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Thread: So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

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    Default So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

    Hello patriots! Dormant here for another So Bad It's Good. Enjoy.

    WARNING: By the end of this fic, you may recieve a severe case of spontaneous combustion. Too cure this disease, one must RUN THE F*CK AROUND MAN, YOU'RE ON FIRE!! WHY ARE YOU SITTING THERE WHEN YOUR SKIN IS TURNING INTO SKIN SOUP?! Ahem, anyways that is all

    Genre: Horror

    Rated PG-15

    Type of Story: Oneshot

    EDIT: I added some stuff just to make this story more randomer.

    Let's begin!

    "In a world of Pokemon... There lives a Farmer named Jack. And he owns a bunch of Torchics

    One day, his pants was on fire and a GIANT TURKEY FELL ONTO HIS HOUSE.

    The Turkey's name is, John Bolton.

    He has come to the world to destroy all of mankind's sandwiches.

    John Bolton called upon his chocolate eating bunny rabbits, whom transformed every single manga on earth into pioneering zombie pirate so that they could watch King Kong. Online.

    Meanwhile my cell phone hurts.

    Mr. Mister Mister transforms into a Kyogre so that he may eat cake and people would start doing the Gaga. Sam Witwitywittywit calls upon ROBOTS FROM OUTER SPACE to scratch his butt.

    Kanto is now currently seiged by gorilla flavoured Ice Cream men and is now a republican state of Pelicans.

    The Chinese Dragon of America make Derp more Derpier by Herping Herp the Derp.

    Your facial expressions turned Germany into a democratic land fill with lemons.

    Sages from around the world, tries to destroy John Bolton using Michael Bay's armpit. But the prestigious Saruman shot lasers from his eyes and destroy the armpit.

    Saruman then hijacks Hyrule and use it to annihilate his one adversary, Kit Kats.

    John Bolton kills Manhattan by turning Mt. Rushmore into a fish full of Ducks. Now heroes from around the world tries to reason with the giant evil turkey of turkeyness. But their efforts are futile, for the turkey stole Billy May's wallet and caused the moon to explode.

    Saruman raised his army of Evil Headphones to destroy the chocolate eating bunny rabbit army. The Rabbit army exploded and everyone in New Jersey dies.

    John Bolton was enraged and spontaneously turned into Kim Kardashian and started to destroy everything with her butt.

    Meanwhile, Saruman casted a spell which turns the Congress into Penguin Bidoofs of Doom. The Congress starts eat San Diego's Dog Woman and starts to poop nuclear bombs.

    This new discovery caused Yo Mama into action.

    Yo Mama and Kim Kardashian's Butt began to battle as Saruman's pimp house is invaded by a group of heroes.

    Luigi, Dracula, Princess Celestia, Severus Snape, Edmond and Mr. T. Together, they invaded Saruman's pimp house and destroyed all his toy monkeys.

    But then, Kim Kardashian farted! And EVERYONE TURNS INTO PANCAKES!!

    Except for Yo Mama who kills Kim Kardashian with CPR. Kim Kardashian's corpse turned everyone back to normal. And Saruman throwed Lightning at Norman the Gym Leader because he is Saruman and he does this kind of stuff.

    The Heroes made it to Saruman's bedroom and Saruman throwed his Action Figures and comic books at the Heroes.

    The Heroes violently exploded and Saruman set the world on fire causing every Pioneered Pirate Zombies to roundhouse kick the universe

    The End."

    Somewhere, a mother tells a bed time story to her 5 year old son.

    "And the lesson is, brush your teeth before you go to bed. So how do you like the story?"

    The son looked at his mother.

    And said.


    And that son's name... is Adolf Hitler.

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    So Bad It's Good and, So Bad It's Good 2: War of the Turkey

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