maractus

    Feel free to PM me with your FC and I will add for Friend Safari!

    Since Gen 1

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    Looking for a 5 IV shellos with Recover and storm drain (F) i would love it to be in a luxury or dive ball, pm me for my offers, please and thank you

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    French Zapdos- Modest with 3IV X-X-X-31-31-31 with HP ICE!!! Looking for a Calm one with similar IV's and must have HP ICE

    SHINY 4IV Heracross Adamant & Moxie with Rock Blast 31-X-31-X-31-31 (in net ball)

    6IV Timid Greninja

    6IV egg move bold Vullaby in dusk ball

    6IV egg move Jolly Gible Rough Skin in dusk ball

    2x FOREIGN Imperfect 5IV Charmanders, 1xFemale 1x Male

    Shiny Zubat in Dusk ball

    4x 6IV Adamant-Blaze/Solar Power M & F(female worth lots) Charmander's with, DD, OUtrage, Flare Blitz, Dragon Pulse

    Charmander's-Adamant-Blaze-DD, Outrage, Dragon Pulse, Flare Blitz-Luxury Ball-Male & Female

    Charmander's-Timid-Solar Power & Blaze-DD, Dragon Pulse, Outrage, Flare Blitz-Luxury Ball

    Gastly's-Timid-Levitate-Disable-Male & Female

    Maril-Adamant-Huge Power-Aqua Jet, Belly Drum, Superpower-Male & Female

    Ferroseed's-Relaxed-Iron Barb-Spikes, SR, Bullet Seed, Leech Seed-Nest Ball

    Dratini-Adamant-Marvel Scale-Dragon Pulse




    Vulpix-Timid-Drought-Hypnosis (in primere ball)

    Gible-Jolly-Rough Skin/Sand Veil-Outrage,Iron tail,Iron Head (in dusk ball)

    Vullaby-Bold-Overcoat-Foul Play,Brave Bird (in dusk ball)

    Pinsir-Jolly-Moxie-Close Combat and Quick Attack (in net ball)

    Poliwag-Modest-Swift Swim (in dive ball)

    Chimchar-Jolly-Iron Fist-T-Punch and F-Punch

    Foreign or USA 5IV male or female Modest with 31-X-31-31-31-31 with proper egg moves and HP FIRE (in a nest ball)
    5-6 IV Competitive Pokes USA or Foreign
    4-6 IV Dittos and nature
    Game only X mega stones

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    4-6IV Iron Fist Jolly Chimchars with Thunder & Fire Punch!
    4-5IV Adamant Totodile with Thrash, Aqua Jet, Ice Punch, & Dragon Dance
    4-5IV Defiant Modest Piplup with Icy Wind, Agility, Feather Dance, & Yawn
    4-5IV Timid Blaze Cyndaquil with Extrasensory
    4-6IV Adamant Marvel Scale Dratini with Extremespeed and Aqua Jet

    4IV+0Spe Shiny Brave No Guard Honedge
    4IV Shiny Hasty Torrent Froakie

    Perfect 5IV Timid Magic Guard Abra
    Perfect 5/6IV Blaze Adamant Charmanders with DD, Outrage, & Dragon Rush
    Perfect 5IV Protean/Torrent Timid Froakies
    Perfect 5/6IV Brave No Guard Honedge - Some have 0 Speed/Imperfect with 0 Speed (& 1 6IV)
    Perfect 5IV Adamant Guts Larvitar with DD, Pursuit, & Stealth Rocks
    Perfect 5IV Naive Sheer Force/Rock Head Bagon with DD, Hydro Pump, & Fire Fang
    Perfect 5/6IV Jolly Sand Veil/Rough Skin Gible with Outrage, Iron Head, & Iron Tail

    Happy Hour Smeargles

    Entertaining any offers. Insta-trade any perfect 5IV non-USA pokemon. Also accept shinies. PM me! Thanks!
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    IGN: Will
    3DS FC: 3282-3331-8583
    Friend Safari: Ferroseed, Klang, Klefki

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    LF a bold female Sigilyph with Stored Power and Psycho Shift. Preferably with 3+ perfect IVs. I have plenty of perfect 5V Pokemon to offer in return. PM me if youre interested
    3DS FC: 2079-6763-2506
    IGN: Harsal

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    Looking to trade for some 4-5 IV pokes so I can breed my own perfects. Open to nearly everything with few preferences:
    Would like Egg moved pokes to be males and Hidden Ability pokes to be females (if possible, not needed) and would prefer correct natures.
    Check out my signature of all the pokes that I have finished. I can breed up a 4-5 IV of any of them relatively quickly for you. The w/o parents line may take some time as they are new trades without a parent atm.

    I have tons of 4 IV Froakies, Blissey, Roselia, Noivern, Murkrow, Honedge and Fletchling already ready if you need a pair of parents quick.
    Looking for other breeders

    Looking for perfect 6th gen pokes -OR- older pokes with hidden abilities only found in 6th gen.

    I want more 6iv Dittos. Help a brotha out?

    Hasted: 2552-1266-3297 Dark: Crawdaunt, Vullaby, Sableye

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    I have about two boxes of various 5IV Eevees of varying natures (no calm, timid, or modest, though). I'm just trying to empty my boxes so I have room to IV breed some Piplups, heh heh. I'll take pretty much anything in exchange, but I'd like pokemon not native to Kalos. (I have all the starters, so I don't need those.)

    Edit because someone was mildly irritated, lol: I know those are the most important natures, I kept those ones for myself! (I only had one of each, anyway...)
    Last edited by SpazticCat; 3rd January 2014 at 9:02 PM. Reason: extra info

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    looking for 4/5 iv legends and hidden power legends

    offering 6v shiny ditto jap
    FC X: 1375-7945-4325

    I have 6v males in egg groups: water 1, monster, flying, and dragon I am accepting all 3/4 IV'd female pokes in these egg groups and breeding them too 5v for no fee *donations accepted* pm me for services I am new too iv breeding so please bring the desired natures you would like too save time i can breed for specific spreads thanks!

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    16iv tyrunt(male)
    4 6iv cyndaquil(all male)

    various 5iv natured tyrunt/cyndequil/teddiursa male and female,
    It's a big list so if you're interested in specific natures/iv spreads.

    Looking for-
    5-6iv foreign pokes, 6iv female charmander, I'm willing to offer breeding pairs as well for these.

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    Just got one extra nice Jolly Larvitar with SR and DD 31/31/31/31/x/31. Its ability is Guts (Sand Stream Ttar)

    PM me if interested (please, describe the IV spread, egg moves, ability and nature of your offer)
    My FC: 4339-2547-2131. Name: Eduardo
    My Friend Safari: Abra, Wobbuffet, and Xatu

    FC for trades/battles: 1349-6003-1476. DS Nick: Kaiser IGN: Eduardo

    My shinies in this gen
    Dragalge, Arbok, Dugtrio, Basculin-R,Amaura,2x Trevenant, Gourgeist,Beldum, Espurr-F, Suicune(bank), Lugia (Bank), Regigigas (Bank), Flygon

    Shiny Japanese 6IV Ditto from the bank! Breeding Blues!

    Competite (4-6IVS + Natured!)- Goodra, Greninja, Aegislash, Talonflame, Noivern, Trevanant, Gengar, Charizard, Tyrantrum

    Semi-competitive: ES mixed Genesect and a 6IV Darkrai (Ubers)

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    Looking for Charizardite Y!

    Offering IV bred:

    Kangaskhan (Adamant)
    Solosis (Modest)
    Growlithe (Adamant)
    Larvitar (Adamant, with Stealth Rock & Pursuit)

    HA Piplup (Modest)
    HA Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Turtwig and Chimchar, but they're not IV bred yet.
    Looking for events and shinies, especially:
    - PAL/EU unused Diancie & Gengar codes
    - Starter events in Cherish Balls

    Platinum FC: 4212 3697 8216
    White FC: 1463 5847 8727
    3DS/Y FC: 2294 3907 0334

    The first time I encountered a shiny (on Crystal), I thought my game was broken.
    The third time I encountered a shiny (on Y), I almost put it up for Wonder Trade because I didn't even notice.

    Shiny Charm obtained on 18-09-2014! Mega late but whatever. First completed dex ever :3

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    5 IV JPN Gible Jolly Egg Moves: Sand Tomb, Iron Tail, Iron Head, Outrage.
    5 IV Eevee Modest Egg Moves: Charm, Wish, Yawn.
    5 IV Female JPN Marill Adamant Huge Power Egg Move: Body Slam, Belly Drum, Aqua Jet.
    5 IV Female Vullaby Hardy Egg Moves: Roost, Knock Off.
    5 IV Female Feebas Bashful Egg Moves: Iron tail, Hypnosis.
    5 IV Flareon Calm Egg Moves: Helping Hand, Charm, Covet.
    5 IV JPN Honedge Quiet Egg Moves: Sword Dance, Shadow Sneak, Destiny Bond, Wide Guard.
    5 IV Female JPN Ralts Timid Egg Move: Shadow Sneak, Disable, Encore, Memento.

    Have 4 IVs also. Looking for other 5 IV pokes or shinies. PM!
    Friend Code:2122 7033 1213 Normal with Audino, Tediursa and Smeargle

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    Ice Path



    Interesting: Perfect Bold Prankster Murkrow with Egg Moves (Roost, Perish Song, Feather Dance, Confuse Ray) [created as a competetive Murkrow, not Honchkrow]

    LF: Any perfect competetive Pokemon that I don't own and want with useful Egg Moves

    I trade in 4 IV pairs of male and female and 5 IV pairs.

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    Missouri, United States



    5IV Bold Frillish w/ Cursed Body or Water Absorb
    5IV Brave Honedge
    5IV Adamant Torchic w/ Speed Boost and Baton Pass
    5IV Adamant Shellder w/ Skill Link and Rock Blast
    5IV Jolly Drilbur w/ Sand Force

    Also these shiny's for a 5IV pokemon below:

    Shiny Timid Roselia

    Looking for:

    5IV Modest/Timid Nidoran(M) w/ Hustle
    5IV Brave/Impish/Relaxed Bergmite w/ Sturdy
    5IV Adamant/Jolly Snivy preferably with glare

    Also looking for the following legendary pokemon with english names:

    FC: 3325-2162-8197
    IGN: Brendan

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    Working on a 6 iv spiritomb with either infiltrator or pressure and have a few extra in my box I need to trade. Currently have a few 4iv available. Looking for other breeding Pokemon.

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    Canada, Ontario


    Offering the following Pokemon:

    6IV Adamant Tyrunt || Poison Fang || Fire Fang || Thunder Fang || Ice Fang Strong Jaw

    5IV Naive Bagon [-Def] || Dragon Rage || Hydro Pump || Thrash || Dragon Dance Sheer Force
    5IV Jolly Dratini [-S.Att] || Dragon Rush || Dragon Dance Marvel Scale
    5IV Adamant Mawile [-S.Att] || Fire Fang || Ice Fang || Sucker Punch Intimide/Hyper Cutter
    5IV Jolly Absol [-S.Att] || Megahorn || Play Rough || Sucker Punch Super Luck/Pressure
    5IV Timid Vulpix [-Att] || Power Swap || Hypnosis Drought
    5IV Timid Ralts [-Att] || Destiny Bond || Encore Trace
    5IV Adamant Marill [-S.Att] || Belly Drum || Aqua Jet Huge Power

    Looking For:
    5IV Bold Female Frillish [-Att] || Pain Split || Acid Armor Cursed Body
    5IV Calm/Bold Eevee [-Att] || Wish || Curse Any Ability
    5IV Timid Rotom [-Att] Levitate
    5IV Timid Female Riolu [-Att] Any Ability

    Those are the ones I'm looking for, but I'm willing to listen to other offers! ^^
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    Credit: AstralShadow (userbar) & Kida-Ookami(badge)

    Friend Code : 4484-8949-7886

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    "I can smell you!"



    2x Naive Moxie Female Litleo 31/31/31/31/xx/31

    Flawless male Adamant Guts Timburr, can remember egg moves Mach Punch, Drain Punch, Force Palm, Foresight

    Looking for PP Ups, other competitive IV Bred pokemon with correct ivs, and legendary Pokémon mainly for dex fillers except Mespirit and cobalion, also looking for a shiny Japanese event genesect on gen6 offering multiple 5 correct IV Bred Pokémon

    3DS XL FC for Pokemon Y 2595-0724-5772 IGN SmeargleRocks
    Shiny Number 1268

    Self caught shinies on Y 24
    Omega Ruby First Dexnav Shiny Sealeo Lv44 in Shoal Cave
    first successfull (and accidental) MM Shelmet timid 31/1/19/31/31/31 4:25 pm EST 4/14/14
    Shiny XD Gale of Darkness Zubat caught September 17th 2012 @ 4:24 pm EST cave PokeSpot

    ALL Gen6 6IV Event pokemon are hacked

    I play Destiny on PS4, hit me up if you want to do strikes or mayhem when its up

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    looking for a 6iv ditto. nature doesn't matter. also looking for 6iv male poke from the amorphous egg group and a male 6iv poke from the field egg group. it doesn't matter which pokemon they are, what level they are, what moves they know, or what ability they have. Just the IVs and that they can breed(no babies please.)
    My 3ds fc is 0361-8735-6722

    IGN: R0dium

    Pm me with yours so we can be friends ^^

    ^Drawn By Astrint^

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    For Trade
        Spoiler:- Kanto:

        Spoiler:- Johto:

        Spoiler:- Hoenn:

        Spoiler:- Sinnoh:

        Spoiler:- Unova:

        Spoiler:- Kalos:

    6 IV Pokemon
    Goomy | Gooey | Modest
    Aron | Sturdy/Rock Head | Adamant
    Deino | Hustle | Modest
    Larvitar | Guts | Adamant
    Murkrow | Insomnia | Adamant
    Chimchar | Blaze | Jolly
    Litwick | Flame Body | Timid
    Koffing | Levitate | Calm
    Froakie | Protean | Naive
    I will always prefer to trade in pairs
    Looking For
    5 IV Gen 2-5 Starters with egg moves
    5 IV Tyrunt M+F with egg moves F
    5 IV Porygon
    5 IV Duskull F with skill swap, destiny bond, memento, pain split
    Any 5 IV pokemon I don’t have
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    3DS friend code - 1349 - 5556 - 2523
    Ign - Jonny

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    For trade:

    ** Means breed on request.


    - 31/x/31/31/31/31 Modest Flamebody Larvesta (1 in stock)

    - 31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Sturdy/Rock Head Aron**

    - 31/x/31/31/31/(x or 31) Quiet Magic Guard Solosis (one 31/x/31/31/31/x in stock)

    - 31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Clear Body Beldum**

    - 31/31/31/x/31/x Brave Honedge with Shadow Sneak (1 in stock)

    - 31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Noibat **

    - 31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Mawile**

    - 31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Trace Ralts**

    - 31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Ghastly**

    - 31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Skill Link Shellder with Icicle Spear and Rock Blast **

    - 31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Infiltrator Litwick**

    - 31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Scrappy Kangaskhan**

    - 31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Swift Swim Magikarp**


    - 31/31/31/31/31/31 Modest Flamebody Larvesta (female)


    - Seviper (friend safari)

    Looking for:

    - 31/x/31/31/31/31 Bold Serene Grace Togepi with Nasty Plot

    - 31/x/31/31/31/31 Calm Natural Cure Chansey with Aromatherapy and Seismic Toss

    5IVs Dittos

    Also accepting other offers, just PM me and we can work something out
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    FC: 0963-0264-0941
    IGN: Typhonragewind

    Typhon Shop -

    Shop request form -

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    Offerinh ha treecko with 3 or 4 iv's. Got plenty in stock. Pm me with offers
    Pokemon X friend safari: 2106-0075-2750
    Psychic type! (Drowzee Wobbuffet Gothorita
    Please add me

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    I have:

    31/31/31/x/31/0 Brave Honedge

    31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Ponyta
    31/31/31/x/31/31 Jolly Tyrunt with egg moves Dragon Dance,Icy Fang,Fire Fang, Thunder Fang(Males Only)
    31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Drought Vulpix with egg move Hypnosis(only Females)
    31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Helioptile with egg move Glare
    31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Scyther with egg moves Baton Pass, Night Slash
    31/x/31/31/31/31 Timid Blaze/Magician Fennekin with egg moves Heat Wave,Hypnosis,Wish(Male Only)
    31/31/31/x/31/31 Adamant Mawile with egg moves Fire Fang,Sucker Punch,Ice Fang(In Heal Ball)

    Jolly Tyrunt with egg moves Dragon Dance, Ice,Fire,Thunder Fang(Male Only)
    Jolly Ponyta(Female Only)
    Timid Blaze/Magician Fennekin with egg moves Heat Wave,Hypnosis,Wish(Male Only)

    5IV Ditto
    4IV or 5IV Foreign Pokemon
    Shiny Pokemon
    Pokemon with good egg moves

    Pm me if interested.
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    FC: 1676-4178-1142, IGN: Sito

    Trinity League Credit: AstralShadow (userbar) & Kida-Ookami (badge)

    PokeGyms Credit: FairyWitch and Lunar Subterrane Graphics for the userbar and Azulart for the gym badge

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    Can breed:

    Impish Aron with stealth rocks

    Timid Roselia

    Timid Litwick

    Modest Solar PowerCharmander with Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Ancient Power and Crunch

    Adamant Marill with Belly drum and Aqua jet

    Adamant Scyther

    Sand rush/force adamant Drilbur with rapid spin

    Jolly thick fat Swinub with icecle crash and stealth rocks

    Guts adamant Puptar (no egg move)

    Calm Natural cure with Aromatherapy Chansey

    Relaxed Pineco with Toxic spikes

    Adamant Guts Timburr with drain punch and mach punch

    Timid Eevee (with or without HA)

    Bold Feebas with Dragon pulse


    Charizardite X

    5IVs impish speed boost Venipede.

    Pokébank 5ivs and 5IVs in general

    Don't want the following: Honedge, Froakie, Charmander, Eevee, Gligar, Ferroseed, Arcanine, Bulbasaur, Growlithe, Trevenant,Torchic, Tyrunt, Larvesta,Beldum, Treecko, Chimchar and Dratini.
    FC: 4897 6238 4902

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    For Trade: (Please read through my FT list. Half the time, I get offers of Pokemon that I already have on the list.)

    5IV [-SAtk] Iron Fist Jolly Male Chimchar | Fake Out, Fire Punch, Thunder Punch
    5IV [-SAtk] HA Jolly Dratini | Extreme Speed, Dragon Dance, Aqua Jet
    5IV [-Atk] Porygon
    5IV [-Atk] Chikorita
    5IV [-Atk] Cyndaquil
    5IV [-Atk] Piplup
    5IV [-Atk] Feebas

    6IVs [Only for 6IV offers]:
    6IV Male Riolus | Jolly | BPunch, HJK, Blaze Kick, Crunch (I have Steadfast, Inner Focus 6IV Riolus)
    6IV Male Charmander | Adamant | DD, Dragon Pulse
    6IV Absol | Jolly | Megahorn, Baton Pass, Play Rough
    6IV Tech. Male Scyther | Adamant
    6IV Rotom | Modest
    6IV Female Gastly | Timid
    6IV Female Axew | Adamant

    5IV [-SAtk] Charmander | Adamant | DD, DPulse, Outrage
    5IV [-SAtk] Elekid | Adamant | 3 Elemental Punches, Cross Chop
    5IV [-SAtk] Absol | Jolly | Megahorn, Baton Pass, Play Rough
    5IV [-SAtk] Ferroseed | Sassy | Stealth Rock, Leech Seed, Spikes
    5IV [-SAtk] HA Gligar | Impish | Baton Pass
    5IV [-SAtk] Tech. Scyther | Adamant
    5IV [-SAtk] HA Dratini | Jolly | Dragon Dance
    5IV [-SAtk] HA Gible | Jolly | Outrage
    5IV [-SAtk] Sandile | Adamant | Thunder Fang
    5IV [-SAtk] HA Shroomish | Jolly | Bullet Seed
    5IV [-SAtk] HA Riolu | Jolly | Blaze Kick, BPunch, Crunch, HJK
    5IV [-SAtk] Aerodactyl | Jolly | Whirlwind, Tailwind, Pursuit
    5IV [-SAtk] Swinub | Jolly | Stealth Rock, Icicle Crash
    5IV [-SDef] Bagon | Naive | Hydro Pump, Fire Fang, Dragon Dance
    5IV [-Atk] Charmander | Timid | DD, DPulse, Outrage
    5IV [-Atk] Riolu | Timid | Vacuum Wave
    5IV [-Atk] Squirtle | Modest | DPulse, Aura Sphere
    5IV [-Atk] Helioptile | Timid | Glare, Electric Terrain
    5IV [-Atk] Rotom | Modest
    5IV [-Atk] Larvesta | Timid
    5IV [-Atk] Staryu | Timid

    2x LeftOvers
    Light Clay
    BP items

    Looking For: Flawless 5IVs.

    6IV Hasty/Naive Riolu
    6IV Female Charmander Jolly | [Dragon Dance] [HA, if possible]
    5IV Pokebank Pokes.

        Spoiler:- Not Looking For:
    Last edited by rhythmic; 4th January 2014 at 11:06 PM.
        Spoiler:- Current Team:

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    5IV Ralts with Modest nature (31/xx/31/31/31/31) Trading for other 5IV Pokemon or Breeding pairs, PM me.
    I have a rock safari with Nosepass, Magcargo and Barbaracle
    Friend Code: 5043-2185-19097

    Chances are im pokemon breeding so if you need me message me

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