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    Default Sethlesser's Breeding Shop

    'Ello, and welcome to the hottest breeding shop around! ...Well.. Ok.. Maybe not the hottest but I should still have some good wares.

    All Serebii's rules apply!
    If you are after something that I dont have listed PM me and we might be able to work it out.

    What I specialize in is hidden abilities, I currently have the pokemon listed below to trade. I will breed each order and can match the gender you are after with the hidden ability. If you want to have a specific nature we can come to an agreement on the matter.

    Hidden Abilities Available:
    Torchic (speed boost)
    Chespin (bulletproof)
    Fennekin (magician)
    Froakie (protean)
    Eevee (anticipation)
    Sliggoo (gooey)
    Larvesta (swarm)
    Fletchling (gale wings)
    Dratini (Marvel Scale)
    Litleo (Moxie)
    Venipede (speed boost)
    Rufflet (hustle)
    Espurr (own tempo)
    Gible (rough skin)
    Sewaddle (overcoat)
    Purrloin (prankster)
    Sandile (anger point)
    Seedot (pickpocket)
    Stunfisk (sand viel)
    Electrike (minus)
    Emolga (motor drive)
    Deerling (serene grace)
    Sunkern (early bird)
    Snorunt (moody)
    Cubchoo (swift swim)

    Also: Impish UT shiny Throh

    Pokemon I am looking for:
    Magician Klefki
    Rain Dish Squirtle
    Solar Power Charmander
    Chlorophyll Bulbasaur
    Speed Boost Carvanha
    SHINY Klefki (Will offer multiple hidden abilities or Throh)
    Perfect/Near perfect ditto (Will offer multiple hidden abilities)
    Shiny Female Espurr (will offer multiple hidden abilities or Throh)
    Shiny Clauncher (will offer multiple hidden abilities or Throh)
    Also looking for any hidden ability pokemon I dont have listed!

    Keep it civil on here people

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    I have Rain Dish Squirtle and Chlorophyll Bulbas. Would be interesting in Marvel Scale Dratini. Perhaps the Prankster Purrloin as well.

    PM if interested.

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    Fennekin, Chespin, Froakie, Eevee,Ghaslty

    is what im after..

    I have 1 shiny if u can make this happen

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    Can I offer HA Ninetails, Eevee or Poliwhirl for that Snorunt?

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