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Thread: Feel like an idiot, need help ASAP!

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    Default Feel like an idiot, need help ASAP!

    I was watching a video on my ipad with headphones in and I accidentally dropped it. A bit of the headphone broke off inside and I tried to remove it using superglue and a q-tip with an end cut off. I think I used too much glue though. The piece is still in and now there is glue too. I need to remove the glue and the headphone piece. I need advice ASAP! If my mom finds out I am dead.
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    Try to bend the point of a thumbtack so it looks somewhat like a hook and stick it in the broken piece. Move it around until it feels like it has a grip and pull it out. Im not sure what to do about the glue though...
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    Try to use a damp cloth to soften it. If that doesn't work, try some nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol... I'm unsure if they work but it's worth a try... You might have to tell yer mom about it and was an accident, nya~
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    No idea what to do about the glue, but I've gotten things out of my iPhone 4s' headphone jack with water on the end of a q-tip with the fuzz off
    Is it over? Is it really ALL over?


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