You see, there's something that has been bugging me after I knew some Pokemon will have their Types changed because of the Fairy Types. There are two Pokemon which types should have been changed because, since the first Generation, they always had two very different faces between the games and the anime. I'm talking about Gengar and Gyarados.

1ş) Gengar: In Gen I, it was the first and only Ghost Type Pokemon, not counting his pre-evolutions. I believe it was a stupidity turning this Pokemon into a Ghost/Poison Type, because the Poison type made it useless against the Psychic Pokemon; but it's easy to explain. In Gen I, the only "effective move" was Lick; since Confuse Ray was a Status move and Night Shade affected every Pokemon with the same quantity of damage. With no Dark types back then, and only Lick as an effective move, a Ghost Type would have been almost undefeatable; so they added Gengar the Poison Type no make him weaker, too weak if you ask me. As far as I see, they should have turned Gengar into a pure Ghost Type in Gen II, when the Ghost Types have more weak points and attacks. After all, defeating a Gengar in the Anime is not as easy as in the games, don't you think?

2ş) Gyarados: It's suppose to be one of the most powerful Water Pokemon of all, but it the games, it's too easy to defeat it. Just one Electric attack and... KABOOM!, it's story. What was the point in making him partially a Flying Type, when Gyarados is unable to Fly? Being a Water/Dragon (like Kingdra) Pokemon would have been more logical, making him stronger enough to be a tough Pokemon. But in Gen I, having only Dragon Rage as a Dragon Move, there wouldn't be any effective attack against Gyarados; as the Dragon Type would protect him from Electric attacks and the Water Type would protect him from Ice attacks. But existing more Dragon attacks after the Gen II, Gyarados had stopped being an "unbeatable" Pokemon. In the Anime, Pikachu has defeated several Gyarados in the past, but he never had it easy.

So, don't you think it would be better if Gengar would be a pure Ghost Type and Gyarados would be a Water/Dragon Pokemon?