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Thread: The Binding of Isaac: Greed of the Serpent [PG-13]

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    Default The Binding of Isaac: Greed of the Serpent [PG-13]

    Hello my friends, and welcome back into the basement. This will be my first go at an awesome RPG, based on The Binding of Isaac.

        Spoiler:- Rules:

    Many years ago, there was a legend about a boy named Isaac. It has been told that his mother had heard God's voice from above that her son was corrupted with sin, and that he had to be saved. Isaac's mother took away everything evil from him, including his toys, video games, and even his clothes. God spoke to Isaac's mother once again, telling her that he needs to be locked away from all things evil and confess his sins. Isaac's mother picked up Isaac, threw him in his room, and locked the door.

    One last time, Isaac's mother heard the voice from above. "You have done as I've asked, but I still question your devotion to me. To prove your faith, I will ask one more thing of you."

    "Yes lord, anything." Isaac's mother begged.

    "To prove your love and devotion, I require a sacrifice. Your son, Isaac, will be this sacrifice. Go into his room, and end his life, as an offering to me, to prove you love me, above all else." Isaac's mother grabbed a butcher's knife from the kitchen. Isaac, watching through a crack in his door, scrambled around his room to find a hiding place. He noticed a trap door to the basement, hidden under his rug. Without hesitation, he flung open the hatch, just as his mother burst through his door, and threw himself down into the depths below...

    It is said that Isaac had traveled through his basement, encountering many monsters, friend and foe. He had gone through many areas, filled with spiders, hives, globins and similar creatures. Throughout his adventure in the darkness, Isaac had found many items to help guide him through his quest to escape the basement and his mother. It is told that Isaac had gone so far down, that he had reached a place that few know about. The word "Sheol" popped into Isaac's head. As he continued deeper into the place he had called "Sheol", Isaac would hear sounds and see things that would tell him to go back, yet he ventured forwards anyways. Isaac eventually came upon a door that looked different from the rest. Curious, he entered the room. From that point on, Isaac had never been heard from again.

    Today, ten kids who were inspired by the story of Isaac, had decided to visit where Isaac and his mother had lived long ago. They searched around, until they had found a trapdoor, just like in the story. Nervous, each child grabbed something to protect them from what may lurk down in the basement. One by one, they jumped down. There was 3 ways to go, and in each path came different noises. The kids approached one of the rooms. Little did they know, this is where a new story begins...

    A little knowledge on The Binding of Isaac:

    It is a zelda-like game where you must go in different rooms, fight enemies, collect items, and defeat bosses. In this game, there are special items you can collect when entering a Treasure Room, defeating a boss, or encountering a Devil/Angel room. But beware, as with devil items, great power comes with great sacrifice. These items will help you on your quest to figure out the legend of Isaac.

    These are the items that will be present in this RPG:

    Activated Collectibles - if you find one of these, every so often you can use the power by saying that you want to use it and how. You may only have one at a time.

    Passive Collectibles - if you find one of these, you will get a power-up of sorts. You can have more than one at a time. You cannot turn off these powers, however.

    Devil Collectibles - In devil rooms, you may find two collectibles on the ground, each costing a certain amount of health to acquire. These items are usually the best in terms of offense.

    Angel Collectibles - In angel rooms, you may find a collectible on the ground, costing nothing to acquire. They are rarer than devil rooms, and cannot be found if you have acquired a devil collectible. These items are usually the best in terms of defense.

    Chests - There are 3 types of chests you can find. A normal chest which you can open with no problem. A gold chest which requires a key. And red chests which requires a small amount of Health. Chests can be found anywhere except in Shops, Libraries and boss rooms. Most chests will contains coins, keys and health. Only certain red chests and golden chests may contain Collectibles.

    Keys - Items used to unlock shops, treasure rooms, gold chests and libraries. Shops usually contain collectibles, health and more keys for sale. Treasure Rooms will contain one Collectible, and Libraries will contain two Collectible books.

    Health - This can be found after clearing rooms to restore your HP, as well as shops. They are also necessary for Devil Collectibles.

    Coins - These can be found anywhere except in boss rooms and in red chests. They are used to buy stuff in shops. They come in 5 variants. Pennies, nickels, dimes, and very rarely, quarters and dollars.

    Dueling Arenas - In these rooms, there will contain a Golden chest containing a Passive Collectible. If you choose to open the chest, the door will close, and you will have to face three waves of monsters before being let out.

    RP Name:
    Starting Item (Any non-angel/devil collectible):
    Personality (at least a few sentences):
    History (At least a few paragraphs):

    The Children (10 spots left)
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    Credit to Astral Shadow

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