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    Default SD card issue

    I just got a brand new laptop today, I got everything set up how I want it, etc.
    I turn on my 3DS but remembered I should backup my SD card on my new laptop. I put it in and it pulls up. I copied the files and moved them to my Desktop then when it started copying the files it wouldn't do anything, it just stops right away. I tried doing it on my old laptop and it does the same thing, it doesn't copy any of my save files from the Nintendo 3DS folder.
    I can't figure out why I just stops. I'm comparing the files with my last backup and found that it doesn't copy extdata folder, title folder in the Nintendo 3DS folder. As well it doesn't copy the private folder in it to.
    I'm afraid to format my SD card and put my last backup file on. I don't really want to lose what stuff I've gotten in the last 3 weeks. Not to mention I just got Pokemon X/Y last week I don't want to lose anything I may have gotten from it either

    I'm just really confused on why this is happening >.<

    Edit: Ok I just tried it again only this time I copied and pasted the folders separately. The Nintendo 3DS folder was able to get copied just fine. Oh well, I guess if that's what I have to do in order to backup my SD card then so be it :/
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