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Thread: What does the black square at pokemon info mean?

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    Default What does the black square at pokemon info mean?

    So I hadn't player Emerald in a good year and when I inspected my boxed pokemon I noticed some of them have a black square between the pokeball and their current level.

    I can find nothing on Google and I've been wanting to know what it means.

    Here is a picture of what it looks like in game. Note I grabbed a picture from the internet and added 4 black pixels but it is exact the same as in game:

    If you know what it means please tell me. If you dont know it but you might know someone who does please ask him/her.

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    It means that your Pokemon had the Pokerus at one point, but is no longer infected.
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    Your question has been answered. In the future, however, go here instead of making a new thread.

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