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Thread: Pokémon Ranger Music

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    Default Pokémon Ranger Music

    So, yeah, noticed no thread for this...

    Anyway, I have to say, these games have a lot of great Music, such as the Societea Encounter, Go-Rock Quads Battle Theme (both versions), and the Altru Tower, for instance.

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    My favorite themes from the Ranger games come almost exclusively from Shadows of Almia: Vientown's theme, Vien Forest's theme, Oil Field Hideout's theme, Altru Building's theme, and Sea of Wailord's theme come to mind. I liked the Sekra Range theme from the first Ranger game though.

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    Indeed, Societea Encounter was amazing.

    I also liked the Sekra Range and Entei's battle theme in Ranger, the Gem Guardian theme in Shadows of Almia, even though I personally think it does not fit a battle theme, and the Pinchers Boss music, Legendary Encounter music, and the Wild Capture music.

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    I like a lot of the music in the Ranger games too. Some of my favourites would have to be:

    Ranger: Go-Rock Squad Base, Sekra Range

    Shadows of Almia: Boyleland, Haruba Village
    Haruba Village's music is probably my overall favourite too. I always love going there just to hear the music.

    Guardian Signs: Mitonga Road, the sky music
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