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I can't step off the grass to get my 50steps and then walk back in when ready?
I was able to walk off the grass without my chain breaking.

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Thanks much for the info. When you ran into the second shiny patch, did you fight any normal Pikachus in between?

So you didn't hear the fast tempo music after your 40th chain encounter? If anyone else is reading this who has heard the music after chain encounter #40, tell us!
I've only heard the music before getting to 40. I wish I knew what it meant because I've heard it as early as chain 2.

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No, I didn't fight any normal ones in between! That's the amazing thing, I think. I got these two shinies practically in a row, there were no encounters in between. Just a couple radar resets!

Unfortunately my chain just broke at 70. I heard the strange music again around 64 though, but none of the patches looked good so I reset the radar, and the music went away.

Here's some picture proof of my chain, I can also take some pictures of the two Pikachu if needed.

70 Pikachu chain is here- sta.sh/01ysh8l86yik
I'm having a bit of trouble with the image uploader so that link will have to do for now.
You chained all the way up to 70? Whoa... After 40, you don't have to chain anymore, just reset. After a few resets, I got my Shiny Skiddo. However, I tried resetting for more and then after an hour, I gave up on trying to find more shiny patches lol